44 Iranian Names for Girls

Iranian names for girls tell the story of an empire and the tales of hundreds of cultures - choose one for your little girl!
44 Iranian Names for Girls
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Have you thought about what to name your daughter? Start your search with this list of Iranian names for girls. Maybe you’ll find one that sounds magical to your ears!

Formerly called Persia, today Iran is a country with an ancient culture and various influences. Its territory was home to the Medes, Persians, Kurds, Pashtuns, Talishis, and several other peoples of the Caucasus. Even the Hebrews arrived there when they were expelled from Egypt. In addition, this territory has been occupied by Arabs, who brought the religion of Islam to the former Persian Empire and largely replaced Zoroastrianism, which originated in this country.

According to history, Iranian names for girls have different origins: Islamic, Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian. Of the latter, many come from the Book of Kings or Shahnameh, a masterpiece of Persian literature.

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List of Iranian names for girls in alphabetical order: From A to K

  • Amina: is of Arabic origin and means ‘feel safe’.
  • Anahita: the name of the goddess of healing, fertility, and wisdom. It’s of Persian origin.
  • Arezoo: means ‘the woman who longed’.
  • Asha: a feminine Arabic name, of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘desire, longing, hope’.
  • Azar: means ‘flame’ or ‘candle’.
  • Bahar: in the Persian language, it means ‘spring season’.
  • Elaheh: means ‘like a goddess’ in the Persian language.
  • Esfir: the Iranian form of the Hebrew name Esther. It means ‘to be like a star’.
  • Fairuza: a variant of Firuzeh.
  • Firuzeh: the feminine form of Firuz, which is a masculine name meaning ‘man of triumph’ in Persian.
  • Gamila: a name of Arabic origin meaning ‘beautiful woman’.
  • Ishtar: a name of the Assyrian goddess of fertility, war, and love.
  • Istar: a variant of Ishtar.
  • Jaleh: a variation of Zhaleh.
  • Jasmine: a name of Arabic origin which, in turn, comes from the ancient Persian word yasamen, meaning ‘jasmine’, in reference to the flower.
  • Jazmín: the European version of the Arabic name Yasmin.
  • Kamaria: is of Arabic origin and means ‘the moon’.
  • Kohinoor: means ‘mountain of light’ in the Persian language.
Iranian female names have different origins, such as Islamic, Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian. Many come from the Book of Kings, a classic 11th-century poem.

List of Iranian names for girls in alphabetical order: From L to Z

  • Layla: a name of Arabic origin meaning ‘night’ or ‘dark beauty’.
  • Laleh: this name means ‘tulip flower’ in Persian.
  • Mahin: a Persian feminine name meaning ‘like the moon’.
  • Minu: this name is of Persian origin and translates as ‘eden’.
  • Nabila: the feminine version of the Arabic name Nabil, meaning ‘of noble character’.
  • Nahid: a variant of Anahita.
  • Pantea: the name of the wife of the king of Susa, Abradatas, who fought against Cyrus the Great.
  • Roksana: in the Persian language, this name means ‘magnificent star’.
  • Roxana: a variant of Roksana. It was the name of the wife of Alexander the Great.
  • Roshanak: another form of Roksana.
  • Sanaz: in the Persian language, this name means ‘elegant and proud’.
  • Shadi: this name means ‘full of joy’ in the Persian language.
  • Shahrzad: means ‘the most beautiful daughter of the city’.
  • Scheherazade: a form of Shahrzad. It was the name of a Persian queen.
  • Shideh: means ‘radiant’.
  • Shirin: means ‘kind and sweet’.
  • Siba: this name means ‘beautiful’.
  • Simin: in the Persian language, this name means ‘silver’.
  • Soraya: a feminine name that’s the Persian form of Thurayya, which means ‘the Pleiades’ in Arabic.
  • Suri: means ‘princess’. It’s an ancient name that in Sanskrit means ‘the sun’. It’s also thought to be a variant of the Hebrew Sara.
  • Vashti: in the Persian language, this name means ‘excellent and beautiful’.
  • Vashti: a variation of Vashti.
  • Yesfir: the Persian form of Esther.
  • Zhaleh: means ‘dew’ in the Persian language.
  • Zareen: means ‘golden’.
  • Ziba: a variant of Siba.
Scheherazade is one of the most popular Iranian names for girls. It’s named after the storyteller of the famous compilation of oriental tales One Thousand and One Nights.

Scheherazade, a fairy tale name

Scheherazade was the name of a Persian queen and also the name of the storyteller of The Thousand and One Nights, a compilation of ancient oriental tales.

Although the author of the stories is anonymous, it’s assumed that he’s of Persian origin. The book became known in the West thanks to its translation into Arabic in the 9th century and, later, its first French version in 1704.

Famous children’s stories such as Sinbad the Sailor, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Aladdin’s Lamp, and many others were born from Scheherazade’s tales.

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