5 Must-Have Items for Your Premature Baby

The arrival of a premature baby produces worry and uncertainty. To prevent this from being an overwhelming situation, the best thing is to be as prepared as possible with the items your family needs to overcome the demands of premature birth.  
5 Must-Have Items for Your Premature Baby

Last update: 31 March, 2019

In the face of the early arrival of a baby, parents pray that the preparation they had for this moment be enough to face the days ahead successfully. It’s also important to have certain items on hand that are vital when it comes to your premature baby.

Premature babies, in general, are born with low birth weight and are smaller in size compared to babies that are born full-term. As can be expected, these tiny babies need more intensive and delicate care. This has to do with their state of health at the time of their early birth.

Premature babies are prone to suffer more health problems given the immaturity of their organs. 

Not staying in their mother’s womb for the entire 40 weeks of gestation leaves them with many weaknesses upon birth. This is especially true in regards to their lungs.

Neonatal intensive care units and incubators house babies that are born before the 37th week of gestation. 

This allows doctors to maintain strict vigilance in order to observe their evolution during the first days of life. Breastfeeding and the child’s connection with his or her parents also plays a fundamental role in this process.

There are many factors that can lead to a premature birth. The mother’s age and health issues are just a couple of examples.

The role of parents in caring for premature babies

These infants are very delicate, which means they require more care before they can leave the hospital. Parents must always be one step ahead of any situation. What’s more, they need to go the extra mile when it comes to hygiene around the house.

If you’ve given birth ahead of time, there are certain items you’ll need. These items for premature babies will make these days of arduous care a bit easier. At the same time, they’ll contribute to giving your newborn an adequate environment given his or her physical condition.

Must-have items for your premature baby

When it comes to the arrival of a new addition, mothers want to have the best items on the market. Among the infinite variety of products that are available, there are some that the parents of premature babies can’t do without.

1. Diapers

Having diapers that fit your tiny newborn is a must, and they can be quite hard to find. Even extra small and newborn sized diapers can be too large for premature babies. What’s more, premature babies have ultra sensitive skin, and normal diapers don’t meet their special requirements.

Fortunately, in light of the special needs and characteristics of premature babies, some companies have started to produce special preemie diapers. These diapers are very small, anatomical, and contain absorbent fabric that is suitable for sensitive skin.

2. Air purifier

Once again, the health of premature babies is very delicate, and complications related to their airways are quite common. Therefore, your newborn needs a perfect environment in order to develop positively. The air we breathe contains many dust particles, but the lungs of premature babies aren’t ready for this kind of environment.

It’s crucial, therefore, to keep your little one’s room clean, including the air. Place an air purifier in the room to guarantee a hygienic and contamination-free environment.

“Premature babies are very delicate, which means they require more care before they can leave the hospital. Parents must always be one step ahead of any situation.”

3. Clothing

Finding the right clothing for preemies can be another headache for parents. There isn’t a lot available on the market. This means many parents end up having to buy small-sized clothing and make adjustments to fit their baby.

The best fabric for any newborn to use is cotton, but this is especially true with preemies. Cotton allows the skin to breathe and keeps babies from overheating.

If they get too warm, their bodies have to make an extra effort to lower their body temperature. Furthermore, because of their delicate skin, any other type of material can produce allergies.

Pajamas that cover the entire body, whether they have long sleeves or short, are a must. These items keep babies warm and protect them from insect bites.

Socks and mittens are also essential as they keep babies’ feet warm and prevent them from scratching themselves. Keeping the extremities of premature babies covered will keep them from getting cold. Remember, they need to stay warmly clothed.

4. Seat reducers

Generally, car seats and baby carriers are too large for premature babies. However, you can now buy adapters that reduce their size so that you can transport your little one safely.

5. Special skin-care creams

The skin of premature babies has unique characteristics. The outer layer isn’t fully developed and therefore demands special care. This is a very important detail to keep in mind, as any injury can lead to complications.

When changing your preemie’s diaper or giving him or her a bath, it’s important to hydrate the skin with special lotions. To do this, consult a specialist who can indicate exactly what products to use, and how to apply them.

When your premature baby comes into the world, what he or she will need most is care and attention from loving parents. 

This includes providing him or her with frequent body warmth, nutrition through breastfeeding (when possible), constant medical supervision and plenty of love.

With this care, your little one will soon overcome the obstacles of his or her condition and grow to be strong and healthy.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.