Bonoch: The Ideal Baby Monitor for All New Mothers

If you’re looking for a surveillance device with excellent features to safeguard the safety of your children, keep reading and get to know one of the best options.
Bonoch: The Ideal Baby Monitor for All New Mothers

Last update: 16 December, 2022

All parents want to provide their children with the love and protection that’s within their reach to ensure their well-being. That’s why if you’re expecting or you already have a little one who’s starting to sleep in their own room, today we want to present some of the benefits of the Bonoch baby monitor and tell you why you should buy one to take care of your little angel.

On today’s market, you can find a wide variety of baby monitoring devices. From those traditional ones that only have sound transmission, to those with cameras and monitors to always be aware of how your little ones are doing. However, it’s important to look for baby monitors that work without Wifi connection to avoid being the victims of hackers.

 5 benefits of the Bonoch baby monitor

One of the biggest worries of every new mom is not being able to take care of her baby when they’re alone in their room playing or sleeping. And in order to always keep an eye on your children and go to their aid to comfort them, buying a Bonoch dual camera baby monitor with video is an incredible investment that will allow you to monitor your little one while you’re doing other activities around the house.

Here are some of the main advantages of this device.

1. It has two cameras and a high-resolution screen

A Bonoch baby monitor.

Nowadays, there are many families with several children, and it was with them in mind that the Bonoch brand launched its dual-camera baby monitor to monitor the safety of several babies at the same time. In fact, you can connect up to four cameras. New parents can make use of this feature by monitoring multiple areas, such as the child’s room and the living room.

The camera’s specifications are exceptional. It features 720p HD quality that allows you to zoom in up to 4X so you won’t miss any tiny detail. In addition, it has a 70° enhanced field of view that, thanks to its 355° swivel and 120° tilt, makes it possible to get a full view of the room without any blind spots.

2. It has a 7-inch monitor

Another of the device’s best features is that it has a 7-inch monitor with IPS video resolution (1280×720), from which you can access up to four cameras at the same time. The screen has 8 levels of brightness and volume, so modifying them to improve the light and sound during the day or night won’t be a problem.

It has a 4000 mAh battery for a long battery life of 8 hours (if you activate the VOX mode, the battery life can be extended to 22 hours). In addition, thanks to its resolution, you can observe your baby perfectly when sleeping in low-light spaces; this is thanks to the excellent night vision of the cameras.

3. Works without Wifi and without applications

When talking about baby monitors, the issue of connectivity is of great importance. This is because many of these devices operate by digitally transmitting data from the camera or monitor. However, during use, the Wifi network is exposed to hackers that endanger the privacy of the family and the little ones at home.

Because of the above, the Bonoch baby monitor is characterized by working without Wifi connection; so no one can hack into your network and access the live video. In addition, no applications are required for its operation (since the monitor has everything you need) and video files aren’t saved automatically as with other devices.

4. Allows two-way conversations

A baby sleeping in a crib.

Whether your child is playing and needs your help, or is sleeping and wakes up scared in the middle of the night, this baby monitor has sound detection and a built-in microphone that allows you to talk to them in real time to calm them down as you go to them. It even has the option of playing lullabies to provide them with a calm and safe environment to rest.

5. It has a temperature sensor

Another useful feature of this Bonoch device is that it has a temperature sensor that lets you know whether or not your child’s comfortable in their room.

Many parents worry that their baby will be cold at night, and this is only natural. However, a very warm environment due to heating leads to excessive dryness, which is often associated with an increased risk of cot death. So, keep this in mind.

Purchasing a Bonoch baby monitor is a great investment

If you want to take care of your baby when you’re doing other activities or resting during the night, buying the Bonoch baby monitor is a great decision to monitor two or more environments. So now that you know some of its main benefits, go ahead and buy it from their website or Amazon and see all its advantages for yourself.

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