7 Activities for a Six-Month-Old Baby

Six-month-old babies are full of surprises and just discovering the world. Learn how to develop all their potential.
7 Activities for a Six-Month-Old Baby

Last update: 04 May, 2019

There are many activities for a six-month-old baby that can help to develop his or her new abilities. It’s an age where babies make many big developmental advances in their capabilities and changes in their behavior.

For this reason, it’s very important that you stimulate babies at this age and give them new spaces to explore. This will help them to continue reaching new milestones.

“At six months of age, your baby is more active. Because they are more mobile, it is a good time to assure the house is safe. Put all your cleaning products, medicines, poisons, and sharp objects where the baby cannot reach. Assure that every person who takes care of the baby knows how to keep them safe.”

–The Department of Human and Health Services, USA–

All the activities discussed in the article below will have a positive impact on the physical, cognitive, and emotional development of your baby.

You should also take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen your family bond and spend time together as parent and child while the little one has fun and learns new things.

Take note of the activities below and start putting them into practice with your baby today.

The most productive activities for a six-month-old baby

1. Splash water in a pool

At this age, babies can now sit upright without help when they’re bathing. Put some toys around them and show them how they can make a splash on the water with their own little hand. 

In addition to being an activity that’s extremely fun for the baby, sitting upright in a pool also helps to strengthen the muscles in the lower back and improves his or her posture.

2. Songs and nursery rhymes for a six-month-old baby

Sit down or lie down in front of the baby and start to sing a song or a catchy and happy tune. Accompany your voice with movements, gestures, and funny sounds that make the baby smile.

Dance with your baby and encourage him to move along with the rhythm. This will help to develop muscle tone and his gross motor skills.

7 Activities for a Six-Month-Old Baby

3. Games with bubbles

Blow soap bubbles near your baby and let him touch his face so he can see all their colors. Try to grab the bubbles and invite him to touch them and to take them in his hands.

With simple activities like this for a six-month-old baby, you’ll help your little one develop visual abilities like following an object. It will also improve hand-eye coordination.

4. Playing with building blocks

Take some colorful building blocks that are an appropriate size for the baby’s hands. Sitting the baby in front of you, guide him and help him to mimic building a tower with the pieces.

Although he won’t achieve this completely, you’ll be helping improve his grasp of objects. Furthermore, like with the previous activity, you’ll strengthen his hand-eye coordination.

Other activities for a six-month-old baby

5. Reading a story

Pick books with the biggest illustrations and brightest colors. Sit the baby on your lap and read to him with a playful voice while he can see every one of your movements and the illustrations.

At first, the words may not captivate him, but the illustrations will get all his attention. Likewise, don’t be surprised if you find your baby babbling and listening to you with a surprised look.

6. Playing with a beach ball

If you have the opportunity to take your baby to a place where you can be in the open air, take advantage of that immediately. First, sit a short distance in front of him with your legs open.

Wait until he’s paying attention to you and roll the ball gently towards him. He’ll try to catch it, move it, and hit it. There is no doubt that this will help muscular development.

7. Activities for a six-month-old baby: Pulling a string

First, make sure you pick a string that is made from soft materials and that won’t rub against the baby’s skin. Second, put one end of the string in your baby’s hand and take the other end in yours.

Finally, pull gently on the cord and wait for the baby to do the same. This activity will help the baby to have a better grasp of objects and it can improve the movement of his fingers.

7 Activities for a Six-Month-Old Baby

Other activities for a six-month-old baby, like moving his feet as if he were riding a bicycle can also help him to gain muscle strength.

In conclusion, all these activities will contribute to the healthy development of your baby and it will allow the moments that you spend with him to be opportunities for growth.

In addition, fomenting your baby’s abilities is possible through simple and practical activities that don’t require a lot of time.

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