38 Gaelic Girl Names

Today, we'll present a list of the best 38 Gaelic girl names so that you can choose a name with a strong history. Keep reading!
38 Gaelic Girl Names

Last update: 20 January, 2022

A historical language that groups together many dispersed nations and that guards the culture of one of the strongest peoples is in danger of disappearing. If you want its legacy to endure, go ahead and choose one of the following options of Gaelic girl names.

We know that it’s difficult to choose what you’re going to call your baby. However, you might get the answer from our most memorable ancestors.

Gaelic Girl Names – Precious Stories and Meanings

The Gaels are an ethno-linguistic group native to northwestern Europe.

In ancient times, the Gaels traded with the Roman Empire and also ravaged Roman Britain.

In the Middle Ages, Gaelic culture prevailed in the rest of Scotland and the Isle of Man, although there were also some settlements in Wales and Cornwall. Also, during the Viking Age, small groups of Vikings raided and settled in Gaelic lands, becoming Norse-Gaelic.

The Gaelic languages are part of the Celtic languages and are in the lower echelon of the Indo-European language family. These have experienced a marked decline since the beginning of the 19th century and, according to data collected by the UNESCO Atlas, today it ‘ an endangered language. In this sense, the expansion of the English language has led to the vast majority of people of Gaelic descent being unable to speak it.

A viking woman on horseback.

Gaelic names: from A to M

  • Adara: although its origin is quite disputed, the truth is that some experts consider that its origin would come from Gaelic. If so, it alludes to a natural meaning for “bird catcher”.
  • Afkica: means “nice”.
  • Ailyn: comes from the Scottish variant Aileen, which refers to the “light bearer”.
  • Aimil: this is the form of Amelia. In this sense, it symbolizes the one “who works and strives to get what she wants”.
  • Airin: a variant of Erin, which refers directly to “Ireland”.
  • Alana: its meaning is linked to “harmony and awakening”. Without a doubt, a light-filled option for a little girl.
  • Ashlyn: refers directly to “dreams”.
  • Bridget: is the name of the goddess of fire and poetry in Celtic mythology. Therefore, it refers to “strength and endurance”.
  • Callie: a variant of Cayley, it’s an option linked to forests and beauty.
  • Cyan: means “old”. Without a doubt, a highly recommended option for more traditional parents.
  • Ciara: refers directly to the beauty of the “female form”.
  • Coel: literally means “girl”.
  • Collie: this is another of Colleen’s variants, which refers to the “dove”.
  • Dylane: a variant of Dylana. In this sense, it perfectly symbolizes the girl who is “born in the waves”.

Gaelic girl names: from E to L

  • Eira: means “snow”, as it refers to its whiteness and purity.
  • Aeneid: means “soul, life”.
  • Emer: In Irish legend, she was a woman blessed with all six gifts or virtues: Beauty, gentle voice, sweet words, wisdom, agility for sewing, and chastity.
  • Keila: comes from the Irish surname Ó Caollaidhe. In this line, it means “descendant of Caollaidhe“.
  • Glenda: for the one who will be “clean and good”.
  • Guvendolina: according to the occult specialist Emilio Salas, this is one of the oldest Irish names that refers to the one with the “white ring”. In addition, it has become popular thanks to the legend of King Arthur, who falls in love with a fairy with the same name. Finally, the wizard Merlin’s wife also went by that name.
  • Gwendolina: this is the previous variant, but better transmitted according to its original representation.
  • Gwyneth: this refers directly to “happiness”, which is what all parents want for their little girl.
  • Heulyn: means “ray of sunshine”.
  • Kyla: refers directly to a natural meaning. Therefore, it means “strait of water”.
  • Lanay: this probably comes from the Gaelic word ailin. That is, “little rock”.
  • Lesra: refers to the “gray fortress”, although other theories also point to its relationship with the “low altitude meadow or the sacred garden“.
A celtic woman.

Gaelic names: from M to Z

  • Malen: this would be the diminutive of Magdalena, which refers to the “woman of Magdala”.
  • Maret: means “pearl”. Without a doubt, a small object that contains great beauty.
  • Morag: comes from the nickname given to the monster from Loch Morar (Scotland). After Nessie, she’s among the most famous legendary monsters.
  • Murron: refers to the “white sea”.
  • Naylea: It probably means “champion”.
  • Niamh: for the one who is “radiant, that shines on her own”.
  • Nya: means “lustrous”. That is, she stands out thanks to her healthy appearance due to her brightness and color.
  • Nyah: a variant of Nía, but in the form closest to the original transcription of the name.
  • Nyla: is another of the traditional forms directly related to Naylea.
  • Shannon: This unisex option directly alludes to the “wise or a little owl”.
  • Shona: is the Gaelic variant of Juana. In this sense, it means “God is gracious”.
  • Tarisha: comes form of Latarisha, which means “hill”.

Open your heart to choosing one of these Gaelic girl names

As a study carried out by the University of A Coruña corroborates, this language has left toponymic and cultural traces in Ireland, Scotland, and Galicia, among other possible places that are still being investigated today.

If you feel that any of these options has touched your heart and you’ve felt within you the strength of one of the strongest peoples in history, go ahead and give it to the future princess of the house.

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