I Will Love You Till the End of My Days

I Will Love You Till the End of My Days
María Alejandra Castro Arbeláez

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Last update: 27 December, 2022

There are fears within you that I can never prevent. There are promises that I can never make. However, my love, I truly want to commit to giving you all the certainty you need to feel safe and secure. The truth is I can not love you for the rest of your life. But I will definitely love you for the rest of mine.

My child, being absolutely and painfully sincere, I can not swear to accompany you until the end of your days. However, rest assured that I will take care of you and adore you until my last breath. You will see how, even in the worst of time, I manage to always be by your side when you need me the most and also when you don’t.

It is true that neither of us will leave this world alive. I embrace the hope that biological logic will not fail, and that I will be the first to leave. I would have already walked my way and outlined possible routes for you. By then I will have left my legacy alive, always preaching with my example.

Surely you will have several years of life without my physical presence. But by then just remember me and understand that you are not alone. Enjoy me in life, as much as I did you until my last day. If necessary, in the future, keep me alive in your memory.

I could love you till the end of my days


I will not be able to love you until the end of your days, but I will definitely do so to the end of mine. No matter the circumstances that may come by.

I will always be willing to give you the best that I have: my time. My most precious treasure. My patience and my company will belong to you until I leave. I offer you my ears for you to confess your secrets and tell me all your sorrows.

I also offer you a shoulder to cry on. If you feel like you are about to stumble, here I am. Hold on strongly to me. When you have fallen, do not grieve, just take my hand and stand back up. There is no storm that can defeat you if you have a united family in your corner.

“A mother is capable of giving everything without receiving anything. Loving with all of their hearts without expecting anything in return.” —unknown author.

I will enjoy your smiles and mischief; I will prepare the most appetizing dishes for you. I will celebrate each and every one of your triumphs and I will reflect with you on your failures. I will hide the secrets that you keep guarded in your heart, the secrets that scream from your eyes that only I notice.

I will live my happy life with all the joy that you spread, because I know that in you I found everything I needed. I will admire you every day. I will dedicate my sleepless nights that have your name written all over. I will treasure your purity, innocence and nobility.

I will love you like a precious miracle


Since I learned about your existence, I have never felt alone. You shared your company with me since the test came up “positive.” Since then, I appreciated the value of my own mother. From that moment on, I began to think twice: once for you and once for me.

When the moment comes to say goodbye to you forever, the image of the most important miracle of my life will pass through my mind. The miracle that emerges like a dream, that fed my hope, became my illusion and materialized in the sweetest and most tender reality.

During the time that we walk side by side, I will assure you a long life. I will watch over your health and well-being, and I will fight tooth and nail for your happiness, regardless of the costs we have to pay for it. I will assume the risks of loving and protecting you at all times and in all places.

Child of mine, you must be strong and love me with all your strength, just as I love you. This is the way you will learn, when the moment comes and you have to let me go. Do so with absolute certainty that I loved you from the beginning until the end, unconditionally and eternally. Without limits or borders.

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