What You Should Avoid When Visiting a Newborn

If you're thinking about going to see a newborn, there are some things you shouldn't do. We'll tell you what they are below.
What You Should Avoid When Visiting a Newborn

Last update: 10 October, 2020

Don’t be that person who goes to see a baby and does things that shouldn’t be done. In this article we’re going to explain some of those things that you need to avoid when visiting a newborn. This way, you won’t bother anyone.

When a baby is born in the family or your social circle, it’s always good news and everyone wants to go and meet them. Visiting a newborn is a normal thing, but a few precautions need to be taken into account to prevent the long-awaited visit from becoming a problem. For example, you should always notify a newborn’s parents before visiting in order to see if it’s possible or if it’s better to wait.

What to avoid when visiting a newborn

What You Should Avoid When Visiting a Newborn

Showing up without notice

Whenever you want to visit a newborn, you have to talk to the parents and agree on a time that works for all of you. Once the time is agreed upon, you’ll have to go at that exact time and not before or after. Be punctual; don’t just show up at their door without having spoken to them beforehand, as it can be annoying.

Arriving empty-handed

Never visit a newborn empty-handed. It’s always a good idea to bring some food, for example, because tired parents will always appreciate it. If you’re not good at cooking, you can think about bringing other things that are sure to also be useful to new parents. This could be diapers, wipes, or even gift cards.

Going if you’re sick

One of the main things you should avoid when visiting a newborn is going if you’re sick. If you’re not feeling well, then you shouldn’t even walk through their door. Wait until you have no symptoms and the stipulated time to transmit the illness has passed, depending on what ailment you have.

Staying too long

When you go to visit a newborn, don’t stay too long. Congratulate the parents, talk, and offer your help but don’t stay too long. New parents are sure to be tired and will need their private time.

Creating more work for parents

If you’re visiting a baby, don’t expect the parents to be good hosts at that moment, because they shouldn’t be. Their only job at that point in time is to take care of their newborn, so don’t even expect to be offered water.

If you need anything, ask if you can do it yourself. Even better, if you go to the kitchen and find dirty dishes, offer to wash them and perhaps make some coffee for the parents. They’ll surely appreciate the nice gesture.

Going with many people to see the newborn

When you go to see a newborn, don’t go with too many people. Go by yourself or with one other person at the most. If the mother is breastfeeding, for example, she may not feel comfortable being around people she doesn’t know. If you want to go with more people, it’s better to notify the parents in advance. If they aren’t fine with this, don’t be upset about it, just accept their wishes.

Disrespecting the parent’s wishes when visiting a newborn

Never, under any circumstances, disrespect the wishes of the parents. If they decide to go for two weeks without visits, you have to respect that. Keep the necessary distance and always ask questions before taking them for granted.

Posting photos of the newborn on social media

If you take photos of the newborn baby, don’t post them on social media, especially without the parents’ consent. This issue can cause trouble and it’s best to just avoid it.

Not all parents want to show off their children on social media and you just have to respect that. Even if you think it can be flattering because you want to show how proud you are for the baby’s arrival, it’s better not to do it.

What else should you avoid when visiting a newborn?

Changing plans at the last minute

If you made a promise to bring dinner on your visit, you have to bring it. Likewise, if you made a promise to be there at 4:00 in the afternoon, don’t arrive at another time – much less change your plans at the last minute.

What You Should Avoid When Visiting a Newborn

Also, if you’re meeting the parents, they’ll be making a sacrifice to attend your visit. It’s better that you be responsible and not do anything that could disturb the new and tired parents.

Not washing your hands before touching the newborn

Hygiene is essential when you go visit a newborn, so wash your hands well before entering the house or upon arrival. Don’t touch the baby until your hands are well cleaned and disinfected.

Give unsolicited advice

Parents may become upset if you give them advice they haven’t asked for. They can feel stressed if you do it and even uncomfortable. If you want to say something, first ask if you can give some advice. If you do, be tactful and have a lot of empathy.

Asking the wrong things

You may want to ask questions like why the mother isn’t breastfeeding or if she’s going to work soon. There are some issues that can be sensitive topics for parents. It’s important that you don’t talk about them if you think it may be a source of annoyance to them.

Ignoring older siblings

If the parents have other children besides the newborn baby, don’t ignore them. They need attention too, so play with them and give them your full attention. It’s even ideal that you get them a gift as well so that they see that they’re still important.

Conclusion on what to avoid when visiting a newborn

To wrap up, we hope that these recommendations are useful to you and that you carry them out when you visit a newborn baby. You’ll save yourself from any misunderstandings with parents and everyone will enjoy the little one with greater peace of mind.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.