20 of the Best Baptism Gifts

Do you want ideas for something appropriate and meaningful to give as a baptism gift? In this article, we'll give you some helpful ideas for gifts.
20 of the Best Baptism Gifts

Last update: 26 December, 2019

One of the most important moments for many parents is their child’s baptism. It’s a sacred occasion where they present the newest member of their family and bring loved ones and friends together. If you’re ever invited to a baptism, then you’re usually expected to bring a gift as an invited guest. If you’re not sure what to get, we’ll provide a list of some of the best baptism gifts below.

Best baptism gifts to give the guests

If you’re the new parents who are hosting the baptism, we know you spent a lot for energy and resources to organize and plan everything, including the flowers, the church, the food, and the clothes that you’ll wear. But is there something maybe you forgot? Oops, yes.

It’s customary to give a little token item to those who attend your child’s baptism. All baptism hosts want that little token to be thoughtful, practical and original.

Gone are the days when you gave a commemorative plate with the date of the event or silver trays. Today, parents give out more practical gifts for the guests who attend their child’s baptism:

  • A USB memory stick, with the date of the baptism and the name. You can include a digital photo of the child on it.
  • A toiletry bag with artisanal soaps in mini version. There are many small boutiques now selling locally made natural soaps. Another option is a personalized music box with their name and photos.
  • Small flowerpots with natural plants. This is the kind of gift that lasts and the majority of people love this kind of small detail.
  • You can also opt for more classic gifts like a mug, a notebook, or a bag of sweets. But, the point is to give a quality product that is designed well.

Best baptism gifts to give the hosts

If you’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a baptism, it’s likely that you’re concerned about what gift to get for the child. Of course, there are an infinite number of options on the market, but we all like to be original. We always try to avoid the easy temptation to buy normal clothes or toys, which the child probably already has plenty of.

One increasingly common approach for occasions like baby showers, baptisms, and weddings is for couples to register a wish list at a particular store. In the case of a baptism, the parents of the child will register their list with the store of their choice.

You just have to go and purchase something from that list. You can solve your dilemma with a quick trip to the store and then you’re sure you’re giving something that the family wants and likes, and you can choose the items that most fit your budget. This is a convenient option for both the parents and the guests.

20 of the Best Baptism Gifts

A special gift

One option for baptism gifts that are sure to be popular is to consider the parents instead of the child. When a baby comes into the family, all eyes are on the baby; they get all the attention.

Meanwhile, the parents are overworked and stressed but they still play second fiddle; even though they’re profoundly tired and giving their new parenthood status their all. Think of them and give the exhausted parents a day at the spa or a meal at their favorite restaurant with the babysitter included.

Another extremely practical idea is to offer to take care of the baby yourself. Why not? Give the parents some relaxation and alone time so they can enjoy themselves for a few hours.

20 of the Best Baptism Gifts

Other alternatives

Another alternative consists of being very practical and giving something not so glamorous, but that is very useful like diapers, or other daily hygiene items – things they’ll definitely need in the future, etc.

You can also give something eye-catching and long-lasting. What do you think of a decoration like a carving of the child’s name in big wooden letters? That is a thoughtful and long-lasting gift.

Another decoration idea is to give wall decals that will help spruce up the child’s room. Some are designed to be changed and updated as the child grows.

Another baptism gift that will surely be a hit is a picture frame of the newborn’s footprint.

Something they’ll also surely love is a professional photoshoot for the new family. It’s a lovely reminder that lasts a lifetime.

Also thinking of the future, you can give them a personalized box for keeping the baby teeth the child will lose. There are some great options available.

You can choose a set of utensils with the child’s name and date of birth.

Another gift idea that is sure to impress is a personalized storybook. You can choose the type of story, the main character, the names… It’s a unique and special gift the child will eventually grow to be able to read it themselves and remember you by.

Another special gift

Lastly, this option is much more original: a time capsule. Yes, you’ve read correctly! Time capsules are personalized boxes you use to stash items away for a long period of time as a way of giving yourself reminders in the future.

A baptism time capsule is intended to remind you of special events and precious moments when the child was an infant and newborn. You can include music the child liked to listen to, a newspaper from the day they were born, important baby developments like their first haircut, personal memories, or a set of wishes from the baptism guests, etc.

This box will remain sealed and stashed away until the day that you and the parents of the child decide it’s time they open it. That may be on their 18th birthday, for example. There are companies now that offer assistance in thinking up some of the nicest time capsule options. It’s a thoughtful and emotional reminder for the child and their parents.

As you must have realized by now, there are many different options for giving a meaningful gift for someone’s baptism, whether you’re the guest or host. Don’t limit yourself to just the same old ideas, think about what you would like to receive yourself. Something useful, fun or different? That is the key.

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