80 Japanese Names for Girls

Discover the meaning of Japanese names for girls and choose the one you like the most. We invite you to read our selection!
80 Japanese Names for Girls
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Although they could fall into the category of exotic or rare, Japanese names for girls are becoming more and more popular around the world. Especially because of their sweetness, the way they sound, and the meaning that each one of them holds.

This happens because we know more and more about oriental culture and we listen with curiosity to their names in movies, music videos, and anime cartoons. Japanese culture has spread all over the world and some of its customs have become mixed with Western ones, without losing their particular Japanese identity.

If you find these kinds of names interesting, we invite you to read this list in order to choose what to name your future daughter. Go ahead and start the search!

List in alphabetical order

In Japanese culture, it’s very important that baby names have a special meaning. Many of them are related to nature, animals, plants, or flowers, and also to values such as love and friendship.

Discover in this list of Japanese names for girls a word that touches your heart so that its music will resonate in your family for many years to come.

  • Aiko: means “beloved daughter” and is a very sentimental name.
  • Akiko: this name means “bright and shining”.
  • Akira: a unisex name meaning “intelligent”.
  • Akina: a popular name that means “spring flower”.
  • Ame: a very sweet word meaning “rain”.
  • Aneko: means “big sister” and reflects strength and courage.
  • Aoi: means “bluish”.
  • Azami: a name with a natural and graceful character that refers to a “thistle flower”.
  • Asa: a name used for girls and boys which means “morning” or “born in the morning”.
  • Chihiro: means “a thousand questions” – the same amount you ask yourself throughout your pregnancy!
  • Chika: means “wise girl”.
  • Chiyo: a Japanese name that represents “a thousand generations”, and carries the strength and virtues of the family.
  • Dai: refers to a “powerful” or “great” woman.
  • Fuji: this name’s related to nature, as it’s the name of the wisteria that gives beautiful blue and perfumed flowers.
  • Fuyuka: refers to “winter”.
  • Gen: is the word for spring and refers to “rebirth”.
  • Gina: classic Japanese name meaning “silver”.
  • Hanae: means “to bloom”, a beautiful way to name your little flower.
  • Hanako: used for first-born girls and means “flower girl”.
  • Haruka: means “spring flower”.
  • Hiroko: a name with a gentle and kind nature that represents a “generous or fair” attitude.
  • Hoshi: call your little girl “star” and she’s sure to shine!
  • Ima: a short name that reflects the “present” and describes a person who enjoys every moment of her life.
  • Ino/Inu: this name means “boar”.
  • Ishi: means “stone” and gives a character of strength and leadership.
  • Jin: easy to pronounce and with a beautiful meaning, which is “gentleness and tenderness”.
  • Kairi: means “people of the ocean”.
  • Kai: means “sea”. It’s a name that transmits freshness.
  • Kaori: one of the most beautiful Japanese names for girls, as it means “fragrance”.
  • Kazumi: means “beautiful peace”.
  • Keiko: means “happy girl”.
  • Kiki: sounds very funny and also hides a very important meaning such as having “double happiness”.
  • Kimi: means “fair, brave”.
  • Kiko: this name is very musical and also means “hope”.
  • Kyoko: a short and elegant name that means “mirror”.
  • Kyomi: refers to a “pure and beautiful” woman.
  • Mai: can be either “bright” or “beauty”. Either meaning is precious for your little girl.
A Japanese woman wearing a kimono.
  • Megumi: the perfect name for those girls who are considered a “blessing”.
  • Michiko: means “the righteous path”.
  • Mieko: a graceful name meaning “prosperous”.
  • Mika: a very sensory name, meaning “beautiful fragrance”.
  • Miki: a name related to plants, as it represents “the stem of the flower”.
  • Mizuki: means “beautiful like the moon”.
  • Nara: means “happy girl”.
  • Narumi: a name that highlights a “blooming beauty”.
  • Natsu: ideal if your child is born in summer, because that’s what it reflects.
  • Natsuki: means “hope”.
  • Nomi: a beautiful name that means “beautiful”.
  • Nozomi: means “hope”.
  • Oishi: a short name that means “delicious”.
  • Oshin: means “love” – nothing sweeter for your little girl!
  • Oyuki: a great name for you to choose if your baby girl comes into the world in winter, as it means “snow queen”.
  • Rai: means “next child” and is used for little girls born into large families.
  • Risa: if you use this name, you’ll have two different meanings. In English, it has to do with joy, and in Japanese, it means “flowers grow in the home”.
  • Reiko: an old Japanese name that means “pretty girl”.
  • Riko: refers to a “white jasmine”.
  • Rio: refers to a “place of cherry blossoms” and is popular for girls born in spring.
  • Rumi: means “beauty”.
  • Sakura: a name related to nature, meaning “cherry blossom”.
  • Saiko: is a striking name meaning “serene girl”.
  • Saori: reflects the “birth and blossoming” of a new life.
  • Sachi: it would be great for your girl to be named this way, as it symbolizes a “lucky woman”.
  • Sayumi: means “my little princess”.
  • Sayuri: refined name meaning “little lily flower”.
  • Sumi: means “refined” and “elegant”.
  • Tazu: this name means “stork of the rice field”.
  • Tetsu: means “strong as iron”. It’s one of the Japanese names for girls with the most personality.
  • Ume: means “plum blossom”.
  • Ukara: refers to “morning dew”.
  • Uta: if you like names inspired by literature, you may want to name your girl “poem”.
  • Yasu: means “calm”.
  • Yei: short name that emphasizes “blossom”.
  • Yoi: means “born when the sun goes down”.
  • Yoko: another name related to nature, as it means “daughter of the ocean”.
  • Yoshiko: your greatest wish is for your little girl to be a “good girl”, as this name indicates.
  • Yua: a beautiful Japanese name that means “love” or “affection”.
  • Yuji: means “friend of her friends”.
  • Yumei: popular name meaning “dream”.
  • Yumeko: means “girl of my dreams”.
  • Yuna: a short and strong name meaning “power”.

Japanese names for girls: another option to choose from

A woman walking down a beautiful path in a Japanese town.

There are many ways to look for baby names and it depends on the taste of the parents.

If you’re ecologically minded, you may be inclined to choose names inspired by nature. If you’re a Disney fan, you might choose one of their characters. But if you don’t have any special preference, you can search for girls’ names by letter.

But if you’re interested in finding the right word, with a musical sound and a special meaning, you’ll probably find it in this list of Japanese names for girls.

Remember that this is your first gift for your little girl and that she’ll always carry it with her. It may even condition her future. Therefore, we recommend you take all the time you need to define the name of your most precious jewel.

“In a certain way, even babies do not fully enter the social world when they have already been given a name; that is understandable, because a proper name is the condition of their entry into society.”

-José Navarrete Lezama

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