22 Boy's Names That Start With the Letter A

If you have a weakness for the first letter of the alphabet, we've got some boy names that start with the letter A. Which one's your favorite?
22 Boy's Names That Start With the Letter A

Last update: 02 July, 2021

If you’re expecting a baby, you may be thinking about which name to choose. There are so many options, you may not even know where to start. We suggest you start from the beginning and that’s why we’re going to share boy’s names that start with the letter A.

This is the first letter of the alphabet, an open vowel full of strength that holds precious names for your baby. Get out your notebook to write down which of these are your favorites.

Good name in man and woman, dear my Lord, is the immediate jewel of their souls.

-William Shakespeare-

Boy’s names with the first letter of the alphabet

We’re going to share some of the cutest names that start with the letter A. We’ll also tell you the meaning of each of them, so you can decide if you think it’ll be the right one to name your child.

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Boys’ names with the letter A

  • Aaron: Hebrew name of Egyptian origin that means ‘enlightened’. In the Bible, he appears as the brother of Moses and a great supporter of his mission to lead the Jews out of Egypt.
  • Adrian: a name of Latin origin. It comes from hadrianus, which means ‘coming from the Adriatic Sea’ or ‘he who comes from the sea’.
  • Aitor: this name is of Basque origin and is one of the most used in northern Spain. This saint is celebrated on May 22 and means ‘noble father’.
  • Albert: this is a name of Germanic origin and is the shortened version of Adalbert. It means ‘the radiance of the noble lineage’, the one who shines, and it stands out because of his nobility.
  • Alexander: this is a name of Greek origin. It’s composed of the terms aléxein, which means ‘to defend’, ‘to protect’, and andrós, which is equivalent to ‘male’. Therefore, this name could be interpreted as the man who protects or defends.
  • Alvaro: Saint Alvaro’s day is February 19. It’s a name of Germanic origin that means ‘the protector of all’.
  • Andrew: this name is of Greek origin and its meaning is related to ‘man’ and ‘bravery’.
  • Angel: Aggelos is a name of Greek origin meaning ‘messenger’.
  • Arthur: this name is said to have a Celtic origin derived from artos, whose meaning is ‘bear’, and ‘risks’, ‘king’, so we could say that it’s the ‘king of bears’.
  • Aurelius: a name of Latin origin meaning ‘resplendent, golden’.
  • Augustus: this Latin name means ‘he who shines like gold’.

“A good name is rather to be chosen than riches.”

– Solomon, the Bible-

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More names that start with the letter A

  • Adam: a name of Hebrew origin referring to the first man.
  • Adriel: also of Hebrew origin, it means ‘man who belongs to God’s people’.
  • Aidan: variant of the Irish name Aodán, meaning ‘burning’ or ‘fire’.
  • Akira: of Japanese origin, meaning ‘bright’.
  • Aleph: Hebrew origin, meaning ‘leader’. It’s the name of the first letter of the alphabet, or, in the same way, the first of the consonants in the Hebrew alphabet.
  • Alistair: a name of Scottish origin meaning ‘protector’.
  • Altair: Arabic origin. It refers to the twelfth brightest star in the night sky and the brightest star in the Eagle Constellation.
  • Amir: another of the most beautiful names of Arabic origin. Its meaning is ‘minister of the king’.
  • Aramis: a name of Arabic origin; it’s one of the three musketeers from the book by Alexandre Dumas.
  • Asher: this is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘happy man’.
  • Axel: of Scandinavian, Danish, or German origin, and means ‘universal fighter’.

If you like the first letter of the alphabet and you’re expecting a boy, we’re sure this list will help you decide on a name. A name is, without a doubt, one of the inheritances we leave to our children, which will mark them significantly. Have you already decided which one you’ll give to your baby?

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