67 Baby Names Related to the Rain and the Sky

Would you like a nature-related name for your child? Check out this selection of names related to the rain and the sky. You're sure to find one you like.
67 Baby Names Related to the Rain and the Sky
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Last update: 17 March, 2023

If you love nature and want to name your baby with words that evoke it, take a look at our list of baby names related to rain and the sky.

We’ve researched and found options from extremely diverse origins that refer to natural phenomena, gods, and worldviews of various cultures. In fact, they’re all related to the beautiful heavens and the romantic rain.

Therefore, read on for our list of names to help you choose what to name your little one.

Girls’ names

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  • Alba. Means ‘woman of the dawn’.
  • Alya. Of Arabic origin, it means ‘sky’.
  • Araceli. The ‘altar of heaven’.
  • Auristela. The golden star’.
  • Auset. The Egyptian name for Isis, the goddess of the moon.
  • Aurora. Refers to the dawn.
  • Blue: Name of Persian origin referring to the color of the sky.
  • Breeze. Comes from Greek and refers to a ‘soft wind’.
  • Celeste. From the Latin word,  caelestis. It translates as ‘she who belongs to the sky’.
  • Celia. It means ‘she who came from heaven’, in Latin.
  • Celina. A variant of Celia.
  • Heaven. From the Latin word caelum. It means the space of the stars.
  • Citlalli. In Aztec, it means ‘star’.
  • Danae. Of Greek origin, it means ‘golden rain’.
  • Danica. Slavic feminine name meaning ‘morning star’.
  • Electra. Derived from Greek. It means ‘blonde and golden like the sun’.
  • Elena Variant of Helena.
  • Elfida. Of Germanic origin, it means ‘daughter of the wind’.
  • Elina. It means ‘beautiful like the sun’.
  • Estela. From Latin, it means ‘star’.
  • Ester. A name of Hebrew origin, istar, which translates as ‘star’.
  • Esther. A variant of Esther.
  • Indra. Name of the god of the sky and rain in Vedic mythology.
  • Helena. Comes from Greek and refers to the woman as ‘beautiful as the dawn’.
  • Hosh. Japanese name meaning ‘star’.
  • Isis. Egyptian goddess of the Moon.
  • Itzel. Comes from the Mayan culture. It means ‘evening star’.
  • Luna. Contraction of the Latin word lucina, which means ‘bright’ or ‘luminous’.
  • Mitsuki. Means ‘moonlight’ and is of Japanese origin.
  • Selene. Greek goddess of the moon.
  • Sira. Means ‘sun’ in Persian.
  • Sun. Name related to the main star in the sky.
  • Sunny: Obviously, relating to sunshine.
  • Stella. A variant of Stela.
  • Sky. The word sky originally came from a Norse word meaning ‘cloud’.
  • Vega. Name of Arabic origin meaning ‘descending star’.
  • Xóchitl. In Aztec, it means ‘star’.
  • Zora. Derived from Arabic, it translates as ‘dawn’.

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Names for Boys

  • Adad. Derived from Hadad, the god of thunder and rain in Assyrian mythology.
  • Anan. Means ‘cloud’ in Hebrew.
  • Anil. Means ‘breeze’ in Sanskrit.
  • Badru. Swahili name that means ‘born in the full moon’.
  • Barak. Means ‘lightning’ and is of Hebrew origin.
  • Bayu. Of Indonesian origin, it means ‘wind’.
  • Dalfon. Hebrew name meaning ‘raindrop’.
  • Dimas. Means ‘sunset’ in Hebrew.
  • Elio. Derived from Helios, the god of the sun in Greek mythology.
  • Ishaan. Comes from Hindu and means ‘sun’.
  • Janus. Of Greek origin, it means ‘he who shines like the sun’.
  • Julien. Derives from the Latin iulius, which translates as ‘sky’.
  • Khnum. Means ‘rising sun’ in the Egyptian language.
  • Lei. Means ‘thunder’ in Chinese.
  • Lokni. Native American name meaning ‘rain falling through the roof’.
  • Lucas. Of Latin origin, meaning ‘he who is born at dawn’.
  • Makanin. Refers to the wind in the Hawaiian language.
  • Naseem. Arabic name referring to ‘a gentle wind’.
  • Nasim. A variant of Naseem.
  • Neil. Of Gaelic origin, it translates as ‘cloud’.
  • Rabbe. Means ‘gentle wind’ and derives from Arabic.
  • Rai. Comes from Japanese and means ‘thunder’.
  • Raiden. Name of the Japanese god of lightning and thunder.
  • Solano. From Latin, it means ‘east wind’.
  • Storm. The name derives from a Danish surname, Stromr.
  • Thor. Name of the Norse god of storms and thunder.
  • Tláloc. God of rain and lightning in Mexican mythology.
  • Zephyr. Derived from the name of the Greek god Zephyrus, the divinity of the west wind and spring.
  • Zeru. Basque name meaning ‘sky’.
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They say that nature is the beginning and the end of everything, our mother and our only home.

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”

-Gary Snyder

By choosing one of these names related to rain and the sky for your baby, you’ll be paying homage to the beauty and immensity of Mother Nature.

They’re beautiful, fresh names and although some are rare, they all possess a unique spirit.

However, if you didn’t find what you were looking for in these lists, you might be interested in this article in which we list 30 names also related to nature. In this case, they’re inspired by astronomy and the universe.

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