45 Boy Names Inspired by Cities and Countries

Do you love to travel and tour the whole world? If so, don't miss the following boy names inspired by cities and countries.
45 Boy Names Inspired by Cities and Countries

Last update: 19 March, 2022

You still don’t know what you’re going to name your future child, but you’re clear that you want an original and cosmopolitan option that has to do with travel? If so, don’t miss out on the following list with the 45 best boy names inspired by cities and countries.

We’re sure that you’ll be surprised by some of them and… Who knows? Perhaps the world has the answer to your search.

The best boy names inspired by cities and countries

The beauty of the geography of planet Earth and the territories constituted by different countries can offer you the options of your dreams. Below, we’ll present the best options when it comes to boy names inspired by citing and countries.

Boy names inspired by cities

Names from A to H

  • Atticus: comes from Latin origin and alludes to the one who is ‘from Athens’. Therefore, it’s based in Athens, the capital of Greece, renowned for its monuments and culture.
  • Babel: comes from the Mesopotamian city of Babylon, which appears in the Bible.
  • Boston: is the most populous city in Massachusetts. Also, it means “town near the forest”.
  • Brooklyn: an option recognized for alluding to one of the five districts of New York and also, it’s a unisex option of North American origin. In this sense, it alludes to the “stream, lake”.
  • Cameron: this option comes from Scots. At the same time, it’s also an American city located in the state of Missouri.
  • Cana: of Hebrew origin, it has a very natural meaning (“rush”). In this sense, it alludes to the city of Galilee.
  • Cristóbal: of Spanish origin to define the “bearer of Christ”, but is also the name of a city in Panama.
  • Dakari: a variant of the African city of Dakar, which is the capital of Senegal.
  • Dallas: is a city in North Texas (United States) and refers to the “valley of water”.
  • Darwin: the most populous city in northern Australia. At the same time, it refers to a “dear friend”.
  • Denver: refers to the “valley” and the capital of the State of Colorado.
  • Dexter: comes from French roots to define the “lucky man”. In this sense, a city in the State of Missouri (United States) goes by this same name.
  • Dubai: refers to the capital of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Ferguson: also known as “son of Fergus”, this is a city located in the state of Missouri. However, genealogy defines its provenance within an old Irish surname.
  • Florencio: for one who is “flowery”. As you can already imagine, it refers to the Italian city of Florence.
  • Francisco: means “French”, and that is how the city of San Francisco, one of the most important in the United States, is called.
  • Galileo: This is how someone who comes “from Galilee”, a region of Israel, is defined.
  • Hamilton: alludes to the “hill without trees” and is thus recognized as a city in Ontario (Canada).
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Boy names inspired by cities from H to Z

  • Houston: is the most populous city in Texas (United States).
  • Huali: a unisex Hawaiian name that alludes to “pure, bright”. Therefore, one of the cities of the Solomon Islands (Oceania) is known as such.
  • Kendall: This English option represents two cities in Texas and Illinois.
  • Leben: refers to the ancient city of Crete. That is, its origin is Greek.
  • Leon: is a Spanish province and city that carries within itself the Greek meaning of “lion”, alluding to its strength and power.
  • Lincoln: This name not only refers to one of the most famous presidents of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, but it is also the name of an English city.
  • Llei: refers to the Catalan city of Lleida, alluding to someone who was born there.
  • Luján: alludes to the Marian invocation of Our Lady of Luján. In addition, it’s also a very popular city in the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina).
  • Milan: comes from Hindu and symbolizes “union”. At the same time, it’s one of the most famous Italian cities, belonging to the Lombardy region.
  • Orlando: of Germanic origin, it literally means “sword of the country” but it’s also a city in Florida
  • Paris: the capital of France also offers a beautiful option for a child. It’s of Greek origin and its meaning is “strong”.
  • Sacramento: a Latin root to define the “guarantee to the gods”. Therefore, it’s a city that is found in several places: the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, and Portugal.
  • Said: from the Arabic term “happy”, it also gives name to a city in Egypt.
  • Sydney: is one of the most populous and powerful cities in Australia.
  • Sullivan: comes from Irish and thus defines the “little dark-eyed” boy. It’s also a city in Missouri County.
  • Taylor: refers to a city in Texas and comes from the English term “tailor”.
  • Thompson: this is how cities located in Canada, North Dakota, and Ohio are recognized. The root of this name comes from English and means “son of Thomas”.
  • Uxmal: a very original option, as it’s of Mayan origin and refers to an ancient city from the classical period.
  • Wilson: means “son of William” and, as it alludes to a family of strong warriors, it’s also known as an important city in North Carolina.

Country names

  • Chad: of Anglo-Saxon origin to refer to the “battle”. It gives its name to the Republic of Chad (Africa).
  • Egypt: with clear references to the country that unites two continents: Africa and Asia.
  • France: explicitly alludes to the country of France, the city of beauty and symbolist art.
  • Israel: comes from Hebrew to define the one “who fights with God”. In this sense, it alludes to the Middle Eastern country that, according to the Bible, is the home to God’s chosen people.
  • Mauritius: defines one “who comes from Mauritania”, an island country located in the Indian Ocean.
  • Morocco: a very oriental option full of Moroccan culture.
  • Solomon: alludes to the “man who loves peace”. The Solomon Islands constitute an independent island country in Oceania.
  • Salvador: from the Hebrew “God is salvation”. Also, El Salvador is a country in Central America.
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Take refuge in the world to choose one of these boy names inspired by cities and countries

The planet Earth and its states have different options that can captivate you. If you need beauty and magic, opt for one of these boy names inspired by cities and countries.

In any case, we know that this path is arduous and that sometimes a little inspiration is needed. Take your time and enjoy the ride! When the right one comes, you’ll feel it.

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