30 Serbian Names for Girls

Today, we'll present you with a selected list of 30 Serbian names for girls as sweet as the fruits and flowers of the forest.
30 Serbian Names for Girls

Last update: 16 April, 2022

Delve into the tradition of one of the most multicultural countries in the world. For this purpose, we’ve compiled a list of Serbian names for girls, which may help you to finally make up your mind.

Please note that Serbs use the Cyrillic alphabet, although in the last century, the use of the Latin alphabet has grown considerably. However, this isn’t a problem, because in proper names, no phonetic modification is produced, and the original meaning is maintained with its unique touch.

Delight yourself with these names of Serbian origin for girls

Serbia is a European country with an enormous cultural diversity. Why is this? According to José Girón for the Revista de Estudios Balcánicos, it’s located in one of the areas that has suffered the most armed conflicts, which explains why it’s been at the mercy of borders between the great empires.

As a result, this beautiful country has been polarized: While the north is more central European, the south maintains a somewhat more oriental tradition. Therefore, the best of the two poles converge in the same territory and give rise to the most beautiful multicultural names you can find.

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Serbian girl names: From A to L

  • Biljana: this seems to be a name derived from South Slavic. With this in mind, its meaning is “grass”.
  • Božena: gets its meaning from bozy, meaning “divine”.
  • Danica: in Slavic means “morning star” or “Venus”.
  • Dejana: is the feminine form of dejan. In this sense, the translation would be something like “to take action”.
  • Dijana: a Serbian variant of Diana for one who is “divine and heavenly”. At the same time, there’s also Dejana as a possible variant.
  • Dragica: comes from the Slavic word dorgu. That is, “precious”.
  • Dunja: means “quince” in South Slavic languages.
  • Grubana: a perfect name for the girl who is “tender”.
  • Iskra: comes from the south and means “spark”. Despite being small, your little girl produces a lot of light.
  • Iva: means “willow tree”.
  • Jagoda: refers to “strawberry” in Slavic, but in Polish, it refers to “berry”.
  • Jasna: derived from jasno, meaning “clean, clear, sharp”.
  • Jela: a short form of Jelena, which refers to one who is “bright as light”. However, it also means “fir tree” in southern Slavic languages.
  • Ljerka: comes from the term lijer and means “lily”.
  • Ljubica: this original name means the most beautiful word in the world, “love”.

Serbian Names: M to Z

  • Malina: alludes to the “raspberry” in several Slavic languages.
  • Mila: one of the most popular names of Slavic origin. Regarding its origin, Josep Maria Albaigès in his book explains that it’s usually associated with Milena and Ludmila, which mean “loved by the people“.
  • Milica: for one who is “graceful”.
  • Mirna: means “peaceful” in Serbian and Croatian.
  • Nada: alludes to “hope”.
  • Nevena: a form derived from marigold or “buttercup”, which is how this original plant is known.
  • Rada: for the one who will be “cared for”.
  • Radojka: means “joy”.
  • Senka: alludes to “shadow”.
  • Slavica: means “glory”.
  • Svetlana: comes from svet for a girl who will be the “light of the world”.
  • Tajana: comes from tajiti, meaning “to keep secret”.
  • Tihana: comes from the Croatian and Serbian word tih. Therefore, it alludes to the parents wanting their little girl to be “quiet”.
  • Vedrana: also of Serbian and Croatian origin, means “joy, happiness”.
  • Vesna: “messenger”. According to sources, this was the name of a Slavic spirit associated with spring.
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The future queen of the house will be born in diversity thanks to one of these Serbian names

Serbian parents choose what to name their baby based on the characteristics they want her to have: Beauty, kindness, intelligence, tranquility, etc. In addition, they’re in favor of using the colors and aromas of berries to symbolize these virtues.

Therefore, it’s likely that one of these names has caught your attention, either because of its meaning or because of its melodic tone when pronounced. In any case, they are options that come from both East and West. In other words, they bring together the best of each place to create a beautiful and multicultural result.

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