79 Girls Names that Begin with the Letter X

Want to find a special name for your baby girl? Here's a list of girls' names that start with the letter X. Keep reading!
79 Girls Names that Begin with the Letter X
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 19 October, 2022

Your family will soon receive a new member and it’s going to be a girl. Congratulations! Now you have to decide on what to name her. If you want to find a special name, we recommend this list of girl names that begin with the letter X.

This is an extremely original letter that represents things like a meeting place, the point of connection, or a mark that tells us where there’s a treasure. It may be a little strange for children to pronounce, but they’ll surely find ways to do it. As the months go by, they have plenty of time to practice!

Discover in this list of names that begin with the letter X one that’s harmonious, soft, and sweet, just as you want your next baby to be. Shall we begin?

Girl names that begin with the letter X that you’ll love

As explained by experts in etymology from the University of Chile, the origin of the letter X was a figure that represented a fish in the Semitic language. Thus, it was drawn in ancient alphabets, including Phoenician. This form evolved into the Greek letter Xi, and later into Chi, already with the same sign as the current Latin X.

Although in Greek it’s pronounced as J, in Latin it’s pronounced as KS and it also sounds like this in English as well as Spanish. This was determined by the Real Academia Española. However, there’s an exception, in some proper names in Spanish, it’s pronounced as J.

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Do you want to discover names that begin with the letter X? Here’s a list for you to start your search, where we include the origin and meaning so that you can take them into account when making your decision. Take note!

An alphabetical list of girl names that begin with the letter X

  1. Xabrina: a variant of Sabrina, a name of Celtic origin related to mythology.
  2. Xadani: comes from the Zapotec and means ‘under the hill’.
  3. Xail: in the language of the Aztecs, it alluded to the ‘flower’.
  4. Xalaquia: in line with the previous option, this name alludes to the one that is ‘dressed in sand’.
  5. Xalli: means ‘sand’ in Aztec.
  6. Xaman: comes from the Mayan people to refer to a ‘star’.
  7. Xamira: from the Persian language, it refers to ‘diamond’.
  8. Xana: this name is known in Galicia as the ‘fairy of the mountains’.
  9. Xanat: comes from the Aztecs. This is the way in which the ancient people referred o the ‘vanilla flower’.
  10. Xandra: a diminutive of Alexandra, a Greek name that means ‘protector of humanity’.
  11. Xandria: another musical diminutive of Alexandra.
  12. Xandy: in line with the previous option, it’s also one of the diminutives of Alexandra.
  13. Xanthe: of Greek origin, the word means ‘blonde’.
  14. Xanthia: with the same meaning as above, this is a variant of Xanthe.
  15. Xanthipe: this is how the Greeks referred to a ‘yellow horse’.
  16. Xantho: in the same line as above, this was known as a ‘golden horse’.
  17. Xantipa: refers to the ‘bay horse’.

With the XA-

  1. Xara: a variation of the Hebrew name Sara, meaning ‘princess’.
  2. Xareni: in Otomi, it refers to the ‘princess of the forest’.
  3. Xarhini: comes from Purépecha. In this regard, it means ‘early’.
  4. Xaria: this is one of the variants of Zaria, which means ‘gift of love’.
  5. Xaroula: from Greek, it alludes to ‘joy’.
  6. Xavia: this comes from Arabic and is used to refer to a little girl who is ‘bright’.
  7. Xaviera: a Basque name, the feminine form of Xavier.
  8. Xayoxhira: means ‘cotton flower’ in Zapotec.
  9. Xcaret: in Mayan, it means ‘small creek’.
  10. Xena: comes from Greek and refers to a ‘guest or host’.
  11. Xene: is one of the variants of Xenia.
  12. Xeni: comes from Guatemalan to refer to the ‘protector of flowers and plants’.
  13. Xenia: this name is widely used in Russia, although it comes from Greek and means ‘woman who offers hospitality’.
  14. Xeno: is the feminine variant of the name Xenon, which means ‘stranger’.
  15. Xenobia: refers to that which comes ‘from Zeus’ in Greek.
  16. Xenodice: in Greek mythology, this is the name of the princess of Crete.

