45 Girl Names that Start with the Letter N

Are you pregnant? Today, we present a list of beautiful girl names that start with the letter N. Look at their origin and meaning.
45 Girl Names that Start with the Letter N

Last update: 07 June, 2022

If you’re about to become a mother and have already been told that it’s a girl, you’ve come to the right place. Surely one of the many issues that concern you now is what to name your little girl. There are so many options! For this reason, we’ve prepared this list of girl names that start with the letter N.

We’ll tell you where the names come from and what they mean so you can decide whether or not one of them is the right one for your future daughter. Will you join us on the quest?

Girl names that start with the letter N

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in every woman’s life. Everything changes and sometimes you can feel somewhat stressed. Visits to the doctor, the birth plan, preparing the baby’s room, among other issues.

Although it may be trivial, deciding on a name is one more point to take into account and can even cause some disagreements among couples. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve decided to investigate the most beautiful girl names that start with the letter N.

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Your girl’s name is the most important gift you can give her in her entire life.

Names in alphabetical order

Nadia: a name of Russian origin that means ‘hope’.

Nagore: this is a name of Basque origin that represents the ‘Goddess of nature’.

Nahia: this name is also of Basque origin and it means ‘desire’.

Nahid: an Arabic name meaning ‘star of Venus’.

Nahla: this is also of Arabic origin and it means ‘a drink of water’.

Naiara: another name of Basque origin, it’s the Basque form of Nájera, a town in La Rioja.

Naike: this is a name of American origin and it means ‘autumn flower’.

Naima: this name is of Arab origin and represents ‘being satisfied, happy’.

Nain: an Anglo-Saxon name meaning ‘beauty, sympathy’.

Naira: an Inca name whose meaning in Quechua is ‘the one with big eyes’.

Najwa: this name is of Arabic origin and it means ‘passionate’.

Nala: a name that has an African origin and means ‘successful’.

Nana: this name is of Hawaiian origin. It’s the name of a month and a star.

Nancy: a name of English origin. It means ‘pious’.

Naomi: of Hebrew origin, this name represents ‘joy’.

Naroa: of Basque origin, it means ‘abundant’.

Natalia: this name is of Latin origin and refers to everything related to birth.

Nayeli: this is a name of native American origin, whose meaning is ‘I love you’. Without a doubt, it’s a gift that you’ll want to give your baby every day.

Nayra: of Guanche origin (Tenerife), it means ‘the one who is wonderful’.

Nazareth: this name is of Hebrew origin and refers to the city of the same name.

Nefertari: an Egyptian name, it means ‘the beautiful friend’.

More names for your daughter that start with the letter N

Neila: this name is Hebrew and means ‘close’.

Nekane: this is the Basque form of Dolores, which represents ‘suffering’.

Nela: a shortened version of Manuela, which means ‘God is with us’ and comes from Latin.

Nerea: of Greek origin, to describe ‘the one that flows’.

Nery: of English origin, it’s the diminutive of Eleonora, which means ‘God is my light’.

Nia: another name of Latin origin, it refers to the Nile River.

Nicoleta: of Greek origin, it’s the Romanian form of Nikolatos, ‘the victor’.

Nicte: a beautiful name of Mayan origin that recalls a princess who lived in the city of Mayapan. It means ‘flower’.

Nidia: of Latin origin, it means ‘a bird just out of the nest’.

Nieves: this name is also of Latin origin, it means ‘white as snow’.

Nika: a Russian name that translates to ‘born on a Sunday’.

Nikita: of Russian origin, it’s the variant of Nicetas, which means ‘victory’.

Nina: this is a name of the region of ancient Mesopotamia, which represents ‘the protector of its palaces’.

Niobe: a name of Greek origin meaning ‘falling’. She was the wife of Amphion, the king of Thebes.

Niurka: of Russian origin, it means ‘mink fur’.

Noelia: this is a girl’s name of French origin that comes from Noël, or ‘Christmas’.

Naomi: of Hebrew origin, this name means ‘joy, delight’.

Noor: of Arabic origin, it means ‘star’.

Nora: this is also a name of Greek origin, it means ‘beautiful as the sun’.

Norma: of Latin origin, it means ‘model to follow’.

Nuria: a name of Catalan origin, which represents the ‘place between mountains’.

Nya: this is of Swahili origin and it means ‘purpose’.

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If you’re expecting a girl and you like themed names, go with your gut!

These are just some of the girl names that start with the letter N. As you can see, they’re all very sweet and harmonic, with beautiful meanings. We suggest that you try to combine them with your last name so you can have a clearer idea and avoid cacophony or possible teasing toward your daughter.

But if in our list today you haven’t found the chosen one, we recommend reviewing more lists of names that you can find on our site. There are all sorts of suggestions under different themes or topics, such as those related to food, literature, the sea, or the different nations of the world.

Tell us what you think of our selections in the comments section!

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