The 17 Most Popular Names for Girls in Colombia

If you still don't know what you're going to name your little princess, don't miss this list of the most popular names for girls in Colombia.
The 17 Most Popular Names for Girls in Colombia

Last update: 29 April, 2022

Landscapes of tropical forests, Andes mountains, coffee plantations… Are you in love with the country that lies at the northern tip of South America? If so, in the following article, we’ll present a list of the most popular names for girls in Colombia.

It’s likely that you still don’t know what to call the future queen of the house, but you shouldn’t worry about this. Having doubts is normal, as it’s a decision that, as you well know, is for life. When preparing to choose the right name, we recommend you open your heart and listen to everything it has to tell you when you read these options and their meanings out loud.

According to data from the National Population and Housing Census collected in DANE, in 2018, a total of almost 44 million babies were born in Colombia. Their roots are very diverse: Indigenous, Afro-descendants, Afro-Colombians, Palenqueros from San Basilio, Raizal from the Archipelago of San Andrés, natives of Santa Catalina, among others.

Therefore, and due to the diversity of ethnic groups that coexist on the same soil, it seems certain that Colombian parents are inspired by multicultural options to name their children.

Next, we’ll share our select list with the 17 most popular names for girls in Colombia that you can’t miss.

A colorful street in Columbia.
Let yourself fall in love with the land of coffee, dance, and good Caribbean music, and choose a popular Colombian name for your girl.
  • Carolina: due to its musicality, its sweetness, and its simplicity, it’s an option that Colombian parents fall in love with. In this sense, its origin is Germanic and means ‘endowed with great intelligence’.
  • Catalina: although its root is Greek and means ‘pure and immaculate woman’, the truth is that it’s also a name full of the Colombian essence.
  • Daniela: this an elegant and charming option that most traditional Colombian parents fall in love with, due to its Hebrew origin.
  • Luciana: comes from the Latin lucianus. It alludes to the child ‘born under the light of day’.
  • Mariana: its Hebrew origin represents the union of the mother of Jesus with the mother of Mary. Without a doubt, a beautiful and spiritual option.
  • Paola: refers to the ‘little woman’ and, in fact, one of the most used diminutives by Colombian parents is Pao.
  • Salome: of Hebrew origin, this name refers to the little one who’s ‘close to perfection’.
  • Valentina: is the feminine variant in Latin to refer to the one who is ‘courageous’. For this reason, it’s an option that’s climbed positions in the lists of the most popular names for babies.

In Colombia, it’s quite common for parents to opt for compound names when choosing what to call their little ones. In this way, they can include more than one meaning to their little girl’s letter of introduction and maintain a more deeply rooted tradition in the family. This custom is quite frequent among the parents of the area, as shown by an investigation published in 2021 by the Anuario de Letras.

Therefore, among the most popular names for girls in Columbia are the following compound names for girls:

  1. Ana Sofía: while Ana is an option of Hebrew origin for ‘one endowed with good judgment’, Sofía refers to one who ‘possesses wisdom’ and is of Greek roots. Without a doubt, a beautiful combination for your daughter.
  2. Claudia Patricia: this is the union of two important Latin families. In this sense, its history and tradition also attract Colombian parents.
  3. Dulce María: for the little girl ‘who is nice’, this is a very beautiful name and one that’s become very popular in the last decade.
  4. Luisa Fernanda: two feminine and Germanic variants that come together to give a lot of personality to the little girl of the house.
  5. Luz Marina: Among Latinos, this option’s in high demand. Its diminutive is Lucecita and it exudes love, tradition, originality, and delicacy.
  6. María José: is the union of Myriam (‘the chosen one of God’) and José (‘God will provide). So, Majo is one of the most chosen names also by Colombian parents.
  7. Paola Andrea: of Greek origin, this name takes on a fairly Latin tone due to the nobility and elegance of its pronunciation.
  8. Sandra Milena: the Greek and Slavic tradition come together to give as a result this beautiful option. Without a doubt, it’s highly appreciated in Colombia.
  9. Sandra Patricia: Greeks and Latins embrace in this compound name that’s very popular among Colombian parents.
A Columbian woman wearing traditional dress and carrying a bowl of fruit on her head.
Colombia keeps its native roots intact and combines them with the different cultures that inhabit its lands to give rise to these beautiful girl names.

The birth of a daughter is one of the most beautiful and expected events for parents. For this reason, we advise you that when choosing what to name the little one in the house, let yourself be guided by your heart. Also, try to work together as a couple to make the final decision.

So, have any of these names captivated you? If so… Congratulations! But, if you still haven’t found the right one, at You Are Mom we have many options inspired by different themes designed for you: Nature, cities, countries, letters, and much more. Don’t give up!

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