21 Names of Kings for Boys

Want a royal and illustrious choice to crown the future king of your house? Don't miss the best names of kings for boys.
21 Names of Kings for Boys

Last update: 11 June, 2022

Have you ever dreamed of having a little heir to carry on your legacy? Would you love to raise a real prince, who carries a glorious and fascinating name? If so, and you’re also passionate about history, you can’t miss the best list of names of kings for boys.

Believe it or not, your little one is ready to rule the household and conquer the hearts of his relatives. So, pay attention to our selection because here you may find that option you’ve been looking for.

A list of the most illustrious names of kings for boys

As reflected in the book Prophets and Kings, by Ellen G. White, since the time of the Jewish people, kings have been revered as divine envoys to rule over men.

If you want to know what options the characters that bear the names of kings have in store for you, be sure to read our selection!

A sleeping newborn wearing a crown.
A son is able to conquer your heart and reign in your life just by being born and returning the reflection of your eyes through his gaze.

Names of kings for boys: From A to C

  • Adam: this is the name of the crown prince who stars in Beauty and the Beast.
  • Albert: this is the name of the Prince of Monaco. It is of German origin and means ‘illustrious by nobility’.
  • Alexander: the most recognized character of the 4th century BC is Alexander the Great, creator of one of the greatest empires in history. It comes from Greek and means ‘protector’.
  • Alfonso: this name has been part of the Spanish reign for several generations. It’s also a very popular choice in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. It comes from the Gothic period and alludes to the one who ‘is always ready for combat’.
  • Arthur: the most courageous king of all times gives glory to this unique and special option.
  • Charles: for decades, Prince Charles has been the heir to the English crown. But also, it’s the name chosen by different monarchical houses. It comes from German and means ‘strong and virile male’.
  • Christian: Christian of Denmark is also the future heir to the Danish crown. This name is of Latin origin and means ‘follower of Christ’.

Names of kings for boys: From D to F

  • Edward: in the chronology of the kings of England, this Germanic name alludes to the ‘glorious guardian’ of the house it represents.
  • Emmanuel: means ‘God is with us’ in Hebrew. For this reason, Jesus of Nazareth also goes by this name in the Bible. Emmanuel is recognized as ‘the king of kings’ for Christians.
  • Henry: this is a name chosen by many royal families. Among some of its outstanding characters, we find the figure of Henry VIII and Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex and second heir to the English throne.
  • Frederick: among the royalty of Germanic countries, this name is one of the most popular. It alludes to the ‘prince of peace’.
  • Felipe: the Spanish crown popularized this option since they named Felipe I, “the beautiful”. In fact, there are a total of 6 kings who have borne this name in this royal house. It comes from Greek and means ‘friend of the horses’.
  • Fernando: you’ve probably heard of this option, as it invites you to remember the husband of Isabella of Castile, Ferdinand of Aragon, recognized by critics as “the Catholic monarchs”. Therefore, you should know that its origin is German and that it refers to one who will be ‘intelligent and daring’.
  • Florian: this is the name compiled in literature to refer to Snow White’s prince, who frees her from the witch’s curse.
A young boy dressed up as a king.
A child’s name says a lot about the wishes his parents have for him. So, choose wisely and let your heart be your guide.

More names of kings for boys: From G to Z

  • William: this is a very traditional choice among European royalty. Of course, Prince William of England also carries it, as it alludes to the ‘resolute protector’.
  • Harald: this name was popularized in Norway by Harald I of Norway (also called “Harald beautiful hair”). He was the first king of the Nordic country, but his election was so successful that today his heir is Harald V.
  • James: This name comes from the Hebrew Jacob, which alludes to the one who is ‘supported by the heel’. Undoubtedly, James I of Aragon, “the conqueror”, who was king of Aragon, Valencia, and Mallorca, stands out.
  • Joachim: like the previous option, the heir to the throne, Joachim of Denmark, also bears a name of Hebrew tradition. In fact, this is the name given to one of the kings of Judah.
  • Juan: Juan Carlos I was the first king of Spain after the years of dictatorship. As you can imagine, it’s also an option of Hebrew origin.
  • Louis: in France, this option has triumphed in the royal house, as this nation had 18 kings that bore this name. Although its etymology isn’t clear, some experts believe that it means ‘victorious warrior’.
  • Mufasa: this is the name of Simba’s father, from The Lion King. Undoubtedly, a fun, modern and very original option.

Crown the little one of the house with one of these names of kings for children

Although the truth is that in each country, historians make the line of royal descent of their territory, the universal chronological line of all those who have ruled humanity is still pending.

The figures mentioned here have been selected from an extensive list because, besides being well-known characters, they have marked a before and after in our history.

So, if you want your child to carry any of these names of kings for children, don’t hesitate to opt for any of these options. So, do you dare to welcome the future king of your house in style? Let us know in the comments!

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