35 Japanese Names for Boys

Original and with a deep meaning, today we'll offer you a list of Japanese names for boys. You might just end up choosing one for your future son!
35 Japanese Names for Boys
Elena Sanz Martín

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Japanese names for boys are the most original options when ti comes to choosing the name of your future son. In addition, due to their oriental origin, they have precious meanings that you’ll love to discover.

It’s true that perhaps, at first, they may sound a bit strange to you due to the phonic differences with the English language. However, when you understand their meanings, you’ll quickly change your mind. Come along and take a look at our favorites!

Japanese names: An original way to name your child

If you like anime, manga, gastronomy, or the customs of this beautiful Asian country, why not dare to choose a Japanese name for your baby?

In addition to adding a touch of originality to your life, it’s also a good way to value cultural differences and open your mind.

“We’re not all the same and not all are equal. We need to be mutually aware, to get closer to each culture, and know them deeply: this way we will understand each other and be able to live in harmony. We cannot criticize something that we do not know.”

-Antonio Almagro Soto-

It’s possible that some options already sound familiar to you from some series, game, or movie about Japanese culture. But if that’s not the case and you’re curious to get to know them, here are some recommendations.

A woman walking down a narrow street in Japan.

Japanese names for boy: from A to M

  • Asa: This unisex name carries the meaning “born in the morning”. We recommend that you keep it in mind in case your delivery happens at this time in order to remember this beautiful moment every day.
  • Daisuke: This name consists of two Japanese words: Dai, which means “impressive or great” and suke, which means “help”.
  • Haruki: This is one of the classic names in Japan. Its meaning is “child of spring” and it’s ideal if your little one is born in March, April, or May.
  • Haruto: Perfect for one who shines with his own light, as its meaning is “sun” or “sunlight”.
  • Hideki: Strong as an oak, it’s the name given to certain high officials in the country. From the first moment, it exudes excellence for being considered a “shining tree”.
  • Hiro: This name means “generous” and is one of the most common options in Japan, due to the values it represents.
  • Hoshi: In Japanese, it means “star” and belongs to the names related to the universe and astrology.
  • Ikki: This name means “brilliant”.
  • Isao: This name means “honor”, but it also comes from Hebrew and, in this language, it means “son sent by God”.
  • Isamu: Refers to a “brave and dreamy boy”.
  • Itachi: “Weasel”. Itachi’s story comes from a yōkai or spirit from Japanese mythology, who had extraordinary speed.
  • Jomei: This name comes from an ancient emperor of the 7th century and means “constant light”.
  • Kai: Unisex name for ‘sea’.
  • Kairi: Another unisex name meaning “ocean people”.
  • Katashi: Refers to a “strong and disciplined boy”.
  • Keitaro: One of the options with one of the most beautiful meanings: “Blessed”. Also, you can use diminutives like Kei or Taro.
  • Mako: If you appreciate sincerity, this name is perfect for you, as it means “son of truth”.
  • Mori: From the Hebrew “God is my teacher”, but in Japanese culture, its meaning is “forest”.

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Japanese boy names: from N to Z

  • Osamu: A masculine name that means “chief, governor, legislator”.
  • Raiden: This is the mythological god of thunder.
  • Raiko:”‘the next child”, is a perfect option for the second child in the family.
  • Renzo: In the same line as the previous one, it’s the “third link” or “third son”.
  • Riku: A variant of Rikuto, it means “land” or “continent”.
  • Ronin: Means “samurai who has no master”.
  • Ryu: Meaning of “dragon”, it comes from China and thus is called one of the four divine beasts of Japanese mythology. In addition, it frequently appears as an emblem of emperors or heroes.
  • Sora: A unisex name, which in masculine means “skillful man”.
  • Suyen: “Willow”.
  • Takashi: “Noble”.
  • Taki: A diminutive that means “waterfall”.
  • Taro: If you’re waiting for your first boy, this is a good option because, in Japanese, it means “eldest son”.
  • Tetsuo: “iron man”.
  • Tomeo: Also used in France, it comes from Japanese and means “cautious man”.
  • Yasuo: Perhaps it sounds familiar to you from the League of Legends video game. This character respects the original meaning of “peaceful”.
  • Yoshio: A Japanese name derived from Yoshi, which means “justice”.
  • Yudai: For those who will be “brave” or “great heroes”.
A Japanese warrior standing on a cliff with the sunset in the background.

Has luck enlightened you with any of these 35 names?

From the West to the East, the wonderful wishes of parents for their children are manifested through the names they give their little ones. Therefore, we invite you to do the same and follow your heart as you choose a name for your future son.

Full of joy, strength, nature, and mythology, so are these symbols that can define the personality of the child who’s on the way. Are any of these options the chosen one? If so, omedetou! Or congratulations!

But, if you haven’t made up your mind yet, don’t worry. Let your instincts be your guide and wait patiently or gaman (a word originally from Zen Buddhism, used to make important decisions in life). Inspiration will come very soon.

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