How to Pick the Best High Chair for Your Baby

Once your baby starts eating different types of food, it's time to get him or her on the big table. Here are some tips to help you choose the right high chair for your little one. 
How to Pick the Best High Chair for Your Baby

Last update: 30 July, 2019

Eventually, babies will start trying new foods for the first time, and that’s wonderful, but to get there they’ll need their very own baby chair. In this article, we’ll provide advice on choosing the best high chair for your little one.

How to pick the best high chair for your baby

When babies are around six months old, they won’t feed on milk alone; they’ll start digesting other types of food like mashed or shredded fruit. This is why babies need a high chair that can be used for a long time.

There are hundreds of models and types of baby chairs available. However, before you buy one, you need to bear in mind certain features. This should be an investment that lasts until they turn two years old.

How to Pick the Best High Chair for Your Baby

1. Safety

It needs to have a harness or belt that adjusts to the baby’s size and properly holds them. Also, it’s important that it has safety locks for the tray, the wheels, and the seat.

The best design is a rounded one, to avoid hitting the table’s sides, and with no built-in parts, to avoid any accidents.

2. Materials

Nowadays you can find all types of baby chairs. Plastic, wood, and metal are the most common materials used. Plastic is lighter and hygienic; wooden chairs are solid and heavy, and metal chairs are more resilient.

3. Adaptability

It’s essential that the baby chair is good enough to be used for several months. Therefore, you should choose models that can adapt to your baby’s growth and its seat, tray, and height can be adjusted.

4. Foldable

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough space for the high chair in your kitchen, so it’s very important for the chair to be foldable. Besides, choose one that can be opened easily, even with one hand. This way you won’t spend too much time folding and unfolding.

5. Comfort

A reclining seat is great because you can use it to regulate the baby’s position, or even let him take a short nap after eating. Likewise, the seat needs to be ample, comfortable, and cozy for the baby to be comfortable and that it makes them want to stay in it.

Look for ones that have plastic seats, because they’ll be easier to clean.

How to Pick the Best High Chair for Your Baby

What types of baby chairs are there?

Now that you know all of the requirements, it’s time to learn about all the different types of baby chairs. You’ll find several types on the market, and these are the most common choices:

1. Fixed high chairs

Also known as traditional high chairs, these are very basic and can’t be adjusted. They do have a removable tray so the child can sit at the table with the rest of the family when they grow old enough. The problem is that you’d need to buy a bigger one when your child outgrows it.

“We need to take into account certain features when buying a high chair. This should be an investment that lasts at least two years.”

2. Foldable high chairs

They have reclinable seats that can be adjusted to many positions, and you can also regulate the seat’s height. There are wheels to move them around – although, they can get stuck when the child is on the chair – and you can fold them and store them.

They can be used until the child is about three years old, but can be somewhat expensive, in comparison to others.

3. Evolutionary baby chair

This is a very modern baby chair, with an anatomical design and everlasting features. These are made out of wood and can be turned into a regular chair. They’re very expensive but are very durable.

Similar to this, there’s the convertible chair. It serves as a chair for children who are between three and six years old.

How to Pick the Best High Chair for Your Baby

4. Attachable high chair

There are two types of attachable high chairs: the inflatable chair, and the one that adapts to the table. The inflatable one is great when you’re away from home, like in a restaurant, because they can be put over any chair. When they inflate, they don’t take on much space and you can carry them in your bag.

The adaptable chair has a metallic structure that can be adjusted to the table, which allows the baby to be at the table with their family. The downside is that they can’t hold over 33 lbs and the safety lock can be too delicate.

Have you already decided which chair you’ll buy, and why? Think about your needs and preferences when making your final decision.


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