15 Names From Television Series For Boys and Girls

Today, we'll present you with 15 baby names from television series. Which charismatic character will inspire your little one's namer?
15 Names From Television Series For Boys and Girls

Last update: 01 October, 2021

If you’re a fan of television and spend your free time you enjoying Netflix series, we want to present you with 15 names from television series that you’re sure to love. Perhaps one of them will inspire the name of your next baby.

The options are varied and, behind each one, hides one of your favorite protagonists. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading!

15 names from television series

When you get hooked on a series, certain characters are more relatable, likable, admirable, or entertaining. And this is the main objective of the cinematographic drama.

Actors work to incite empathy from the viewer, as detailed in an investigation carried out at the University of Salamanca.

Perhaps after reading this, your favorite fictional characters have already come to mind. And if not, then let us inspire you with the most popular and recognized names in the history of television and cinema.

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Names from television series: A to K

  • Arya: Nobility and wisdom are the attributes that characterize the protagonist of the famous TV series Game of Thrones. Arya became popular in the United States and the United Kingdom during the first season. In Spain, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 942 girls with this name are currently registered.
  • Claire: The First Lady of the United States is the powerful queen who runs the House of cards game. With cold convictions, she stops at nothing to fight for what she believes in.
  • Daryl: One of the brave protagonists of The walking dead. Far from having to do with zombies, with an Anglo-Saxon origin, this variation of the original name means ‘the one who is very loved’.
  • Denver: On Netflix’s hit Spanish series La casa de papel, Denver was named best supporting actor on television thanks to his big heart.
  • Haley: Claire and Phil’s eldest daughter in Modern family is recognized for being the most flirtatious, as well as most trusting in love and her feelings. The origin of this name may come from the Norwegian haela, which means “hero”.
  • Jesse: Although it’s also a name for girls, it’s become unisex thanks to one of the protagonists of the well-known series Breaking Bad. Its name comes from Hebrew and means “God who contemplates”.
  • Kate: The famous, cunning, and intelligent inspector from the television series Castle carries this name. Of English origin, it means “pure and immaculate”.

Names from television series: from L to Z

  • Logan: The real name of the protagonist of X-men, Wolverine, and its origin is Irish.
  • Matt: Known in the Marvel saga as Daredevil, he’s a martial arts specialist who’s afraid of nothing.
  • Mia: The main character of Pulp Fiction has gone down in film history for her unmistakable style and peculiar charisma. An empowered woman who knows what she wants and gets it. Her name is the diminutive of Maria.
  • Milo: The Gossip Girl series offers a cute boy’s name for your little one. Georgina Sparks also chose this name for the baby she had with Dan Humphrey.
  • Noah: From The Notebook. It’s one of the favorite options among millennial parents because it represents the protagonist of one of the most highly rated love films among young people (7.3 on FilmAffinity).
  • Ragnar: The name of the official protagonist of the Vikings series is full of power and determination. This adaptation comes from Ragnarök (in English, “destiny of the gods”). In addition, it makes mention of the battle of the end of the world that Odin, the fire giants, and Loki’s jotun waged.
  • Tokio: This is the name of one of the strongest and most determined women in Money Heist. Behind the character played by the Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó lies one of the figures with the most personality on the film scene, to the point that his famous look (with a mask and red uniform) is a popular choice for Halloween costumes.
  • Zulema: This is the role played by the Spanish actress Najwa Nimri in the television series Vis a Vis. Zulema has a strong character with a lot of personality. In fact, in Arabic, it means “healthy and strong”.
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Was it the big screen or the small screen that inspired you today?

So, as you may have already seen, there are many different options to help you decide on the name for your child.

To do this, you can base your choice on the characteristics that define your favorite character, as some parents believe that these are innate to the name itself. It’s best for both you and your partner to like the same protagonist to avoid disputes. So why not make plans to check these hits out together.

On the other hand, you can also choose a name according to how it fits with your child’s last name or just because you like the way it sounds. The truth is that, nowadays, it’s increasingly common to hear original options based on one’s own tastes.

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