The Origin and Meaning of the Name Martina

We provide you with all the information you need about this beautiful girl's name: saints, history, origin, and meaning of Martina.
The Origin and Meaning of the Name Martina
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Last update: 27 December, 2022

What does this name mean to you? Does it belong to someone special in your family, a friend, or someone dear to you? Are you considering choosing it as the name for the little girl who’s on the way? If so, don’t miss the following article where we’ll tell you all about the origin and meaning of the name Martina.

In recent years, the name Martina has become very popular, but the truth is that its history and meaning are unknown to many–and very interesting.

Here, we’ll provide all the keys and we’ll solve all the unknowns so you can finally decide on the right name.

The origin and meaning of the name Martina, a name that has a lot to say

Martina is a girl’s name with Latin roots. To be more precise, its origin goes back to the term mars, from which the name Martinus comes, meaning ‘consecrated’ or ‘dedicated to Mars’ (god of war). For this reason, women who wear it are warriors and ready to face any battle in life.

Currently, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain, it’s borne by 57,123 women with an average age of 16 years. However, since the Middle Ages, this name has been in great demand by future parents.

In this sense, this spectacular option goes back to Saint Martin, who had been bishop of Tours (France). This is the patron saint of infantry in different parts of the world, of coopers, beggars, the poor, innkeepers, betrayed husbands, and the forgotten. For this reason, it’s common to see festivals held in his honor all over the world.

A pregnant woman in winter dressed in red and grey.
If you’re expecting a baby girl in January, perhaps Saint Martina will inspire you with her name.

Martina shrine

Many parents choose to look at the calendar of Saints when deciding what to name their little girl. So, if you want Saint Martina to be the guardian angel of the future queen of the house and accompany her forever, January 30 will be an unforgettable day for you.

In the time of Emperor Alexander Severus, Martina was a Roman virgin who was beheaded after having suffered martyrdom with all kinds of torments. She was buried by Bishop Ritorio and Pope Antero had her body transferred to the foot of the Capitol, where it was found in 1634.

Therefore, Pope Urban VIII asked to build the church of Saint Martina at the foot of this place. And, as an article published in 2013 by Revista Carthaginensia explains, she became known to all as Santa Martina, patron saint of Rome. And she continues to arouse curiosities and secrets among the citizens of this country.

Famous people who bear the name Martina

In light of the above, it’s logical to find illustrious celebrities with this name, especially in sports, the arts, and the journalistic world. In fact, Martina is a choice that remains unchanged in all languages. We’ll prove it to you with the following examples:

  • Martina Navratilova: she’s a renowned tennis player from the Czech Republic.
  • Martina Hingis: also a great Swiss tennis player.
  • Martina Klein: she’s an Argentine model, humorist, and presenter, recognized in the Spanish-speaking world for her great professionalism.
  • Martina Topley-Bird: a magnificent English singer and songwriter.
  • Martina (Tini) Stoessel: Argentine actress, singer, and songwriter, whose successful career began when she was only 10 years old.
A baby girl in a diaper learning to crawl.
The choice of a name is very important because it will be what will identify your little girl for the rest of her life.

Compound names with the name Martina that you’ll love

If you’re looking for the perfect name for the future queen of the house, why choose only one option? There are many parents who choose combined options. For this reason, we offer you some examples of compound names that will captivate you with their sound, strength, and beauty:

  • Ana Martina
  • Maria Martina
  • Beatrice Martina
  • Elena Martina
  • Isabella Martina
  • Lucía Martina

We hope you’ve completely fallen in love with the name Martina

Once you’ve gathered all the facts revolving around the origin and meaning of Martina, we hope you’ll choose this precious option .

If you know someone who carries this name or you yourself are named Martina, congratulations! The history around you is full of courageous and wise figures. Therefore, you can feel very fortunate.

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