40 Mayan Names for Girls

Star, water, sun, or moon? Choose your favorite from this list of 40 Mayan names for girls. You're sure to love them!
40 Mayan Names for Girls

Last update: 05 November, 2021

If you’re looking for a name for your little daughter who’s on the way and you’re interested in those of pre-Hispanic American origin, we invite you to know the most beautiful Mayan names for girls.

Let your daughter’s name reflect the magic of the Mayan culture

The Mayan culture occupied the territories of Central America, which today are part of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Their traditions and names are still used in these communities and in recent years, their use has spread to other parts of the world.

Dr. Sylvanus G. Morley, a Mayan worldview scholar, explains in detail how the paal kava (given name) is constructed differently for boys and girls. Many male names begin with a sound similar to the letter J, while many female names often carry the prefix X.

Mayan names are also the result of word compositions. For example, nikté means ‘flower’ and different endings can be added, with other words related to the theme: – ool for “flowery soul”, – chaak for “flowering in the rain” or – kaan for “flower of heaven”.

Two Mayan women in traditional dress.

If you’ve already been tempted by these beautiful names, let’s get to know them!

List of Mayan names for girls, from A to L

  • Alitzel: a Mayan name that means “smiling girl”.
  • Aquetzalli: means “precious water”.
  • Atziri: a name of Mayan origin whose meaning is “corn”, the fundamental food of the Mayan culture.
  • Ayikalil: refers to “wealth or fortune”.
  • Chaknikté: a girl’s name that means a “bunch of red flowers”.
  • Cozumel: this is the name given to the “place of swallows”. It’s a very beautiful Mayan name for girls.
  • Eek: means “star”.
  • Itzanami: Refers to the “bride of the water sorcerer”.
  • Itzayana: a Mayan name that means “woman with light eyes”.
  • Itzae: this name means “gift from God”, a really beautiful meaning for girls’ names.
  • Itzamara: this is the goddess of the stars in Mayan mythology.
  • Itza: means “star”.
  • Itzel: a variant of Ixchel referring to the aged jaguar goddess of midwifery and medicine.
  • Itzia: means “princess”. A perfect Mayan name for your girl!
  • Ixchel: means “rainbow lady”. In Mayan mythology, she is the goddess of the earth, the moon, medicine, and fertility.
  • Kookay: Refers to the “firefly”.
  • Kuxtal: means “life”. A perfect name for a long-awaited baby girl.
  • Kuzamil: a variant of Cozumel.
  • Loolbeh: refers to the “flower of the road”.

More Mayan names, from M to Z

  • Mactzil: a feminine Mayan name that means “miraculous thing”.
  • Muuyal: translates as “cloud”.
  • Naay: a feminine Mayan name that means “dream”.
  • Naré: means “the one who receives”.
  • Nikté: a beautiful Mayan feminine name meaning “flower”.
  • Nikté Ja: this is a compound Mayan name, which means “water flower”.
  • Nuscaa: refers to the “new land”.
  • Payaan: refers to the “woman who is loved”.
  • Pixan: translates to “soul”.
  • Sacnikté: means “white flower”.
  • Sasilhá: means “clear water”.
  • Sugey: This name is associated with sunlight and is a name in common use in Central America.
  • Xareni: the name of the goddess of love and princess of the forests.
  • Yaamil: means “to be loved”, a special and very emotional meaning.
  • Yalit: an original Mayan name that means “the flower of the corn”.
  • Yatziri: a feminine name that means “flower of the dew”.
  • Zazil: means “light or clarity”.
  • Xaman: a Mayan name for a woman that means “astrologer”. It’s also spelled Shaman.
  • Xamanjá: means “water from the north”.
  • Xeelja: means “sea breeze”.

Choose names for girls based on culture!

If we talk about Mesoamerican cultures, without a doubt, the Aztecs and the Mayans are the most important. But they’re not the same thing and for this reason, the difference between the names of Aztec and Mayan origin is so evident.

According to Adriana Velázquez Morlet, delegate of the National Institute of Anthropology and History in Campeche:

“The Mexica (Aztecs) and the Mayans have always been seen very differently”

The rediscovery of the Mayans in the twentieth century has allowed the spread of their culture and their names. These wonderful Mayanames are intimately associated with nature, mythology, and astronomy.

But Mayan names aren’t the only cultural options to give your little girl. On our site, you can also find lists of names related to history, literature, geography, and more.

And if you want something simpler, start your search according to your favorite letter! Here, you’ll find thousands of possibilities.

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