30 Hawaiian Names for Girls

Nature and the legends of one of the most beautiful islands in the world give meaning to these Hawaiian names for girls.
30 Hawaiian Names for Girls

Last update: 29 October, 2021

The Hawaiian people, like most tribal cultures, explained all the events of life through stories. From the creation of the planet to the volcanic eruptions, gods, ghosts, and elves were its protagonists and these legends were immortalized in the following names of Hawaiian origin for girls.

Allow yourself to be inspired by them and choose what to call your future warrior princess.

A little Hawaiian tradition in your girl’s name

According to WD Westervelt, a famous Hawaiian myth and legend teller, Hawaii is full of stories of passion, betrayal, loyalty, birth, and death.

For this reason, the names that the natives choose for their babies derive from these epic events, as this form invokes the characters of these legends and their personalities.

If you want the name of your future daughter to have an original sound, to be related to a tropical goddess or to Mother Nature herself, you can’t miss the names of Hawaiian origin for girls that we’ve selected for you. Take note!

A little Hawaiian girl standing on the beach.

Hawaiian names: From A to L

  • Ailana: means “the strength of God”.
  • Aloha: meaning “love”, it’s one of the most famous words on the island. In fact, Hawaii is recognized as the State of Aloha.
  • Anani: refers to the “orange” tree.
  • Anela: a perfect option for a newborn. In the co-official language, it means “angel”.
  • Hila: refers to the goddess of female work
  • Haumea: A Hawaiian goddess who taught women the mysteries of giving birth. Furthermore, she’s said to inhabit the Makalei tree.
  • Kaili: literally means “a deity”.
  • Hina: Hina-Ika is a Hawaiian goddess known as “fish lady”. In fact, she’s considered the creative mother of the Molokai Islands.
  • Kala: a lovely name for a “princess”.
  • Kiana: an option that alludes to the goddess of the moon.
  • Laia: means “sweet girl”, what all parents think of their little girl when they see her smile for the first time.
  • Laka: “goddess of Hula “. Laka is a goddess and ancient spirit from ancient Hawaii. She was the one that guarded the medicinal knowledge of plants and cultivated vegetation and virgin forests.
  • Lea: refers to the goddess of canoe makers.
  • Lilo: The famous Disney movie has popularized this name, which means “generous” in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian names: From M to Z

  • Mahina: in Hawaiian mythology, she’s a lunar deity (Hema’s mother). For this reason, it’s also quite a popular name among the native parents of the island.
  • Maylea: means “wild or wild flower”.
  • Mele: “poem” with a musical sense, but it’s also a variation of Maria, with the original meaning of “perfect woman”.
  • Meli: for that little girl who’s “sweet as honey”.
  • Miley: this name, in Hawaiian, means “wine”. Of course, it shouldn’t be confused with its American origin because it doesn’t have the same root.
  • Mily: Although it has an American origin, the truth is that it’s a very common name in Hawaii because it means “beautiful”. Something that all parents think of their little girl.
  • Nana: the name of a spring month, perfect for a baby if she’s born during this time. Furthermore, it’s also the name of a star.
  • Nani: means “beautiful”.
  • Nohi: “the glistening of the colors of the rainbow”.
  • Pele: as specified by mythology experts, it means “molten lava”. In fact, it refers to the goddess of fire and lightning who lives in the volcanic crater of Mount Kilauea in Hawaii. For this reason, it’s also known as the “goddess of the volcanoes”.
  • Pua: in Hawaiian, Pua means ‘flower’.
  • Puna: this name comes from the lizard goddess who takes care of the lizards on the Island.
  • Ulani: “happy”, the first invitation for your little girl to be happy.
  • Vaitiare: a very Hawaiian name for the new addition to your family house, as it comes from the “sea flower”.
  • Waiola: means “violet flower”. In fact, it refers to the hibiscus plan, a typical flower of the island.
  • Zahar: “shine or spark”.
Sea turtles lying on the beach in a cave.

Rescue tropical stories and legends with these Hawaiian names for girls

Fall in love with the deep meaning of these Hawaiian names. Without a doubt, they’re the most original options that attract a trail of peace, nature, and respect for your little one from day one.

Also, if you want her to carry these origins impregnated in her being, don’t hesitate to opt for one of these names. They’re all radiant and full of light.

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