Tips for Organizing the Perfect Baby Shower

Tips for Organizing the Perfect Baby Shower

Last update: 17 May, 2018

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is very exciting. There is a lot of planning that goes into having a perfect baby shower.

You’ll need to have some free time in order to organize entertainment, food and a guest list.

The baby shower is a very unique moment during pregnancy and can be one of the most exciting experiences.

This wonderful celebration to welcome the baby that is about to be born can be an unforgettable and pleasant moment for both the parents and guests.

In this article we’ll share tips on how to organize the perfect baby shower.

Who organizes the baby shower?

Baby showers are held to celebrate the arrival of the new family member. They’re usually organized by someone who isn’t part of the family.

Baby showers are usually organized by grandmothers, sisters, aunts or cousins of the future mother.

In the case that no one offers to organize the event, there is nothing wrong with a mother doing it by herself. Regardless of who organizes it, the baby shower is a joyful occasion.

Tips for organizing a baby shower

Take notes, make a list, and cross out the things you’ve already taken care of. Here are a few things to consider when organizing a baby shower:

1. Determine the budget

The budget depends on the number of expected guests. It is used to cover expenses for food, drinks and games. You can organize a fun and simple baby shower without spending a lot of money.

2. Choose a location

The baby shower can be organized in a public or private space. It can take place in the home of the future parents or at a friend’s house. Remember to check in advance if the space is available.

3. Make a guest list

The future parents should be involved in the making of the guest list. They should decide if it’s going to be a mixed celebration or if it will only be for women.

When the list is complete, pick a date in advance after consulting the guests about availability.

Tips for Organizing the Perfect Baby Shower

Remember to send out the invitations a month in advance to give the guests time to organize their agendas.

If you have friends or family who live far away, you can try to include them using video calls.

4. Make a list of gifts

The future parents should be consulted during the making of a gift register. The register should be sent out to the guests when they confirm their attendance.

This way the baby will receive practical gifts. Registers also solve the problem of gift repetition.

5. Pick a photographer

You can either hire a photographer or ask a guest to take on the job as a favor. The photographer has to capture the best moments of the party.

“Traditionally, baby showers are organized by someone who isn’t part of the new family.”

During the baby shower

During the baby shower, the itinerary and setting has to be taken into account. This will help guarantee the comfort and enjoyment of all the guests.


Most baby showers have a theme. The theme may be a particular color or style.

Lately, there are certain bold and different thematic trends which make for an original celebration.


If there are going to be children in attendance at the baby shower, make sure to prepare entertainment for them too.

You can ask someone to babysit if necessary. This way everyone will enjoy themselves. Set aside a space for the children where they can have puzzles, toys and other games.

There are traditional baby shower games for the grown ups at the party. One example is to guess what a certain baby food is made out of.

You can also opt for casual activities such as dance competitions. Don’t forget to buy the necessary prizes for the games.


If you intend to have dancing, prepare some music that you like. You can also have background music going on for the rest of the celebration.

Space distribution

Everyone should feel comfortable during your baby shower. If there will be children or babies in attendance, prepare a room for them to rest in case they get sleepy.

If the party is outdoors, prepare a tent so the children have somewhere to rest. Remember to also set aside a space to store food, drinks and gifts.

Tips for Organizing the Perfect Baby Shower

Food and drinks

Taking the budget, guest list and time into account, you can prepare your own menu. You can also order food if you don’t have a lot of time.

If you have trustworthy guests, you can also ask each guest to bring a dish to the baby shower.

When it comes to drinks, prepare options for all tastes. If you opt to serve alcoholic beverages, make sure they’re consumed in moderation.

After the baby shower

At the end of the baby shower, the future mother can open the gifts in the presence of the guests. As the mother unwraps each present, someone else can simultaneously store the ones that have already been opened.

After the party, a wonderful thing to do is send a thank you note for all of the gifts along with a special memory.

In order to throw a baby shower, you only need to be prepared and organized. And with the help and cooperation of the guests, you’ll be able to have the perfect baby shower.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.