Give in to Your Baby! This is What Science Says About it

Give in to Your Baby! This is What Science Says About it

Last update: 26 October, 2017

Give in to your baby! Do not hesitate any longer. Take the desire and give them all the love that overflows in your heart. Don’t waste your time, don’t listen to the ‘opinionated’ people. This time, science supports you. We have something to tell you that will really surprise you.

Pick up your child, embrace them, give them lots of kisses and caresses, rock them. Sing sweet songs and tell them tender children’s stories. Do not miss this wonderful time to pamper and “spoil” that little piece of your being.

According to recent studies, it is very important to express our love and affection.

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“The arms of a mother are made of tenderness and the children sleep deeply in them.”
-Victor Hugo-

Give in to your baby! Here’s why

give in to your baby

The baby begins to cry. Immediately, mother, aunts and grandmothers rush in around the crib. On the one hand, some are all for coddling. On the other hand, some persistently insist: “Do not pick them up because it is bad for the baby.” “It is manipulating you and, if you consent, you will raise a spoiled baby,” they argue.

The mother is between the sword and the wall. How bad can it be? How horrible is the idea of letting them cry, ignoring them. It is also far-fetched to think of manipulation at such a young age. More logical is to think of my child as having a co-dependent mother, who needs to be satisfied. What will be best for that baby?

Several specialists in psychology and early childhood agree. Failure to heed crying is detrimental to their psychological and emotional development. In fact, it has been proven that a lack of physical contact in newborns translates into negative effects for their upbringing.

Then, the emotional bond between parent and child provides security for the child. Something fundamental for your personal development. Even if they want to deny it, the baby needs to be close to their mother. To feel her warmth and to be cradled in her arms is to feel protected and cared for.

Benefits of much needed pampering for your baby

The benefits and advantages from something as simple as caring for and protecting your baby are endless. The child only asks for love and attention. If you simply give them what they demand and certainly need, both the child and the mother win. Don’t believe it? Look at what the experts noticed:

  • Caresses help regulate the baby’s nervous system
  • With cuddles, the child’s brain receives more energy
  • Newborns develop faster
  • Thus the smaller ones grow better and in a healthier way
  • Physical contact forms strong links between parents and children
  • Begin to forge individual personality
  • With what they receive from their environment, the little one generates their perception of the world
  • Continuing with the focus on children, it was shown that those babies that were more pampered, grow up more balanced, attentive and sensitive.

On the other hand, children who are not pampered by their parents grow up with constant stress. Very difficult to handle. Anxiety, frustration, fear and introspection are the characteristics that define those children lacking in affection.

“I may be exhausted, but I never tire of hugging, kissing and caressing my baby. I always have energy to fill my other heart with love.”

Give in to your baby! Mothers win, too!

In the case of mothers, there are also many positives. Beyond seeing a child develop fully, their body and soul are healthy. Beyond the joy and satisfaction you get seeing them get happy and quiet, there is another reason why you should give in to that baby who needs you more than anything in the world.

After all, the contact with your baby is really paramount for you too. As your body begins to produce more hormones capable of stimulating breastfeeding. It is not only the best food for your child, but also translates into better health for you.

And there is the fact that is important for first-time mothers. The series of hormones that are generated when it comes to pampering your child, tend to reassure you. So much, or perhaps more, than knowing that you are doing your best for that little sunshine that illuminates your days and your nights.

So do not pay attention to those who say “too much coddling hurts your baby.Science has never been able to prove it, in fact, it indicates the opposite.

Proof of this is, among others, the kangaroo method. Give in to your baby! It is the most important thing you will do throughout your life for your children.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.