32 Baby Names that Mean or Inspire Love

Don't know what to name your future child? In this article, we'll give you a list of baby names that mean or inspire love. Take a look!
32 Baby Names that Mean or Inspire Love

Last update: 18 October, 2022

One of the tasks we face when we hear the big news is the search for a name for our new baby. On many occasions, we want them to have a special meaning because their name will accompany them all their lives. If you’re looking for alternatives that mean or inspire love and hold that feeling that unites you, here we’ll give you a list of ideal names to choose from. In addition, you’ll see that they don’t go out of style, because love is always a trend.

Baby names that mean or inspire love: For boys


Of Hindu origin, it means “lover”.


Of Hebrew origin, its meaning is “the one who is loved”. This is a traditional name that’s always in style. It has a lot of personality and strength.


This is a Latin name and alludes to ancient Rome. The fact that it’s on this list of love names is in allusion to the protagonist of the famous story Romeo and Juliet.


This name is also of Latin origin and means “strength”. We include it here because of the saint of love: Saint Valentine.


A Greek name belonging to the God of love and a perfect choice for the most daring.


This name is also original from Greece and means “beloved”. Although it’s an old name, it hasn’t been used much and is very original.


This is of Aramaic origin and means “heart”. It’s not very common, although lately it has resurfaced because it’s a name with a lot of charisma.


Another name of Greek origin, and although it doesn’t have a clear meaning of love, it’s related to the prince of Troy who fell in love with Helen. For this reason, we include it in this list. And of course, we can’t forget that Paris is the city of love.


This is a name of Irish origin and means “dog lover”.


A Latin name that means “the great love” and is used for both boys and girls.


This is a name that comes from Greek and means “love or adoration for God”.

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Baby names that mean or inspire love: For girls

We continue with this list of baby names that are related to love. Now, it’s time or girl names, and you’re sure to find one that you’ll fall in love with.


This is a Greek name and means “love”.


This is a Hebrew name and means “beloved”.


Of English origin, it means “dear”. A sweet way to name your baby.


This is of Japanese origin and means “beautiful love”.


This name is of Nordic origin and although it doesn’t exactly mean love, Freya is the name of the goddess of love of these peoples.


This name is from ancient Egypt and means “love”.


This is of Italian origin and means “she who is beloved or lover of God”. It’s a very beautiful name for girls, as it carries great beauty and meaning.


Means “little love” and is of French origin.


This is a Maori name that means “love”. We can also highlight its exotic and tender nature and the fact that it’s a short name.


This name is of English origin and comes from the word darling, which means “dear, tenderly loved, or charming”.


This is a name originally from Nepal and its meaning is related to love.


This name comes from Ireland and is related to a heroine of Irish mythology. It means “love or enchantress”.


This name means “beloved” and is an exotic and paradisiacal name. Its origin comes from Hawaii.

More baby names that inspire love


This name is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is “the chosen one, the beloved of God”. It’s full of love and warmth.


This is a Russian name and its meaning is “the love of the people”.


Means “gift of love” and is of Hindu origin.


Another Hebrew name, it means “beloved”.


This baby name is of Indian origin and is related to love, as it means “the one who gives love”.


Name of the goddess of love from Roman mythology, its meaning is related to desire.


Alludes to the phrase “I love you” and is of Zapotec origin. What better way to name your baby girl, now that you know what it means?


This name is also very beautiful and is of German origin, it means “care or love”.

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About baby names that mean or inspire love…

These are just some of the baby names that mean or inspire love. We hope you find in them the perfect name for your baby on the way or that you wish to have.

A child is the best gift that life can give us and that is why it’s important to think of a name with a special meaning. For this will be its sign of identity.


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