Books for Children Between 4 and 5 Years Old

Sometimes children don't want to sleep, making bedtime difficult! That's why we've created a selection of recommended books for children aged four to five years. They're perfect for bedtime reading.
Books for Children Between 4 and 5 Years Old

Last update: 24 May, 2021

The first stage of childhood education is the perfect time to discover the enjoyment of reading together. At this stage, children begin to learn the alphabet, and later, they begin to learn how to read. So, it’s important to choose books that hold their attention. For this reason, we’ve prepared a selection of recommended book titles for children between four and five years old to learn from and enjoy.

Yo Mataré Monstruos Por Ti (I will Kill Monsters for You)

A fear of monsters, especially the fictitious ones living under a child’s bed, is one of the first fears of childhood. Through this amazingly illustrated book, we meet Martina, the main character, who’s afraid of monsters.

Martina thinks that there’s a parallel world of monsters living upside down under her bed. But, in this story, we discover that these monsters are also afraid of the human world.


It’s one of the most successful books for children between four and five years old. Because it presents the fear of the unknown as a common situation and doesn’t seek to remove the idea of monsters from children’s minds.

The World Champion of Staying Awake

Bedtime can be one of the hardest moments for children because they often don’t want to go to sleep. But there’s a set of children’s books which are perfect to raise this issue with your children.

In this story, Stella has to go to sleep, but she has to wait until her dolls fall asleep. The problem is that they don’t want to sleep and everyone wants to become the world champion of staying awake. To solve this problem, the girl uses her imagination and creates a fantastic story for each one of her dolls to help them sleep.

The different and delightful illustrations of this book, and the imagination of the main character, create the perfect combination to make it a firm favorite.

La Cebra Camila (Camila the Zebra)

Children love books with animals as the main characters. For this reason, La Cebra Camila will become one of the most beloved characters in children’s literature.

In the first pages, we see how Camila loses seven of her stripes on a very windy day. How will she get them back? Solidarity, friendship, and sharing are some of the values that appear in this fantastic book.

En Este Cuento No Hay Ningún Dragón (In This Story There Aren’t Any Dragons): a fun book for young children

This is a current story with many references to classic stories of children’s literature. It’s a fun story that wasn’t supposed to feature a dragon, but in the end, it does. However, this isn’t any dragon: he’s not bad and doesn’t want to kidnap the princess or get into a fight with the prince.


The dragon appears in many different classical stories to see which one he fits better in, but the answer is always the same: there aren’t any dragons in this story. Will the dragon fit in?

It’s a great story to have fun and remember other, classical stories. It’s also a perfect tool to use and represent in storytelling for its repetitive structure.


We have mentioned this book before, but we had to include it in our book recommendations for children between four and five years old.

Poetry, animals, and letters are definitely the main characters of this huge book. Children and adults will enjoy this book for rhyming poetry and the ability to learn through its pages.

A unique and perfect way to get to know the alphabet, learn to read poetry, and enjoy the different animals, each animal represents one letter of the alphabet.

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