40 Aramaic Names for Boys

Discover among these Aramaic names for boys the perfect one for your baby. Without a doubt, you'll find one with a special meaning.
40 Aramaic Names for Boys
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Congratulations! You already know that you’re expecting a boy! Now start to imagine what you’re going to name him with this list of Aramaic names for boys. Take a look!

Although Aramaic is a very ancient language and is spoken in a few places in Syria, it’s special and important because it’s the language that Jesus spoke.

According to a report by the newspaper ABC published in 2014, when Pope Francis visited Israel, he held the following dialogue with the prime minister of that country:

“Jesus was here, on this earth. He spoke Hebrew,” Netanyahu pointed out, in an attempt to underline the strong connection between Judaism and Christianity.

– “Aramaic,” corrected Pope Francis.

“He spoke Aramaic, but he knew Hebrew,” Netanyahu replied.

Therefore, many Aramaic names have a biblical origin, as this was the original language in which the Holy Scriptures were written. In addition, they harmoniously integrate certain elements of Judaism and Christianity.

Let’s get to know these special names!

Joseph and Mary holding baby Jesus.

Aramaic names listed in alphabetical order from letter A to L

If you want your child at the top of the list of names in their class, pay attention to these options:

  • Abba: means “father”.
  • Adlai: an Aramaic masculine name that means “decoration or adornment”.
  • Azai: means “strength”.
  • Barjesús: an Aramaic name that comes from bar-jesu, which means “son of”.
  • Barsabás: from the Aramaic bar-sabba and means “son of the Sabbath”.
  • Barsimeo: from bar-Sime’on, which refers to the “son of Simeon”.
  • Bartimaeus: from the Aramaic bar-Tim’ay, referring to the “son of Timaeus” or Timothy.
  • Bartlett: a variant of Bartholomew, whose origin is the Aramaic bar-Tôlmay and which means “son of Ptolemy”.
  • Bartholomew: a version of the Aramaic patronymic name, which comes from bar-Tôlmay and means “son of Ptolemy”.
  • Barnabas: comes from the Aramaic bar-naḇy, which refers to the “son of prophecy”.
  • Boanerges: from the Aramaic bene-regesh, which translates as “son of thunder”. It’s the nickname that Jesus gave to his apostles James and John, brothers of impetuous character.
  • Efren: a variant of Ephraim, a name of Aramaic origin that means “fruitful” or “growth”.
  • Faddey: a Russian variant of Thaddeus, whose origin is believed to be the Aramaic name Lebeo.
  • Hovhaness: means the “gift of God”.
  • Hozai: comes from the word chozai, which means “prophet”.
  • Kelaya: means “dry grain”.
  • Jeshua: the name of Jesus, in Aramaic. It’s also written as Yeshua.
  • Joseph: Believe it or not, this name is of Aramaic origin and means “Yahveh will add”.

Listed in alphabetical order from letter M to Z

The magic of the Aramaic language isn’t over yet. Look at these names from the second half of the alphabet!

  • Laszio: means “God is my help”.
  • Maccabee: originates in the Aramaic language and means “hammer”.
  • Nathanael: from the Aramaic netan’el which means the “gift of God”.
  • Nahtaniel: this is a variable of Natanel.
  • Rachim: means “compassion”.
  • Raziel: means “God is my secret”.
  • Shafer: means “good”.
  • Shalmai: means “peace”.
  • Shaul: is “the one who’s been requested of the Lord’. One of the Aramaic names for boys with the most tender meaning!
  • Tadeo: a version of Taddheus.
  • Thaddeus: a Latin variant of the Aramaic thaddai, which means “brave”. It’s also believed that it could be derived from the name Lebeo or from the Greek Theodoros, which means “gift of God.
  • Talmai: means “hill”.
  • Tamas: a Hungarian version of Thomas, a name of Aramaic origin that means “twin”.
  • Tavi: means “good”.
  • Thomas: an English name that comes from the Aramaic word ta’oma which means “twin”.
  • Tom: a diminutive of Thomas.
  • Tomás: the Spanish version of Thomas.
  • Tomé: another form of Thomas.
  • Tomo: a Japanese variant of Thomas.
  • Zacchaeus: means “pure”.
  • Zakai: means “innocent”.
  • Zebedeo: a name that comes from the Aramaic words ben-zebdi that mean “given by God”.
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Aramaic names for boys and many more options to discover

We hope that among this list you’ve found the perfect name for your baby. But if not, there’s no need to worry. We have more options to offer you, including historical, food-related, literary, or movie-related names. In addition, you can also choose between common or unique names, if you prefer something more exotic and different.

Remember that this first great gift you give your child will accompany him every day of his life!

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