30 Hindu Names for Boys

Today, we'll give you some ideas of names you can give your future baby. Don't miss out on these 30 Hindu names for boys.
30 Hindu Names for Boys

Last update: 23 October, 2021

Hinduism is the predominant religion in India and dates back to the middle of the second millennium BC. In other words, it has a great history, with its own customs, gastronomy, traditions, dances, and ceremonies. If this philosophy of life catches your attention and you still don’t know how to call your future son, we’ll present you with 30 names of Hindu origin for boys.

We’ve expressly chosen them because of their meanings, as they respect this culture dominated by wildlife, love of nature, spirituality, gods, and the path to peace of mind.

Hindu names, a special gift for children

A Hindu statue of Buddha.

As you can already guess, this religion highly influences Hindu names. That’s why many parents choose options that have to do with their traditions, their Gods, and that respect their beliefs.

Likewise, as the book The main languages of the world, by Yamuna Kachru, explains very well, the names of Hindu origin come from the Hindi language. This is the official language of India, Indo-Europeans, and belongs to the Indo-Iranian branch.

Therefore, more than three hundred million people use the Devanagari alphabet, so the names that we present here are Latinized (in terms of writing) and have an express translation of their meaning.

Hindu names: From A to J

  • Agni: Refers to the Hindu god of fire.
  • Amal: Its translation is “to have hope”. Without a doubt, it’s an option that vindicates the love and good wishes that parents have for their little one.
  • Anand: This name for a boy is one of the most beautiful because of its meaning: “happiness“.
  • Arun: A short option, but one of the most special thanks to its reference to the sun.
  • Balu: A diminutive of Balabhadra, which means “lucky”.
  • Brahma: A popular name in Eastern culture, as it refers to the first human being who inhabited the earth, the creator god of the universe, and one of the gods of the Trimurti (the “Hindu Trinity”, which consists of Brahma, Visnu, and Shiva).
  • Daksha: Means “one who is full of abilities”. As it appears in the great epic-mythological text of India, The Mahabharata of Viasa, it’s the name of an ancient god known to be the first Prajapatis (father of all humanity, lord of creation, protector of life).
  • Elid: Considering that children are like little angels, this name is perfect for “he who is winged, has wings”.
  • Hari: The nickname of the god Vishnu, which means “lion”.
  • Himavat: Refers to the god of snow. In fact, it’s considered the soul of the Himalayan mountains.
  • Inay: “god, or like him”.
  • Indra: Refers to the Hindu god of rain.
  • Isar: Means “eminent”. In this sense, it’s another name for the god Shiva, the destroyer god in the Trimurti.
  • Jaidev: This name of Sanskrit origin means “victory of the gods”.
  • Johar: A precious option for its meaning: “jewel, gem”.

Names of Hindu origin: from K to Z

  • Kanu: This name means “the most attractive”.
  • Kiran: A short and beautiful option for those who are like a “ray of sunshine”.
  • Mahatma: A term that in Sanskrit means “great soul”. This is how people refer to Gandhi, the pacifist hero who fought for the freedom of India.
  • Narayan: This is one of the names of Vishnu, another of the Hindu gods of the Trimuri, which means “moving water”.
  • Nidhi: A short and very sonorous name for one who is a “treasure”.
  • Nimai: A perfect name for the one who is “full of light” from birth.
  • Rama: Specifically means “like God”. Therefore, it could be said that it symbolizes the exemplary man.
  • Ranjit: This is one of the most frequent names for boys in oriental culture. In addition, it’s related to “pleasure” and refers to one of the most powerful kings of the nineteenth century in India.
  • Renji: Comes from Sanskrit and is perfect for “the one who brings happiness” to any parent.
  • Sayan: Means “dynamic”.
  • Sohan: In Sanskrit, it’s used to describe someone as Kanu. That is, he’s also “handsome”.
  • Varun: A name with a powerful meaning in the world of astronomy and the universe, as it translates as “infinite”.
  • Vijay: This name has also become quite popular in France thanks to the strength of its meaning: “victory”.
  • Vishnu: Means “omnipresent’ because it’s one of the Hindu gods, the protector of the universe.
  • Yamir: A name of Indian origin and refers to the “moon”.
A Hindu child sitting by the statue of a Hindu god.

May the gods protect you by choosing a Hindu name for your child

So, what about you? Which option caught your attention the most? As you may have already seen, names of Hindu origin for boys have a powerful meaning, as they’re based on spirituality, faith, and respect for the gods.

However, they’re also good options to consider if you want a unique and original name for your future child. Not to mention the benefit of starting to instill open-mindedness and freedom from the beginning. That way, you teach your little one about the importance of respect for other cultures.

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