African Names for Boys: 12 Choices

If you've been looking for an exotic name to give your son or to revindicate your African roots, don't miss the 12 boys names from Africa that we'll present below.
African Names for Boys: 12 Choices
María José Roldán

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Written by Naí Botello

Last update: 27 December, 2022

There is no doubt that African culture is one of the richest and most widespread in the world. This influence is evident in music, cinema, sports, religion, fashion, and almost all aspects of our social lives. As a result, we frequently come across African names for boys.

An important part of the world’s population is of African descent. In terms of numbers, the African population is over one billion people, and another 800 million have some tie to the African continent.

It’s interesting to see how in various publications about the future of the human race, they conclude that by the year 2050, a date not that far in the future, a quarter of the world’s population will be African.

Without a doubt, this growth will finally revindicate the cultural values of African people, who historically have suffered the worst forms of discrimination known to man. Surely we’ll also see this revindication reflected throughout the world in a surge in the use of African names for boys.

12 African names for boys

Africa is the cradle of humanity; experts believe that it was on this continent where Homo sapiens first emerged. Africa’s cultural contribution has been invaluable as well.

We can witness this in the musical influences from Africa and in the diversity of autochthonous languages on the continent. We value African culture because of the complexity of their religious and magical beliefs, as well as their contributions to gastronomy and many other spheres.

With respect to African names, many names have a close relationship with natural elements like animals and plants, or the day of the week when the baby was born. Some African names also indicate the baby’s birth order relative to his siblings.

Without further ado, we’ll now list 12 beautiful African names for boys. We’re sure you’ll love them.

1. Ayize

Firstly, it was the Zulu people who give origin to the name Ayize. This name symbolizes patience and restraint; thus, it reflects a calm and sedated personality.

2. Kito

Secondly, the anthroponym Kito is tied to the Swahili or Suajili language that is spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, and Zambia. In addition, it has a double meaning.  It can mean either “boy” or “jewel” depending on interpretations.

African Names for Boys: 12 Choices

3. Buki

This name originates in a word from Nigeria that means “abundance of food.” It’s used to denominate a happy person who will never want for anything in life.

4. Anamu

This African word, which is used as a name as well, means “plant,” “grass” or “nature.” Undeniably, it suits people who are environmentally conscious and who have a love for all living things.

5. Kelechi, an African name for boys

This is a popular masculine name in Nigeria. The famous footballer Kelechi Iheanacho, an important figure in the Premier League in England, has had a lot to do with the growth in its use. In addition, a lot of parents have also given girls this name.

6. Abidemi

As explained previously, many African names for boys relate to the birth order that the new baby occupies in the nuclear family. In the case of Abidemi, the name makes an allusion to being an orphan.

The anthroponym Abidemi comes from the Yoruba dialect that is spoken in Benin, Togo, and Nigeria. It means “born in the absence of the father.”  

“With respect to African anthroponyms, many of them have a close relation to natural elements like animals and plants.

7. Ayo

Ayo means “happiness.” It’s one of the most popular African names because, for this culture, the birth of a child is one of the greatest blessings that can befall a household.

8. Daren

This African name also alludes to the moment of birth. Curiously, it means “born at night.”

9. Another African name for boys: Sirhan

It’s believed to come from Ghana and it means “wolf.” This is another example of the use of words tied to nature and animals as anthroponyms.

10. Ajani

The origins of this name link with Nigerian culture. It means “he who fights and he who perseveres.” In addition, this name appears in many birth registers in Caribbean countries because of the presence and influence of the African slave groups that occupied the region in decades past.

African Names for Boys: 12 Choices

11. Anuar

This is one of the most beautiful names of African origin. It means “illumination” and “light.” It can also be spelled in variations like Anwar. It has a positive connotation that any mother would like to transmit to her sons no matter how it’s spelled.

12. Faraji as an African name for boys

This name comes from Swahili and it means “consolation.” It’s also one of the most popular names from the African continent. For instance, those that carry the name are said to have the qualities of empathy and understanding.

Finally, and as a concluding piece of information, we’d like to give you one last example of a name that you might find interesting.

If none of the previous examples convinced you, you can use Adusa as a name. In Ghana, this name is used to denominate the thirteenth born son.

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