28 Boy Names Beginning with the Letter B

Are you looking for boy names beginning with the letter B? Here is a list of the meanings of each one. Which one will you choose?
28 Boy Names Beginning with the Letter B
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Last update: 29 May, 2023

One of the most important things your children will inherit from you and carry with them for the rest of their lives is their name. This name that you choose to give them an identity is one of the most crucial things in the life of every mom and dad in the world. If for some special reason, you’re looking for boy names beginning with the letter B, we’ll share with you a list of them. Get out a pen and paper and write down your favorites!

Boys’ names beginning with the letter B

The letter B has its origin in an Egyptian pictogram that represented a house, and in later cultures continued to retain that meaning. Over time, it became the Greek Beta and the Latin B, as we know it today. It’s a letter that appears in most of alphabets and that’s why you’ll find names beginning with the letter B from different origins.

Look at this list of names in which we also put their English translations and their meanings; maybe one of them will sound magical to you and you’ll choose it for your baby.

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Listed in alphabetical order

  1. Baal: of Phoenician origin meaning “lord, master”.
  2. Baasha: of Greek origin meaning “evil being”. He was the third king of Israel.
  3. Babylonian: of Eastern origin, derived from the name of Babylon, capital of Mesopotamia.
  4. Bacchus: of Greek origin. It’s the nickname of the god Dionysus, god of wine.
  5. Badenol: of Canary origin, it’s the name of the Prince of Tacoronte.
  6. Balbino: of Latin origin, a diminutive of Balbus and the name of a Roman emperor.
  7. Balbo: an Asturian name that comes from Latin and means “he who does not speak well”.
  8. Balderico: of Germanic origin. According to its etymology it comes from bald- (bold) and -ric (powerful).
  9. Baldomar or Baldomero: its meaning refers to ‘men who stand out for their audacity’. In its Germanic origin, Baldomar is formed by bald (‘bold’) and mêrs (‘illustrious, brilliant’), while for the Slavs, Vladiměr means ‘to reign greatly’. The Russian variant is Vladimir.
  10. Balthasar: an ancient name related to protection, as it means ‘The Lord protects the King’. It has a very strong religious connotation as it’s traditionally considered to be the name of one of the 3 Wise Men.
  11. Basil or Basilio: a Spanish variant of the Greek word Basíleios, meaning ‘king or kingdom’.
  12. Bastián: derived from Sebastián, which, in turn, comes from sebasteano, an ancient Greek word that translates as ‘venerable’. Both names have the same connotation: ‘one who is revered or honored’.
  13. Baptist: is ‘the one who baptizes’. It’s the Spanish evolution of the Greek name Baptistes which, in turn, comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to submerge, to sink’.
  14. Beltran: a name of Germanic origin composed of two words that together mean ‘bright raven’. For this reason, it’s associated with intelligence.
  15. Benedict: it comes from the Latin word benedictus, which means ‘blessed’.
  16. Benigno: this name is of Latin origin, coming from the word benìgnus, which means ‘that which produces good’ or ‘benevolent’.
  17. Benjamin: is a word of Hebrew origin meaning ‘son of the right hand’. It’s the name of the youngest son of Jacob and Rachel, so it also refers to ‘the youngest and favorite son’.
  18. Bennett: a French variant of Benedict.
  19. Bill: an abbreviated version of the English William and the Germanic Willhem. It’s formed by the words Willo, which means ‘love or passion’, and Hem, which means ‘helmet, protection’. Both William and Bill refer to ‘one who protects with love’.
  20. Bingen: this is the Basque name for Vicente, which refers to a ‘conqueror’.
  21. Bonfilio: comes from Latin and Italian Buon Figlio, which translates as ‘good son’.
  22. Boniface: comes from Latin bonus ( ‘good’) fatum (‘fairy, divinity’) meaning ‘good master, my Divine Lord’.
  23. Boris: a name of Slavic origin. It comes from the word borotj, which means ‘warrior, fighter’.
  24. Brandon: this name means ‘swift sword’ and its origin is Anglo-Saxon. It’s also considered to mean ‘intelligent’.
  25. Braulio: a name of Germanic origin that means ‘the shine of the sword’. Although it also alludes to someone ‘lively and imaginative’.
  26. Brian: with Celtic roots, this name means ‘the strong’ or ‘courageous’.
  27. Bruno: originated in the Germanic word brunne, which means ‘armor’. Although in its Latin meaning, it means ‘dark-skinned’ or ‘dark’.
  28. Byron: derived from the Old English aet thaem byrum, meaning ‘in the cowshed’. Regardless of its meaning, many choose it in honor of Lord Byron, England’s most famous Romantic poet.
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Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important tasks of your life

We could say many things about a name; it can be inspirational, a tribute, or just a choice based on taste. But one thing’s sure: It’s a legacy from you to your child that you give them, along with love, protection, and unconditional support.

Here we leave you our suggestions of boy names beginning with the letter B. Let us know in the comments which one you like the most!

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