40 Mayan Names for Boys

Musical, original, and exotic, Mayan names for boys are a great option if you want to find a very special and unique name for your baby.
40 Mayan Names for Boys

Last update: 30 November, 2021

Finding the perfect name for a child is a very personal task for parents. Traditions count, but so do preferences. If you’re interested in considering a few that are different, discover our selection of the most beautiful Mayan names for boys. These names are originally from the Yucatan peninsula, in Mexico, and we also find them in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

The Mayan language is a linguistic family with more than 30 variants, which have also been mixed with Spanish and given rise to new words. As Fidencio Briceño Chel, a linguistics researcher at the National Institute of Anthropology and History, said in an interview for BBC News :

“My favorite Mayan word that’s used in Spanish and that I think is the most beautiful is ‘chamaco’. Chan in peninsular Maya means ‘small’. Maák means ‘person””.

This complexity is also reflected in our selection of names. In general, these are built with the union of words that recall the ancestors, nature, astronomy, calendar, and deities of Mayan mythology.

First names in this language are known as “paal kava”, and here we’ll show you a list of the most beautiful Mayan names for boys and their meanings. Take note of your favorites!

Mayan names for boys listed in alphabetical order from letter A to L

  • Ajaw: means “king”.
  • Ajbej: a name that refers to the one who “goes ahead of the group or guides men”.
  • Aj Koo: means “brave”.
  • Akbal: means “blue night” or also “darkness”.
  • Balam: a Mayan masculine name that means “jaguar”.
  • Chéel: this name translates to “rainbow”.
  • Chakpaakat: means “a man with strong eyes”.
  • Chéelpixan: this Mayan name for boys means “rainbow soul”.
  • Chichan: means “small”.
  • Iik: a masculine name that means “spirit of the wind”.
  • Ikal: refers to the “spirit”.
  • Junajaw: is the “only lord or king”.
  • Kaknab: a Mayan name for boys that refers to the sea.
  • Ki’in: means “sun”.
  • Kukulcán: a Mayan name of the deity of water and wind.
  • Kuxtal: a Mayan masculine name that means “life”.
  • Lalail: Mayan word that means “older”.
  • Luluknak: means “tenderness”.

Listed in alphabetical order from letter M to Z

  • Mayel: means “perfumed”.
  • Muun: a Mayan male name meaning “tender”.
  • Muuk’náal: a Mayan name that means “strong man”.
  • Náay: means “dream”. A very beautiful Mayan name for boys!
  • Náayten: a special name that means “dream of me”.
  • Pixan: means “soul”.
  • Oncan: refers to the one who is “funny”.
  • Ook’ín: a beautiful Mayan male name that means “night”.
  • Sáasilen: this name means “I am the light”.
  • Sak: a name with a powerful meaning, as it means “pure and clean of heart”.
  • Sáakmuyal: a Mayan name that means “white cloud”.
  • Utsil: means “kind”.
  • Wayak: a Mayan word that’s related to a “dream” or something that’s “dreamed of”.
  • Yaabilajen: this name means “I am love”.
  • Yaak: a boy’s name meaning “flame of fire”.
  • Yaakunaj: means “to love”.
  • Yaamail: translates as “to be loved”. A perfect Mayan name for your child!
  • Yaax: means “green color”.
  • Yaxkin: a name of Mayan origin whose meaning is “new sun”.
  • Yóolenja: means “spirit of the water”.
  • Yuumil: means “owner”.
  • Yuumilawoll: a Maayan name that means “owner of your soul”.

Why choose Mayan names for boys?

These types of names are chosen by parents who are looking for a different and original name for their child. With them, they’ll have a musicality very different from that of the most common names.

We can consider the names whose origin comes from ancient civilizations as rare or infrequent, but that has changed in recent years.

Although in terms of Mesoamerican cultures, the most well-known are Aztec names, Mayan names for boys are increasingly famous.

This is possible thanks to the discoveries of the archaeologist Dr. Sylvanus G. Morley, who inspired the character of Indiana Jones. This scientist studied the Mayan hieroglyphs and deciphered their meanings, which has allowed us to learn more about this culture, its customs, and its language.

If these Mayan names for boys haven’t captured your heart, there are more options you can consider in order to find the perfect name for your baby. On our site, you’ll find alternatives having to do with the first initial and also those having to do with books, history, and much more. We even have a list of amazing elvish names.

The adventure has just begun!

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