25 Princess Names for Girls

Are you dreaming of the arrival of a precious baby girl? Choose one of the following princess names for girls that will fit her perfectly.
25 Princess Names for Girls
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Last update: 14 June, 2023

Are you thinking of choosing an option among the princess names for girls for your little one? If your answer is yes, you can’t miss the following list in which we’ll also explain the meaning of each of them.

All parents feel that their little girl will achieve everything she sets her mind to and, in their hearts, will reign completely from birth. Take note!

The best princess names for girls

The following options are based on the most famous princesses in history: They all represent powerful royalty and carry meanings that are full of symbolism. We’re sure they’ll captivate any parent.

A toddler girl dressed as a princess.

Princess names from A to H

  • Alexia: a variant of Alexandra for one who ‘defends men’. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this name is popular in the Greek royal family, although it also stands out in the Dutch royal family.
  • Amalia: this is the name given to the current princess of the Netherlands. However, this name became popular in Germany as a result of the literary and artistic gatherings organized by Duchess Anna Amalia.
  • Amina: of Arabic origin, it alludes to one who is ‘calm and reliable’. This name belongs to the queen of the Maldives.
  • Ashi: this name’s characterized by the divinity that grants victory in battles. It’s therefore not surprising that the princess of Bhutan is named after her.
  • Astrid:  of Scandinavian origin. This is how she calls herself the princess of Belgium and means ‘the queen of beauty’.
  • Caroline: With the same meaning as the previous name, this option is worn by Caroline of Monaco.
  • Cathalina: for one who is ‘pure’. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular options in the Dutch reign.
  • Charlotte: popularized by the eldest daughter of Caroline of Monaco, its origin is Germanic and comes from the one who is ‘strong and courageous’. This name also belongs to the daughter of William and Katherine, the Prince and Princess of Wales.
  • Diana: one of the most revered and loved options among princess names for girls, thanks to Diana of Wales. In addition, it refers to the ‘protector of nature’, because of its mythological union with the goddess Diana.
  • Elizabeth: before Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom was queen, she was a princess, the daughter of King George VI.
  • Grace: popularized by Christianity, it’s also the name given to the current princess of Monaco.

Princess names from I to Z

  • Ingrid: with Scandinavian roots, this name alludes to ‘beauty’. Therefore, it’s not surprising that it was the choice of Haakon and Mette-Marit of Norway for their first child.
  • Isabel: this name and its variants have been worn by several royals, including Isabal, Princess Imperial of Brazil, and Princess Isabella of Denmark.
  • Keisha: exudes great ‘vitality and joy’. This is also the name given to the princess of Nigeria.
  • Leonor: nowadays, this name’s carried by many European heiresses because it transmits great ‘strength and courage’. Among them, the princess of Spain stands out as the bearer of this legacy.
  • Letizia: as the princess of Asturias goes by this name, it has also become popular. Of Latin origin, this option alludes to ‘joy’.
  • Marit: of Scandinavian origin, it’s the name of the princess of Norway.
  • Martha: with clear biblical allusions, it means ‘lady’ and is also very popular in the Royal House of Norway, just like the previous option.
  • Paola: the roots of this name go back to the ancient Roman empires. Therefore, the princess of Belgium symbolizes the strength of this heritage.
  • Rania: coming from Arabic, it alludes to that little girl who is ‘charming and precious’. Undoubtedly, a great choice by the Royal House of Jordan.
  • Salma: a feminine name that symbolizes one who is ‘safe from everything, protected by God’. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the princess of Morocco goes by this name. A perfect choice for parents of faith.
  • Sofia: a popular choice throughout Europe thanks to its meaning, which gives ‘wisdom’ to any queen, princess, or child.
  • Stella: a Latin variant of the word ‘star’, this is the name of the princess of Sweden.
  • Tatiana: of Russian origin, this name has also been popularized by the princess of Greece.
  • Victoria: this name, which means ‘victor, triumphant’ was also worn by many princesses throughout history. Today it has taken on the legacy of the next heir to the throne of Sweden.
A young girl dressed as a princess, sitting by a window, blowing bubbles.

Welcome the future queen of the house with one of these princess names for girls

What girl wouldn’t love to be a princess? As Carla María Maeda González points out in her 2020 study, girls are becoming more and more empowered and are reflected in characters with a lot of strength and courage.

For this reason, we hope that some of these options based on real flesh and blood princess names have served as inspiration for you to choose your favorite for your little girl.

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