18 Assyrian Names for Girls

Discover this list of Assyrian names for girls that are perfect for the queen of the house. They're rare but precious at the same time.
18 Assyrian Names for Girls

Last update: 25 March, 2022

You already know that you’re going to have a girl and now you have to choose what you’re going to name her! We have many options to offer you, but if you’re looking for something exotic and different, we invite you to explore this list of names of Assyrian origin for girls.

The Assyrian people have a history of more than 6,000 years and their Empire shone in the region of Asian Mesopotamia located between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. Today, the descendants of this ancient culture live in some areas of Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, and Syria.

The origin of the Assyrian language is found in Akkadian, an ancient Semitic language. It’s also closely linked with Aramaic and is now known as Suret, the modern Aramaic-Assyrian language.

One of the characteristics of this civilization is that it had a series of powerful and influential queens. What do you think about choosing one of these royal Assyrian names for girls for your daughter? After all, she’ll be your queen.

List of Assyrian names for girls in alphabetical order

  • Baltasara: an Assyrian girl name originating from the words Bel-šarru-usur, which translates as “Bel protects the King” and derived in the male given name Baltasar. Although it’s mentioned in the Bible, its origin is much older and dates back to the splendor of Babylon, the most important city of the Assyrians.
  • Ester: comes from the word istar, which means star. There’s also a goddess Ishtar in Mesopotamian mythology. This name is present in the Bible and for this reason, it’s also linked to an Aramaic origin.
  • Innana: the Goddess of love and war in Babylonian culture.
  • Ki: the goddess of the earth in Mesopotamian mythology, which tells that she’s the daughter of An, the god of the sky, and the goddess Nammu.
  • Nammu: a Babylonian goddess who represented the ocean, with her husband An, they started a dynasty of gods called Anunnaki.
  • Nanna: a name of the Assyrian deity representing the moon, who is also known as Sin.
  • Nanshe: the goddess of the city of Lagash, protector of widows and orphans.
  • Naqi’a: the name of the wife of King Sennacherib. In its original language, the Aramaic language, it means “purity”.
  • Nidaba: the Assyrian goddess of writing.
  • Ningursag: the name of the goddess of Babylonian mythology that means “queen of the mountains”.
  • Nineveh: means “Mother of the Gods”. It was also the name of the capital city of the Assyrians for almost 100 years, where the goddess Ishtar was worshiped. This is one of the most beautiful names of Assyrian origin for girls!
  • Ninlil: an Assyrian name of a deity the Annunaki, daughter of Nunbarshegunu, the old woman of the city of Nippur.
  • Ninmah: means “the exalted lady”.
  • Nintu: means “the woman who gave birth”.
  • Seminaris: a name of a powerful Assyrian queen who ruled the empire for 42 years. She is also considered a demigoddess. It’s believed that Queen Seminaris had Babylon embellished with the famous Hanging Gardens, one of the wonders of the ancient world.
  • Uttu: a name of Assyrian origin that names the goddess of weaving.
  • Yaba: an Assyrian queen, wife of King Tiglath-Pileser III. How about this queen’s name for your little girl?
  • Zakutu: Assyrian translation of Naqi’a.

Assyrian names for girls: Queens and goddesses of the Mesopotamian culture

The area of Mesopotamia was the cradle of several civilizations that gave rise to different cultures and languages from which many words and names that we know today derive. Semites, Arameans, Assyrians, Akkadians, Sumerians, and Babylonians lived there.

According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR):

“Today, these civilizations are considered to have been the origin of Western culture. The wheel, mathematics, multiple artistic expressions, and the construction of the first cities are among the long list of advances that make up their legacy. The culture between rivers is still present in us.”

So, if you like history, Assyrian names for girls are a great choice, as they’re truly unique. Although the most endearing thing about them is that they’re the names of goddesses and queens!

In any case, you can find other interesting options such as Arabic names, those of Roman origin, Norwegian origin, Japanese origin, and much more! Calmly choose the right name according to your tastes and taking into account how it will combine with your last name.

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