25 Albanian Names for Girls

Are you of Albanian descent? Do you hold a special place in your heart for this country? If so, you'll love these Albanian names for girls.
25 Albanian Names for Girls

Last update: 29 November, 2021

Albania is considered by some experts to be a less well-known area than it should be. The truth is that in this place, different cultures converge that can inspire you enormously, and for that reason, we’ll present you with the best Albanian names for girls.

Do you want to delve into their original meanings? If you’re curious about the options that Albanian parents choose for their little ones, don’t miss the following list.

Albanian names for girls

Albanian women in traditional dress doing a traditional dance.

Despite the fact that it’s a language of almost 6 million speakers, experts say that it’s almost forgotten in Europe, as it brings together elements of various cultures. However, this is what makes it even more special.

Within this language, and of course, its names, real treasures are hidden, among which may be the option you’ll choose for your future girl.

Albanian names: From A to K

We’ll start the list with the first letters of the alphabet!

  • Aferdita: means “close to day”. Therefore, it’ll be a perfect name for girls born in the morning. At the same time, some also think that it’s the Albanian form of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty.
  • Ajola: This is the Albanian form of the Illyrian name Aiola. In this sense, it’s an increasingly popular option in this country, and it has even begun to reach the United States.
  • Albana: of course, this nickname is inspired by the Albania place-name and means “white, blonde”.
  • Arberie: refers to “someone who belongs to the forest”. Without a doubt, a most natural option.
  • Bardhana: This Albanian name means “white moon” and comes from the poet himself, the bard, who joins the hene, the moon.
  • Blerta: refers to the color “green”.
  • Bora: this is a derivative of borë, which means “snow” in Albanian.
  • Dardana: is the feminine form of Dardan who, according to Greek mythology, was the founder of the city of Dardania.
  • Dibra: the Albanian name of the city of Debar, in Macedonia. This name was possibly used to refer to the people who came from there.
  • Era: this is a derivative of the term ere, which means “wind”.
  • Fatmire: a feminine form of Fatmir, which refers to the “luck” that parents have with their little girl.
  • Fluture: means “butterfly” in Albanian. Along the same lines, as also have also Fluruta as another derivative.
  • Jehona: refers to the “fact”.

Albanian names: From L to Z

We’ll continue with some of the most exquisite options…

  • Lindita: literally refers to the “day of birth” itself.
  • Lule: means “flower” and symbolizes the beauty of your little girl.
  • Luljeta: similar to the above, it means “flower of life”.
  • Pranvera: perfect for your little girl who was born in “spring”.
  • Majlinda: this option is for babies born in the month of May. So, Maj refers to the month, and the second term is lind, which means “to give birth”.
  • Rovena: this is the Albanian form of Rowena. This nickname is quite old, with a great story behind it that could appeal to traditional parents.
  • Shqipe: means “eagle”.
  • Shpresa: refers to “hope”.
  • Sihana: this is a beautiful Albanian name whose meaning evokes astronomy and the universe, as it expressly refers to the satellite of the earth, the “moon”.
  • Teuta: a name derived from the word Illyrians, which refers directly to the title of “queen” of the house.
  • Vesa: symbolizes the “dew” of the morning.
  • Yllka: a feminine form of Ylli, meaning “star”.
A lookout over an Albanian town.

Be amazed by these 25 Albanian names for girls

As you may have already seen, Albanian parents also express their best wishes when choosing the name of the future queen of the house.

Therefore, it’s logical that most of them refer to characteristics that they dream that their daughter will have or that she’ll acquire over time. Likewise, they reflect the beauty of flowers, nature, the universe, or claim the same power as those queens who inspired these original options.

In any case, it’s clear that they’re unique names and that they aren’t often heard. This makes them perfect options for those parents who want to add a special touch to their final choice. How about you? What do you think? Have any of them touched your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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