Girl names that begin with the letter X, from XE- to XI-

  1. Xerac: this name has Arabic roots and alludes to a ‘forest’.
  2. Xexilia: the Basque form of Cecilia, a name of one of the Roman gens.
  3. Xia: in Chinese, this word means ‘dawn’.
  4. Xiadani: in Zapotec, it means ‘the flower that arrived’.
  5. Xiamara: means ‘joyful deer’ in Aramaic.
  6. Xian: in Chinese, it refers to the little girl ‘who lives in seclusion’. In this regard, it’s a very traditional choice.
  7. Xiana: a Galician variant of Juliana, which refers to the woman of ‘strong roots’.
  8. Xiang: means ‘to fly’ in Chinese.
  9. Xiao: in line with the previous option, it means ‘sky’.
  10. Ximena: this is a derivation of the Hebrew biblical name Simon and its feminine Simona, it means ‘she who listens’.
  11. Xin: in Chinese, it refers to one who is ‘beautiful and elegant’.
  12. Xing: means ‘star’ in the Asian language.
  13. Xinia: one of the variants of Xenia.
  14. Xinyi: for one who is ‘happy, cheerful’.
  15. Xio: is one of the diminutives of Xiomara.
  16. Xiomara: the feminine form of Guiomar, which comes from the old Germanic Wigmar meaning ‘famous in war’.

Girl names that begin with the letter X, from XI- to XO-

  1. Xitlali: the Aztecs used this word to refer to a ‘star’.
  2. Xiu: this name comes from Chinese origin and refers to the one who is ‘graceful and elegant’.
  3. Xiuhtonal: a feminine name of Aztec origin meaning ‘precious light’.
  4. Xiu: this name is of Chinese origin and refers to a ‘charming’ woman.
  5. Xiuhtonal: the Aztecs used it to refer to a ‘precious light’.
  6. Xiuhuitl: of the same origin as the previous option, it means ‘turquoise’ in Nahuatl.
  7. Xiuying: in Chinese, this word means ‘elegant light’.
  8. Xoana: the feminine form of Xoan, a Galician name derived from Juan, of Hebrew origin, and meaning ‘faithful to God’.
  9. Xochiltlanezi: this name means ‘dawn flower’ in the Aztec language.
  10. Xochiquetzal: meaning ‘flower feather’, this name of Aztec origin will make you fall in love.
  11. Xochiti: the Aztecs used this term to allude to the stage in which one ‘becomes similar to a flower’.
  12. Xochitl: this name also comes from the Nahuatl language and its meaning is ‘flower’.
  13. Xoco: of Aztec origin, it refers to the ‘younger sister’.
  14. Xocotzin: means ‘little fruit’.
  15. Xocoyotl: of the same origin, it also refers to the ‘best daughter’.

Girl names that begin with the letter X, from XO- to XY-

  1. Xoe: a variation of the name Zoe, which comes from Greek and means ‘life’.
  2. Xola: an African name that means ‘to remain in peace’.
  3. Xonidela: means ‘protective hill’ in Zapotec.
  4. Xonila: the Zapotecs chose it to refer to the ‘warm land’.
  5. Xonilao: means ‘herb of joy’.
  6. Xquenda: with the same Zapotec origin, it means ‘splendor’.
  7. Xuan: means ‘spring’ in the Vietnamese language.
  8. Xue: in Chinese, it means ‘snow’.
  9. Xun: a Chinese name meaning ‘fast’.
  10. Xuxa: a Latin variation of Susan, a Hebrew name meaning ‘lily’ or ‘lotus flower’.
  11. Xyla: a variant of Xylia.
  12. Xyleena: variant of Xylia. Elongating, it is a very delicate and elegant choice.
  13. Xylia: comes from the Latin sylvanus and refers to the one that comes ‘from the forest or jungle’.
  14. Xylona: this is also another variant of Xylia.
  15. Xymona: a variant of Ximena.

Other ways to choose a name for your little girl

If you have a favorite letter, we offer plenty of lists of names that begin with each letter. You also have other ways to choose, such as names of Disney characters or literary characters that have a special meaning for you. In addition, you can decide between popular names or unusual names, such as those in this list of names that begin with the letter X and others like Y or W.

There are families in which there’s a certain tradition when it comes to choosing names and that can also be another way to choose what you’re going to call your baby. For example, a name thats repeated through generations or one that has some particular characteristic.

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Do you remember what happens in the classic Chilean novel The House of the Spirits? All the female protagonists had names that were associated with light: Alba, Blanca, Clara, and Nívea. You have thousands of options and only a few months to find that magic word for your little girl: A name of her own for life.

“It is the proper name that marks individuality; the surname, social relations.”

Angel Ganivet

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