94 Berber Boy Names

In this selection of Berber boy names, you'll discover a lot of options to choose what you'll name your baby. Keep reading!
94 Berber Boy Names

Last update: 24 January, 2022

An estimated 20 million people belong to the Amazigh people, whose language is called Tamazight. And that’s the origin of the Berber boy names we’ll present you with today.

The Amazigh are popularly known as Berbers, a culture with a splendorous past that marked the history of the African Maghreb.

This ethnic group is mostly found in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, and Mali, in addition to a large community present in Spain.

“Berber comes from the Greek word barbarian, which was used to refer to all those who did not speak Greek and who, therefore, were considered barbarians.”

-Antoni Segura i Mas

Berber boy names in alphabetical order

The Berber flag.

Listed A through C

  • Aderfi: means “liberated”.
  • Afalkay: refers to “a handsome man”.
  • Afaw: means “radiance”.
  • Afra: means “peace”.
  • Agerzam: means “leopard”.
  • Aghbalu: refers to “spring”.
  • Aghilas: means “panther”.
  • Agizul: means “courageous” or “brave”.
  • Ajeddig:means “flower”.
  • Aïlimas: name of an Amazigh king.
  • Aksil: Berber word referring to the cheetah.
  • Amalu: means “shadow”.
  • Amanar: refers to the Orion constellation.
  • Amastan: comes from the Tuareg dialect and refers to a “protective man”.
  • Amaynu: means “innovator”.
  • Amazigh: means “free man”.
  • Amazzal: means “emissary”.
  • Amenzu: means “the first”.
  • Ameqran: name that in the Tamazight language means “the greatest”.
  • Amessan: means “wise man” or “scholar”.
  • Amezwar: means “guide” or “leader”.
  • Amêzyan: means “the youngest”.
  • Amnay: means “rider”.
  • Anamar: refers to “one who’s blessed with happiness”.
  • Anaruz: means “hope”.
  • Anazâr: refers to a “bold” or “rebellious” man.
  • Anebdad: means “support”.
  • Anir: Berber word meaning “angel”.
  • Asafar: means “remedy”.
  • Asafu: means “torch”.
  • Asfru: means “the poem”.
  • Aslal: means the “best honey”.
  • Asmun: means “company”.
  • Assalas: Berber name meaning “exemplary”.
  • Asulil: means “rock”.
  • Atbir: means “dove”.
  • Atrar: Berber name which is defined as “modern”.
  • Aylal: means “bird”.
  • Ayrad: has the symbolic meaning of “lion”.
  • Azayku: means “of the ancestors”.
  • Azêllay: means “pendant”.
  • Azenkwed: refers to “the gazelle”.
  • Azenzêr: means “sun”.
  • Azerwal: refers to “a man with blue eyes”.
  • Aznag: means “descendant of Iznagen”.
  • Azûlay: means “the man with beautiful eyes”.
  • Badis: name of several Amazigh kings.
  • Baragsen: means “pride”, in the Tuareg dialect.
  • Brahim: form of the Arabic Ibrahim, means “the father of the people”.
  • Charif: of Arabic origin, it means “of illustrious descent”.

Berber boy names listed from D to Z

  • Daoud: variant of the Hebrew name David.
  • Gwafa: means “son of the mountain”.
  • Gwasila: means “son of the plain”.
  • Idder: in the Berber language, it’s translated as “he who has life”.
  • Idir: variant of Idder.
  • Idus: means “strong”.
  • Igider: means “eagle”.
  • Iken: comes from Tuareg and means “orderly”.
  • Ilatig: a “dignified” person.
  • Isul: means “lively”.
  • Itri: means “star”.
  • Izemrasen: is a “powerful man”.
  • Izl: means “sublime and magnificent”.
  • Massinissa: name of the first king of Numidia (present-day Algeria).
  • Meddur: means “alive”.
  • Munatas: refers to the act of “gathering around a special person”.
  • Reza: variant of Ridha.
  • Rida: used for boys and girls and means “fullness” or “satisfaction”.
  • Ridha: a form of Rida.
  • Sufian: male name of Arabic origin meaning “companion”.
  • Tasekkurt: means “partridge”.
  • Titrit: means “star”. Your child will light up your life, so this name is perfect!
  • Udad: means “mouflon”, an animal similar to a sheep.
  • Usem: Berber name meaning “lightning”.
  • Wagguten: from the Mozabit dialect, it means “the one who will proliferate”.
  • Wararni: comes from Tuareg and refers to “he who can’t be conquered”.
  • Warmaksan: means “invincible”.
  • Wimmiden: means “ours”.
  • Winaruz: means “hope”.
  • Winifsan: refers to a “person who flourishes”.
  • Winitran: that which “comes from the stars”. What do you think of this beautiful name?
  • Winsen: means “his”.
  • Wiwul: means “from the heart”.
  • Wiwurgh: “golden” in the Berber language – a splendorous name for your child!
  • Yattuy: “the tall one”, in Berber.
  • Yedder: means “immortal”.
  • Yimlul: means “in good health”.
  • Yufayyur: means “prettier than the moon”.
  • Yufitran: means “more beautiful than the stars”.
  • Yufitri: variant of Yufitran.
  • Yuften: means “superior”.
  • Yugerten: refers to “the greatest”.
  • Zdan: means “enchanted”.
  • Ziri: means “moonlight”.
A Berber man playing a percussion instrumment.

Other alternatives to find the perfect name for your child

In case you haven’t found a name you like in this list, we have many others to offer you.

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You can also opt for something more fun like names of flowers of medieval names that are so unique.

Slowly but surely, you’ll find the perfect name for your child that sounds like music to your ears!

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