40 Romanian Names for Children

Are you looking for Romanian names for boys? Here's a list to start your search. Start now and enjoy the task to the fullest!
40 Romanian Names for Children
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 17 February, 2023

One of the most beautiful tasks you have to face during your pregnancy is defining what you’re going to name your child. Today, we’ll help you with a new option: Romanian names for boys.

The word Romania means ‘land of the Romans’. The current country located in Eastern Europe was a province of the Roman Empire, called Dacia.

The Romanian language has Romanesque origins and most of the names of this origin come from Latin words. Although there’s also a Magyar and Slavic influence.

The name Romania was included in the Constitution of 1886 by its first king Charles I, who wanted to leave a testimony of the Latin origin of the Romanians and their language.

Although they may sound strange to you, you should know that these names have the intensity, sweetness, and energy of the Latin heritage. Let’s take a closer look!

A map of Romania.
Romania is a country located in Eastern Europe and is a paradise in the Balkans.

Listed in alphabetical order from A to G

  • Adam: meaning ‘son of the red earth’.
  • Adrian: derived from Latin adriano, a patronymic name meaning ‘from Hadria’, an ancient city of the Roman Empire.
  • Alexandru: means ‘the protector of all men’.
  • Andrei: a variant of the English name Andrew, which comes from the Greek word andros, meaning ‘man’.
  • Anton: a variant of Antonio, a name coming from an ancient family from Tuscany, Italy.
  • Artur: the Romanian form of Arturo, a name of Celtic origin meaning ‘strong as a bear’.
  • Atanase: a Romanian male name equivalent to Athanasius.
  • Augustin: a Romanian variant of Augustus, a Latin name meaning ‘consecrated’.
  • Beniamin: a Romanian name equivalent to the Spanish Benjamin.
  • Bogdan: means ‘given by God’.
  • Carol: the Romanian variant of Carolus, a name of Latin origin, from which Karl and Carlos are also derived.
  • Cătălin: a male Romanian name derived from the Greek goddess Hekaterine, meaning ‘innocent and pure’.
  • Cezar: a Romanian name deriving from the Roman Caesar.
  • Ciprian: the Romanian form of the Latin patronymic cyprianus, meaning ‘born in Cyprus’.
  • Claudiu: variation of Claudius, a name of Latin origin.
  • Constantin: Latin form of Constantine.
  • Cornel: from Cornelius, a Latin name derived from the word ‘horn’.
  • Corneliu: a variation of Cornelius.
  • Costel: of Latin origin, a variation of Constantine.
  • Costica: a diminutive of Constantine.
  • Crin: a name of a flower similar to the lily.
  • Dracula: means ‘son of the dragon”
  • Dragos: a Romanian form of the Serbian name Dragomir. One of the most beautiful Romanian names for boys!
  • Fane: the diminutive of Stephan or Stephen, a French name derived from the Greek word stephanous, meaning ‘crown’.
  • Florin: from Latin ‘flower’.
  • Gheorghe: the Roman form of the English George.

Listed in alphabetical order from I to Z

  • Ioan: the Romanian variant of John, from Latin Iohannes, Hebrew Iojanan, and Greek Ioannes. It means ‘God is generous’.
  • Ionut: means ‘gift of God’.
  • Iorghu: the Romanian form of George, from the Greek word georgos, meaning ‘farmer’.
  • Ivantie: a Romanian name meaning ‘glorious gift’.
  • Liviu: from Livius, the name of one of the ancient Roman families or gens.
  • Mihai: the Romanian form of Michael, meaning ‘no one like God’. It comes from the Hebrew mikha’el.
  • Narcís: the Romanian form of Narcissus. This name means ‘with sleep’, although it’s also related to vanity, after the Greek god Narkissos.
  • Nicolae: a form of Nicolas, which comes from the Greek nikolaos, meaning ‘the victory of the people’.
  • Razvan: of Magyar origin. It could be a form of the Serbian name Radovan.
  • Sandu: a diminutive of Alexandru.
  • Sorin: derived from soare, which in Romanian means ‘sun’.
  • Traian: a name of Roman origin, derived from Trajan.
  • Velkan: means ‘brave wolf’.
  • Vasile: Romanian form of Basil, a name of Greek origin meaning ‘king’.
A castle in Romania.
The beauty of a people with Turkish and Latin influences, reflected in the name of your child.

Romanian names for children and other alternatives

This method of searching for names according to a particular origin is a trend in recent years. On our site, you can find hundreds of options, such as Arabic, Aramaic, Welsh, Mayan, and many more!

You can also make it simpler and search by other themes, such as rare names or the most common names in your region. If you want something even more fun, you can opt for some names from television or the world of sports!

The alternatives are numerous, you just have to have something handy to write down. Start with the Romanian names for boys and continue with any of the other themes. What do you think?

Whatever your decision is, remember that it’s a choice for life and that a proper name is the starting point for a child to build their identity. And also, for them to develop their sense of belonging, which is an indispensable condition for their well-being.

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