The Origin and Meaning of the Name Emma

Are you looking for an option with originality, history, and a lot of personality? The name Emma fulfills all these. Keep reading!
The Origin and Meaning of the Name Emma

Last update: 26 January, 2022

The name Emma refers to a strong girl with a strong personality from birth. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many parents feel it’s the perfect name for the little princess of the house.

If you’ve also been captivated by this name and feel drawn to it when you read or hear it, we encourage you to learn all about it: Its sanctitude, its history, the characters who have borne it, those who bear it today, and its spectacular meaning.

The origin and saints of the name Emma

The name Emma has a unique history, which rescues the most Germanic essence of its roots in its sonority. However, the truth is that since ancient times, it’s been used in different parts of the world with little variation. Although, perhaps, in some parts, you can still hear the traditional Erminia, which some consider as a derivative of this option.

As we’ve already mentioned, Emma has always been a very popular option. Especially among the Anglo-Saxon parents of the Middle Ages, who were inspired by several strong and emblematic characters: Queen Emma of England or Saint Emma, a German nun of the 11th century.

At the same time, according to onomastic data, Saint Emma’s Day is celebrated on two dates this 2022: April 19 and May 25 .

Famous people with the name Emma

A woman dressed in a Victorian dress sitting on a bench under a tree.

If we follow this historical trajectory, Emma is also the title given to a novel by Jane Austen on which several movies have been based. But if there’s one that reached great popularity in the 19th century, it’s the main protagonist of the book Madame Bovary by the famous French writer Gustave Flaubert.

Undoubtedly, Emma Bovary is an icon of feminism for being one of the women capable of dreaming and breaking the established canon of the time. For this reason, it’s not surprising that she caused a special furor among French parents when it came to choosing the name for their little ones.

Current celebrities with this name

Of course, there are also several celebrities who carry this name as well. Among them, it’s worth mentioning the following:

  • Emma Stone: She’s one of the most promising actresses in Hollywood cinema. In fact, she’s especially known for her performance in the musical film La La Land, which was a box-office hit and whose role won her numerous awards. More recently, she also starred in the Disney film Cruella.
  • Emma Watson: This British actress and model is also one of the most recognized faces on the big screen. Especially for her roles as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga and as Belle in the live-action version of Beuty and the Beast.

The meaning of the name Emma

Emma is a woman’s name that comes from the original term ermin, which alludes to one who has “great strength and fortitude”. Therefore, its meaning represents a “strong, powerful, great” woman. Undoubtedly, a very precious option for parents who want their little girl to be characterized by having a defined personality and great decision-making skills.

On the other hand, another original theory for Emma defends that the name is, in fact, an abbreviation of Emmanuela, which would also give rise to the traditional Manuela. In this case, it could come from Hebrew and its meaning could be interpreted as “God is always with us”.

A choice with a lot of personality for your future princess

A little girl wearing a crown and smiling at herself in the mirror.

One thing’s clear: Emma shines on her own, with four letters that illuminate every step she takes through life and that will accompany her forever.

Being a fairly short option, it doesn’t have many diminutives, but affectionately nowadays you may hear “Emm” or “Emy” to refer to those girls and women who proudly carry this beautiful and special name.

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