50 Girl Names Beginning with the Letter M

Today, we invite you to discover the most beautiful and special girl names beginning with the letter M. Keep reading!
50 Girl Names Beginning with the Letter M
Samanta Ruiz

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

Knowing what you’re going to name your baby is a mystery that you’re going to unveil little by little. For now, the only thing you know is that you’re looking for girl names beginning with the letter M.

Fortunately, we’ve been doing our research in order to bring you a varied selection of names where you’ re sure to find the most beautiful one for your baby girl. And how will you find out which one is the right one? It will simply shine before your eyes and sound sweet and musical to your ears.

How about starting your search now? Keep reading the following article!

The letter M: Its origin and history

The actual letter M that we use belongs to the Latin alphabet, and in different languages, it has a different name such as mi in Greek, mim in Arabic, and mem in Hebrew. In English, its name is “em“.

Its origin goes back to Egyptian hieroglyphics, where the letter M was represented with the shape of two lines of waves, a graphism of the undulations of the sea.

As it’s such an ancient letter and it’s present in many alphabets, we can find girl names of very diverse origins. Here, we’ll present them to you!

List of names beginning with the letter M in alphabetical order

  • Mabel: a name of Latin origin meaning “kind”.
  • Mabli: the Welsh form of Mabel.
  • Macarena: comes from the Greek language and means “she who carries the sword”.
  • Macaria: means “the lucky one” and is of Greek origin.
  • Madeleine: the French variant of Madeleine.
  • Mafalda: the Portuguese form of Matilda.
  • Magalí: the Provençal variation of the name Margarita.
  • Magdalena: derived from the Hebrew word migdal, meaning “tower”.
  • Maggie: a diminutive of Margarita.
  • Magnolia: the name of a flower.
  • Margarita: means “beautiful like pearls”.
  • Masika: of Egyptian origin, it means “born during the rain”.
  • Maura: “brunette” from Mauritania.
  • Máxima: means “the great one”.
  • Maximiliana: the “greatest of all”.
  • Medea: a name of Greek origin meaning “the scheming one”.
  • Melania: of Greek origin, this name refers to a woman with black hair and eyes.
  • Melissa: means “sweet as honey”.
  • Mercedes: from Latin merces, the gift of the king or mercy.
  • Mercia: the name of one of the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.
  • Mercy: this name means “compassionate”.
  • Meredith: of Welsh origin, meaning “magnificent”.
  • Merry: means “happy” in English.
  • Michael: a feminine form of Michael, which means “who is like God?”.
  • Micol: comes from Hebrew and means “she who reigns”.
  • Mila: Russian name meaning “love of the people”.
  • Milena: a Russian variant of Magdalena.
  • Minerva: the Roman goddess of wisdom.
  • Miranda: of Latin origin, this name means “marvelous”.
  • Mirna: is of Greek origin and refers to the woman who is as “soft as perfume”.
  • Modlen: the Welsh form of Magdalena.
  • Monica: a Greek name meaning “she who loves to be alone” or “only one”.
  • Monique: the French form of Monica.
  • Morgan: a Welsh word meaning “she who comes from the seashore”.
  • Munira: this name means “source of light” in Arabic.
  • Mut: an Egyptian name that translates as “mother”.

Mary: A special name that translates into many languages

Of the girl names beginning with the letter M, there’s no doubt that Mary is the one that’s presented with more variations and forms in many different languages.

The name Maria comes from the Hebrew name Myriam, which means “the chosen one”. Although it’s also said that its origin may be Egyptian and that it means “love” or “beloved woman”.

Although there’s a phrase in the Bible that indicates a different version, and it’s that Myriam or Mary means “rebellion”, because she confronted her brother Moses in this way:

Then Miriam the prophet, Aaron’s sister, took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women followed her, with timbrels and dancing.

-Exodus 15:20, The NIV Bible-

Anyway, its biblical meaning has transformed it into one of the most used female names of all times, in any of the forms we present to you:

  • Maria: Mary in Spanish
  • Maribel: formed by the feminine names Mary and Elizabeth.
  • Marija: the Maltese version of Mary.
  • Mariluz: the combination of Maria and Luz.
  • Marisol: the combination of Maria and Soledad.
  • Mara: the Slavic variant.
  • Marie: the French form.
  • Maryam: the Arabic version.
  • Masha: the Russian variant.
  • Meryem: the Turkish form.
  • Mia: a diminutive of Mary.
  • Moira: an old Celtic form of the name Mary.
  • Muire: the Irish form.

Girl names beginning with the letter M and much more

The search for baby names is a beautiful task for all parents, but sometimes it seems overwhelming.

To make it easy for you, on our site, you’ll find many lists grouped in many different ways. The best thing to do is to take your time and review them calmly.

Some of the selections refer to the origin of names such as Arabic, Celtic, Japanese, and many more. If you’re looking for something more fun you have names related to nature or movie characters.

Finally, a more orderly way to search is to do it by letter, and if you already know that you like girl names that start with the letter M, then we hope this article has been helpful!


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