Quotes for the Arrival of a Baby

Want to express how you feel about your new arrival? Have a look through these quotes and see which ones resonate with you.
Quotes for the Arrival of a Baby

Last update: 09 April, 2019

In the vast majority of cultures, the arrival of a new baby is a cause for joy and celebration. So, share in the love by expressing exactly how you feel about your loved ones with these different quotes for the arrival of a baby.

Quotes for the arrival of a baby

Quotes dedicated to parents

These phrases are a beautiful way to show the new parents that you share their joy and happiness.

“A baby is the start of a new life, full of hopes, dreams, and possibilities.”

“Today, the flowers are special, the singing birds are more beautiful, and the sun shines with all its splendor. Tonight the stars will blink with joy for the birth of your new baby.”

“Each child is a unique and special gift from God. Care for them and love them from the very start.”

“The best thing about the birth of a child is the love that you carry within you. As your child grows, so will the love.”

Quotes dedicated to the newborn

The birth of a child is one of the most beautiful events possible. As a result, they can inspire some really beautiful words, such as these:

“You are a beautiful way that Mother Nature has given me another chance to enjoy life on earth.”

“You’re the excitement that every mother carries in her heart. You’re the hope of a loving father. And you’re the joy of an expectant grandparent.”

“Welcome to our lives. You have filled our hearts with love. You make the world a more amazing place with your tender smile and face full of wonder.”

Quotes for the Arrival of a Baby

“Fresh as the dew, sweet as honey, such is your wonderful presence.”

“Right now, the biggest love in the universe is the love we have for you, sweet child.”

Lovely quotes for grandparents to the newborn

A grandparent’s love is even more special since the newborn has come from one of their very own children. So, t hese quotes for the arrival of a baby perfectly capture a grandparent’s love.

“I want to see you grow every day, with all my love and energy, enjoying our lives together.”

“You’ve brought happiness to our lives. May our home be full of laughter, smiles, and children’s voices.”

“Your tenderness has rid me of pain. With your warmth and innocence, I have forgotten my years and feel full of life once again.”

“Your beautiful little face is like a bright summer sky, clear and refreshing. That’s why I can’t stop looking at you.”

“You’re a tiny little thing that has filled a huge space in our hearts. You will have all the love and affection that we have.”

More quotes for the arrival of a baby – friends and relatives

If you find yourself absent when a baby arrives, then you can still send a message to express how you feel. Also, cards and letters never lose their charm.

“I’m imagining you, sweet creature, in your mother’s arms, close to her heart, filling the whole room with love.”

“In sending you these words, I can share in the little moment of happiness that you have brought to the world.”

Quotes for the Arrival of a Baby

“Your baby is like a precious jewel. Play with them, take care of them, enjoy every second.”

“Your eyes are as intense as the infinite, deep as the ocean, and pure as your innocence. They perfectly capture the big love in your little heart.”

“Congratulations for an unforgettable moment in your lives. How sweet, adorable, and beautiful your child is.”

“Knowing that you’re the most beautiful thing that has happened to your parents, I wish you all happiness for the rest of your lives.”

With these quotes for the arrival of a baby, you truly express how you feel about a new arrival in a poetic way. So, surprise the new mother with a lovely present and a card with some of these beautiful quotes.


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