44 Names of Vietnamese Origin for Boys

For lovers of oriental cultures, names of Vietnamese origin for boys are a great option. Discover them in our list!
44 Names of Vietnamese Origin for Boys

Last update: 10 November, 2021

Is it time to start looking for a name for your baby? Do you like the languages of the countries of the Far East? If your answer to these questions is yes, we invite you to explore this list of names of Vietnamese origin for boys.

The ancient Vietnamese language was written in Chinese characters, called Chu Nom, and is hardly used anymore. This is because, with the arrival of missionaries from Portugal, Vietnamese began to be written in Latin characters and became much more understandable.

However, this mixture of words of Chinese origin with the influence of the West gave rise to a modern language of a tonal type, with short and very musical words.

If it’s the type of names you’re looking for, then take advantage of today’s article! Below, we’ll offer you a list of 44 names of Vietnamese origin for boys along with their meaning so that you can find the most beautiful one for your new baby.

Names of Vietnamese origin for your little one

A Vietnamese mother carrying her baby on her back.

Listed in alphabetical order from A to L

First, we’ll share the options that start with the first letters of our alphabet:

  • Bảo: means “protection” or “security”.
  • Binh: a Vietnamese name that comes from the Chinese language and means “peaceful” or “peace”.
  • Bu: this name means “leader”.
  • Can: means “notice” or “advice”.
  • Cham: means “the one who works hard”.
  • Chí: refers to “man with a purpose” or “will”.
  • Chinh: means “fair”.
  • Cuong: means “robust man”.
  • Dan: means “tiger”. A short name, but very beautiful and easy to combine!
  • Danh: this is said of the “famous” man.
  • Dat: means “successful”.
  • Dinh: means “palace” in the Vietnamese language.
  • Duc: means “passion”, although it’s also translated as “desire”.
  • Dung: a name meaning “heroic” or “brave”.
  • Duong: means “man” or “virile”.
  • Giang: this is a very nice name if you’re a lover of nature, as it means “river”.
  • Hai: means “sea”.
  • Hien: means “kind man”.
  • Hung: a Vietnamese name whose origin is Chinese and means “heroic” or “brave”.
  • Huy: means “light”. Hands down, one of the most beautiful Vietnamese names for boys!
  • Lanh: means “good” or “happy” in Vietnamese. The main wish we all have for our babies!
  • Long: a name with a lot of magic, as it means “dragon”.

Listed in alphabetical order from M to Z

  • Mao: means “cat”.
  • Minh: means “smart” or “brilliant”.
  • Ngọc: While it means “precious stone”, it’s also translated as “jewel”.
  • Ngải: means “grass” in Vietnamese.
  • Nguyên: in Vietnamese, this word is a name and also a fairly common surname. It means “original” or the “first man”.

Did you know that 40% of Vietnamese males are named Nguyên?

  • Nhung: means “velvet” in Vietnamese.
  • Phong: a name of Vietnamese origin that means “wind”.
  • Phuc: a lovely name that means “luck”.
  • Quân: means “army” or also “army man”.
  • Quang: translates to “clear”.
  • Quy: means “precious”. Without a doubt, your child will be your most precious jewel!
  • Sang: means a “brilliant person”.
  • Sinh: a word that refers to a “man full of life”.
  • Suu: means “buffalo”.
  • Thanh: this Vietnamese word refers to the “triumphant man”.
  • Thao: means “polite”.
  • Trai: means “oyster”.
  • Trúc: means “bamboo” in Vietnamese.
  • : a Vietnamese name that means “elite”, “stellar” or “outstanding”. What a great way to build your child up from the get-go?!
  • Vien: the meaning of this name is “complete”.
  • Vinh: refers to a “glorious man”.
  • Xuan: means “season of spring”.
A Vietnamese woman walking up a hill with a basket on her back.

Triumphant and with good wishes

Vietnamese choose names for their children according to their wishes for their lives. Therefore, they all have meanings related to words with a lot of power, such as intelligence, strength, and heroism.

They also use names of animals, such as cats or tigers, or of natural elements, such as rivers, seas, or mountains. In no case do Vietnamese names ever imply a negative trait. Rather, they’re always loaded with good wishes and expectations for the child.

Although they’re a great option to consider, there are many more ideas that we can offer you: Names from other origins (Japanese, Arabic, Roman, Polish, etc.) or lists of names that begin with your favorite letter.

It’s best to make this choice early and as a family and to test how the different options sound with the baby’s last name. Combine them until you find the perfect combination for your most perfect creation!

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