If Your Baby Doesn't Want To Get Off Your Chest It's Because They Miss You

If Your Baby Doesn't Want To Get Off Your Chest It's Because They Miss You
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez.

Last update: 27 December, 2022

If your baby doesn’t want to get off your chest it’s simply because they miss you. It isn’t because the child is spoiled or a “mama’s boy.”

They are just babies and need to feel the warmth and scent of their mother. They want a taste of the healthiest and natural food there is.

When a newborn baby or a young child spends time away from their mother, they tend to manifest their worry.

How do they do this? The most common reaction is latching onto the chest like there is no tomorrow. This is how they compensate for the time they spent missing you while you were gone.

They just won’t stop breastfeeding. Don’t worry, they are most likely not dying from hunger. They just need the comfort of feeling their mother close by. They need hugs, pampering and that connection that is only possible through breastfeeding.

Now that you know this and feel a bit of relief, a question arises: what should I do in this case? Well, pay attention, because in this article by YouAreMom we’ll share tips on what to do when you baby doesn’t want to get off your chest.

What to do if they don’t want to get off your chest?

If They Don't Want To Get Off Your Chest It Is Because They Miss You

First of all, it is important to point out what you should not do. These circumstances generate a lot of doubt and can also bring about a storm of unsolicited advice. Some people will come to question what you do, give their point of view and even label the child.

“A mother’s heart is an abyss where in the depth there is always forgiveness” – Honoré de Balzac

So, it is possible that you will hear that your child is manipulating you and is a brat who only wants to be in your arms. Others will even double down by saying let the child cry, don’t pay attention to them.

The mission here seems to be not “spoiling” the child because if you do they will become more demanding.

Surely, if parents ignore their child’s demands for days or weeks, the child will stop making demands.

However, it is important to get something clear at this point: it’s not that the child is good or feels better. They are only now suffering alone and reach the conclusion: “They don’t love me; I don’t need more proof.”

This is why if you notice that your child doesn’t want to leave your chest you should feel blessed. Blessed because you have someone who loves you so much and misses you.

Because you have someone who has waited for hours to see you. Someone to whom you mean the whole world and this is how they show it to you.

holding baby close to chest

Don’t get it confused, the objective here is to comfort and soothe the child. The child that is only trying to show you their affection and love. It is important to get them to stop fussing, but only because they truly feel good and not because they see it as a useless fight.

If your child doesn’t want to get off your chest, get even closer to them!

If everything indicates that your baby doesn’t want to get off your chest, then get even closer to them. Give them your love and affection because you also miss them.

Show them how much you missed them and how happy you are to see them again.

Give them big hugs full of kisses. Express with words and a million smiles what you feel for them. Sing to them all the songs and tell them all the stories they want to hear. Tell them their favorite jokes.

Pick them up in your arms and walk all around the house. Give them an infinite amount of affection. You can do many things to enjoy time with your child.

Fill their heart and soul with peace and security. It’s not only about loving your child but rather that a child knows and feels that they are loved.

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