40 Girl Names that Start With the Letter V

Are you pregnant? Don't miss out on this list of girl names that start with the letter V. Perhaps you'll find the perfect name for your baby!
40 Girl Names that Start With the Letter V

Last update: 23 March, 2022

After learning that you’re pregnant, one of the first decisions you have to make has to do with what you’re going to name your baby. There are many families who choose their baby’s name based on the letter it begins with. If that’s the case, we’d like to be part of the process and for this reason. Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of girl names that start with the letter V.

We’ll tell you the origin and the meaning of each one so you can assess if it really fits your tastes. Are you ready?

Beautiful girl names that start with the letter V

When you were told that the baby that you’re expecting is a girl, surely several names that you like appeared in your head. However, making the final decision can be quite a challenge, right? This is a very common problem and that’s why these types of lists are very useful.

Within our page, you can find suggestions of all kinds. Names inspired by flowers, literature, music, or some letter of the alphabet, as is the case today.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, we’re sure that you’ll love these suggestions. Take a walk through the letter V and see the beautiful names it holds for your little girl.

Names that begin with the letter V in alphabetical order

Vaiana: this is the name that the character of Moana, one of the latest Disney princesses, goes by in Spain. It’s of Tahitian origin and means “deep sea”.

Val: this name is used as a diminutive of some names such as Valeria and Valentina.

Valda: this is a name of German origin that means “battle heroine”.

Valdis: this name is of Nordic origin and it refers to the “goddess of death”.

Valencia: in addition to being the name of a Spanish city, this name means “strong”.

Valentina: this is a name of Latin origin that means “courageous”.

Valeria: this is also a name of Latin origin and its meaning is “healthy and brave”.

Valeria: this is the Spanish form of Valerie.

Valeska: what do you think of the Slavic variant of Valerie?

Valia: another name of Latin origin, whose meaning is “hidden”.

Valkyrie: this name has a Scandinavian origin. It means “the one who knows the mysteries of victory”.

Vallea: an Italian name that means “valley”.

Valo: means “light” and is of Finnish origin.

Vanda: this is the German variant of Wanda, which means “nomad”.

Vanessa: did you know that this name was created by the Irish writer Jonathan Swift in “Gulliver’s Travels”?

Vani: this is a name of Sanskrit origin and it means “eloquent”.

Vania or Vanya: a name of Russian origin, it’s the feminine form of “Ivan”.

Vanisha: a name of Hindu origin that means “pure”.

Vanna: a beautiful name of Hebrew origin with an equally beautiful meaning, “butterfly”.

Varinia: an Old Roman name, meaning “versatile”.

More names for your baby that start with the letter V

Veda: this is also a name of Sanskrit origin, which means “knowledge”. If you love the 1991 film My Girl, you’ll recognize Veda as the name of the movie’s main character.

Vega: this name has a Christian religious origin related to the Virgen de la Vega.

Velika: this name is of Russian origin and means “wonders”.

Velma: this is a Germanic name whose meaning is “decision”.

Venus: in Roman mythology, she was the goddess of beauty and love.

Vera: a word that comes from the Latin verus, which means “true”.

Veronica: this is a name of Greek origin. It means “bearer of victory”.

Vesta: this is also a mythological name. She was the Roman goddess of the home and a symbol of fidelity.

Via: this name is used as a diminutive of names like Olivia or Silvia.

Vianey: this name is of Latin origin and means “alive”.

Victoria: once again, a name of Latin origin, which means “victor”.

Vilma: a Germanic name meaning “protection”.

Violet: of Latin origin, this name refers to the color violet.

Virginia: comes from the Latin virginis and means “maiden, virginal”.

Viridiana: another name of Latin origin, whose meaning is “juvenile”.

Vita: this name is also of Latin origin and means “life”.

Viviana: a Latin name meaning “vital”.

Vrai: this name is of French origin and means “truth”.

Vrinda: another name of Sanskrit origin. It means a “bunch of flowers”.

Vroula: a diminutive of Stavroula, which is Greek for “cross”.

This is the end of our list of girl names that begin with the letter V. Try combining it with your last name, pronounce them out loud, and see how they look when they’re written. All this influences the future of your daughter, as it’s her inheritance for life.

We hope you’ve found what you were looking for. If not, remember that we have many more suggestions waiting for you on our website.

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