5 Fears New Moms Face

It's common for mothers to have a lot of questions after giving birth to their first child. Let's look at 5 fears new moms face.
5 Fears New Moms Face

Last update: 18 September, 2021

Today, we want to take a look at 5 fears new moms face. Being a mother for the first time is a wonderful and unforgettable moment, as it marks the arrival of the person who will bring her joy for the rest of her life. However, it’s also normal for these women to experience certain fears because they begin to face a series of responsibilities that they haven’t experienced before.

In addition, during this stage, mothers also go through a series of hormonal changes that can increase their feelings of anguish and stress. Therefore, it’s very common for them to feel that caring for the baby can be overwhelming.

Inexperience is burdensome because no mother is born with a built-in chip that tells her how to do everything perfectly. However, it’s a matter of adaptation, and during the enriching learning process, they begin to lose their constant fears.

The following are the most common fears new moms face after the birth of their first baby.

1. Fears new moms face during their baby’s first bath

During a baby’s first bath, many questions may appear, such as what products to use or how to hold the baby.

For that reason, a good option is to ask your pediatrician what the most recommended soaps for your baby’s skin are. In addition, you may be asked for a detailed explanation on how to clean the baby’s belly button without causing harm.

A baby's first bath is one of the fears new moms face.

In addition to this, it’s essential to check that the water’s at an ideal temperature and it won’t burn the baby. Likewise, the space must remain as organized as possible to prevent an object from falling and causing fear to the mother or the child.

Another point that specialists recommend is that the bath doesn’t exceed 10 minutes in order to prevent the baby’s skin from drying out. Likewise, they affirm that during the first year of life, you only need to bathe them 3 times a week to get them used to the experience.

2. Sudden death

Moms tend to fear that something will happen to their babies while they sleep, which is why, on many occasions, they’re filled with restlessness and can’t get the sleep they need.

However, doctors say that sudden death can be prevented by implementing good sleep guidelines. Therefore, it’s essential to lay the baby on their back and leave the crib free of other objects so that he can breathe easily.

The environment should be cool and the baby shouldn’t wear clothing that could cause overheating. Also, the baby’s crib should be located near the mother’s bed so that it can be monitored at any time.

Baby sleeping in co-sleeping bed.

As a final recommendation, specialists state that breastfeeding your baby reduces the risks of sudden death. Therefore, it’s important for mothers to encourage this practice constantly.

3. The fear of the baby getting sick

Another one of the fears new moms face is that of the baby getting sick. Babies are more likely to get viral infections because their immune systems are just beginning to develop. However, the application of vaccines and daily care are two excellent mechanisms that help mitigate these conditions.

In addition, in the moments when any symptoms that cause doubt appear, mothers can go to the pediatrician who can indicate the best course of treatment.

Childhood illness is one of the fears new moms face.

4. The fear of home accidents

Babies tend to be restless during their first years of life, as they’re in a stage of exploration in which everything makes them curious. Because of this, parents must prepare their home to avoid all kinds of dangers.

First of all, protections or locks must be put on stairways, cupboards, outlets, and doors. In the same way, you should never place the baby on furniture to avoid falls from high places.

Also, what specialists recommend the most is to transport babies in a stable and comfortable seat.

A happy baby sitting on the floor.

5. Fears new moms face when cutting nails

It’s very common for mothers to be afraid of hurting the baby while cutting their nails. This is because little ones are constantly moving and it’s not easy to make them understand that they need to remain still for a few minutes.

Therefore, what we recommend is to take advantage of the moment when their sleeping to cut their nails with all the patience that the case implies. Also, it’s important to use a baby nail clipper to avoid causing injury.

A mother cutting her baby's nails while he sleeps.

How can a new mom overcome fears?

The first step is for the mother to understand that she isn’t alone and can rely on many people to clear up all kinds of doubts. This is when pediatricians and grandmothers become a great channel of information.

Second, she must know that the responsibility doesn’t fall solely on her because her partner should also be involved. That way, they can encourage one another and work as a team to get better and better at parenting.

Finally, in times of stress, you can resort to psychological counseling. The professional will provide soothing advice to the mother and help her control her emotions.

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