Icelandic Names for Girls

Icelandic names for girls are an excellent option if you're looking for unusual names that are full of great personality.
Icelandic Names for Girls

Last update: 17 March, 2022

The best way to welcome your daughter on the day of her birth is by telling her what you’re going to call her from that wonderful moment on. You can find that magic name in many ways; it can be your grandmother’s name or one you find on the Internet. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with one of these Icelandic names for girls.

Just as the Icelandic landscape shows us serenity, but inside, fire is the protagonist, Icelandic names are simple but they have the character of those who inhabited this mysterious land.

Iceland has in its history the presence of Irish, Celts, and Scandinavians. An epic past, where legends of gods, maidens, and spirits abound.

Icelandic culture is particular, its language has a Germanic and Nordic base, although thanks to isolation, its evolution has been almost nil. This has forged a simple and ancient language, so Icelanders can read texts written 800 years ago with almost no difficulty.

As you can see, the Icelandic names for girls have basic meanings and structures, following the characteristics of the language.

Let’s meet them and find the most beautiful one for your little princess!

Where can you find Icelandic names for girls?

Names are a serious thing in Iceland. In this country, preserving traditions is very important, and foreign words aren’t accepted. But when the need arises to name something that doesn0t have a word, they invent it in Icelandic.

The same thing happens with names, although most are of Nordic origin, a wide variety is accepted and you can consult the “Registry of approved names”, a list of names that can be given to babies and that have to do with Icelandic history, customs, and culture.

As of 2013, there were 1,712 masculine names and 1,853 feminine ones allowed in a country that does not exceed 350 thousand citizens.

Listed in alphabetical order from A to F

  • Aðalbjörg: formed from the Old Norse words aðal meaning “noble” and björg meaning “bear”.
  • Alfhild: means “battle of the elves”.
  • Ásdís: comes from Old Norse and is composed of the element áss which refers to “God” and dís which means “goddess”.
  • Aslaug: means “woman committed to god”.
  • Asta: diminutive of Astrid.
  • Astrid: means “divine beauty” in Old Norse.
  • Bergljót: Icelandic name derived from Swedish and Norwegian Bergljot.
  • Brynhildur: this is the Finnish variant of Brunnhilde, which is the name of a shieldmaiden in Norse mythology.
  • Dagmar: From the Old Norse language Dagmær, made up of the elements dagr meaning “day” and mær referring to a “lady”.
  • Dagný: means “start of the new day”.
  • Embla: Name of Scandinavian origin meaning “elm”.
  • Erika: comes from the Germanic language and the Old Norse name Eirik.
  • Freyja: means “like a lady”.

Listed in alphabetical order from G to Z

  • Gunnvor: means “war alert”.
  • Guðlaug: a name formed from the elements gud, meaning “God”, and laugh, which is regarded as “fiancée” or “dedicated”.
  • Hanna: an approved name in Iceland that’s of Hebrew origin. It comes from Channah which means “favor”.
  • Jóhanna: the feminine form of John. Its meaning is “God is good” and it comes from the Hebrew Iojanan, the Latin Iohannes, and the Greek Ioannes. In Spanish it is Juana.
  • Kristjana: an Icelandic name that comes from Cristina, originating from the Latin Christianus meaning “follower of Christ”.
  • Lisbet: a diminutive of Elisabet.
  • Margaret: derived from Margaret. This beautiful English name originated from Old French Marguerite, from Latin Margarita, and Hebrew Margaron meaning “pearl”.
  • Ragna: means “give advice”.
  • Ylva: an Icelandic name whose Old Norse meaning is “she-wolf”.

Discover Icelandic names for girls and much more

The list that we’ve presented to you is great if you’re looking for a name that strays from the ordinary. Of course, there are more alternatives to investigate, such as selections of names of different origins (Celtic, Arab, Japanese, etc.), as well as those related to astronomy, geography, or history.

Icelandic names for girls have a bit of Viking, legend, and magic. Therefore, rest assured, they’ll attract your attention!

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