50 Names of Serbian Origin for Boys

If you're looking for an original name for your baby, this selection of names of Serbian origin for boys is just what you need!
50 Names of Serbian Origin for Boys
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Are you looking for an original name for your baby? Do you have a Slavic surname? Do you like unusual names? If all the answers are positive, this list of names of Serbian origin for boys is just for you.

Peculiarities of the Serbian language

The Serbian language is one of the so-called South Slavic languages, and although its original form is in the Cyrillic alphabet, it is also written in the Latin alphabet. Both are in common use and are part of school education.

As for names of Serbian origin, they have the peculiarity of being formed with prefixes and suffixes that give them a different meaning. That is, according to how they’re combined, they form different words.

In addition, the names of Serbian origin for boys have elements of other cultures: Croatian, Russian, Bosnian, Muslim, and Biblical.

Let’s get to know them!

Listed in alphabetical order from A to L

The Serbian flag.
  • Aco: means “the one who defends humanity”.
  • Aleksandar: the Serbian form of Alexander.
  • Andrej: the Serbian form of the name Andrew.
  • Antonije: Serbian form of the Spanish name of Roman origin, Anthony.
  • Bibo: short for Ljubo.
  • Bogdan: means “sent by God”.
  • Bojan: a name with Slavic roots that means “battle”.
  • Boris: a diminutive of the Slavic name Borislav that contains the prefix bor, which means “battle or fight”.
  • Branimir: comes from the combination of two Slavic words, born (“protection”) and mer (“famous”).
  • Branko: a variant of Branislav or Branimir.
  • Bratislav: comes from the Slavic word bratu, which means “brother”.
  • Darko: translates to “gift”. Aren’t this name and its meaning beautiful to you?
  • Dobromir: a Serbian name that contains the prefix dobro, which means “good”.
  • Dragan: means “dear”.
  • Dragos: means “precious”.
  • Dusham: refers to the “soul”.
  • Filip: the Serbian form of Philip, a name derived from the Greek Filippos and meaning “horse lover”.
  • Franjo: the Serbian and Croatian form of Frank.
  • Goran: means “mountain man”.
  • Govran: refers to a “restless person”.
  • Ilija: the Croatian and Serbian variant of Elijah, a name from the Hebrew meaning “Yahweh is God”.
  • Jakov: the Croatian and Serbian form of Jacob, derived from the Hebrew Yakoov and meaning “after the word”.
  • Joakim: the Serbian variant of Joaquin.
  • Kostantin: Constantine’s Serbian translation.
  • Lazar: the Serbian and Macedonian form of Lazarus.

Listed in alphabetical order from M to Z

  • Mateja: a variant of Matija.
  • Matija: the Slovenian and Serbian form of Matthias, a name of Hebrew origin that means “gift of God”.
  • Miladen: means “young”.
  • Milan: a name that contains the prefix mil, which means “love”. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful names of Serbian origin for boys!
  • Milenko: a diminutive of Milan.
  • Milos: means “the most beloved”.
  • Miroslav: means “glory” and “peace”.
  • Nebojša: means “bold”.
  • Nikola: a variant of Nicholas.
  • Pavle: the Serbian and Macedonian form of Paul.
  • Radomir: this name is formed by the elements rad (“care”) and the suffix mir (“great” or “of the world”).
  • Radost: means “happiness”. A very successful name to give to your new baby.
  • Radovan: means “the only joy”.
  • Slavomir: the suffix mir indicates that its meaning has to do with peace.
  • Slobodan: means “freedom”.
  • Stanislav: a name of Slavic origin that means “to be glorious”.
  • Stefan: a Serbian form of Stephen, which comes from the Greek word stephanos and means “crown”.
  • Tihomir: means “calm and peaceful”.
  • Vedran: a Serbian name that means “clear” or “cheerful”.
  • Velimir: this name means “peace is great”.
  • Veselko: means “happy”.
  • Vladimir: an original name of the Slavic languages that means “prince of this world”.
  • Vuk: means “wolf”.
  • Željko: means “wish”.
  • Zlatan: comes from the Slavic word zlato which means “gold”.

Names of Serbian origin for boys and other alternatives

What did you think of our selection? They really are very beautiful and original names. An interesting option to consider!

We hope you find one that you like on the list, but if not, we offer many more alternatives that you can search for, such as names of Arabic origin, genderless baby names, or those having to do with history, for example.

“Don’t you know my name yet? That’s the only answer. Tell me, who are you, alone, yourself and nameless?”

Tom Bombadil to Frodo, in The Lord of the Rings, by JRR Tolkien.

And if you have older children and you want to teach them the alphabet, take advantage of the lists of names that begin with the letter A in order to practice while they choose what they’re going to call their little brother. They’re sure to have a lot of fun!

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