40 Aramaic Names for Girls

If you're trying to decide on a name for your unborn daughter, Aramaic names for girls are a beautiful option. Discover them!
40 Aramaic Names for Girls
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Choosing what to name your daughter who’ll arrive at your home in a few months is one of your most important tasks at the moment. If you don’t know where to start, we invite you to discover these Aramaic names for girls.

You have to know that these names are ancient and that each one has a special meaning, which we’re going to explain so that you can choose the one you like the most.

It’s also important that you know that these names have an origin that’s closely connected to the sacred books of various religions, as ancient Aramaic is the original language of several Books of the Bible, as well as parts of the Talmud, the Zohar, and the Bahir. In addition, it’s believed to have been the language spoken by Jesus of Nazareth.

Modern Aramaic is written in an ancient alphabet (the biblical one uses the Hebrew characters) similar to a mixture of Hebrew and Arabic; It consists of 22 characters and is written from right to left.

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As you can see, the history of these Aramaic names for girls is very old and interesting. Do you want to discover them?

Aramaic names in alphabetical order from A to L

  • Anina: translates to “God has favored me.”
  • Barsimea: comes from the Aramaic bar-sime’on whose meaning is “Simeon’s daughter”.
  • Bartolomea: an Aramaic patronymic name that comes from bar-Tôlmay which means “daughter of Ptolemy”.
  • Bernabea: from Aramaic bar-naḇy, meaning the “daughter of prophecy”.
  • Betania: means “house of fruits”.
  • Chasina: an Aramaic female name meaning “powerful or strong”.
  • Dikla: means “palm tree”.
  • Dinorah: means “luminous woman”. An Aramaic female name with a lot of personality.
  • Galilea: a patronymic name that refers to the inhabitants of the region of Galilee.
  • Getsemani: meaning “olive farm”, it’s a unisex Aramaic name.
  • Idra: a name of Aramaic origin meaning “fig tree”.
  • Kitra: means “crown”–a divine name for the queen of the house!

Aramaic names for girls in alphabetical order from M to Z

  • Marfa: Russian form of Martha.
  • Marit: means “lady”. A very beautiful Aramaic name for girls!
  • Marita: variant of Marit.
  • Martelle: comes from Martha and means “the lady of the house”.
  • Martha: a female name of Aramaic origin meaning “lady of the house”.
  • Martuska: a diminutive of Martha in the Hungarian language.
  • Maryam: an old Aramaic name from which Myryam and Maria come.
  • Nahara: means “young woman”.
  • Noor: a form of Nura.
  • Nura: means “light”. A beautiful Aramaic name for girls.
  • Nuria: a female name of Aramaic origin that means “the light of the Lord”.
  • Nuriel: a variant of Nura.
  • Razi: means “secret”.
  • Raziah: a variant of Razi.
  • Samantha: means “the one who listens”.
  • Shera: means “princess” or “light”. What do you think about this name for your girl?
  • Sheray: a variant of Shera.
  • Tabbatha: a variant of Tabitha.
  • Tabby: a diminutive of Tabitha.
  • Tabitha: means “gazelle” in Aramaic.
  • Tadea: the feminine form of Thaddeus, the Latin form of Aramaic Thaddai meaning “brave.”
  • Talita: means “little girl”. A beautiful name for your baby!
  • Talitha: means “young woman”.
  • Tameka: From the same root as Tomasa, meaning “twin”.
  • Tamika: a variation of Tameka.
  • Tara: means “to carry”.
  • Thadea: another variant of Tadea.
  • Tomasa: the Spanish female version of Thomas, which comes from the Aramaic Ta’oma meaning “twin.”

Aramaic names for girls and other alternatives to choose from

Choosing the name for your little girl is very important to you because it’s one of the first words you’ll say to your daughter when you see her for the first time–that exciting moment that you’re looking forward to!

Aramaic names for girls are a very cute option, especially if you’re connected to religion and are interested in using a word with a special meaning to name your daughter.

But also in these search processes, many parents decide on other alternatives. Many prefer common or family names, even the names of grandparents. But there are many other ways to choose.

You can start with names that begin with your favorite letter, those of a certain origin, or something as wacky as names related to astronomy.

And we also recommend exploring our site to find hundreds of name options for girls, from the most exotic to the most frequent. We’re always adding more so that everyone can find the perfect name for their baby, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

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