I Want You to Remember My Lessons with Love

I Want You to Remember My Lessons with Love

Last update: 08 May, 2018

What can I do, as a good mother, so that you remember my teachings and lessons with love? 

Without a doubt, I’ve come to the healthy conclusion that in order for you to develop happily and to your fullest, I need to teach you with tenderness, patience and dedication.

I don’t wish for you to fear me, nor do I want you to simply become someone that obeys compulsively. 

I don’t want to push you away, nor do I want you to suffer – and much less, do I wish to hurt you physically or emotionally. Therefore, I’ve decided to be a mother that isn’t afraid of what other people say.

I’m going to challenge old-fashioned advice, and I will dare to make my own rules as I bring you up. It is my job to mark the course of your childhood, and of your life.

For that reason, I want to do it well – for I dream of being the best mom you could possibly have.

I know I’m not perfect, but my deepest desire is to put forth my best effort so that you can grow up the best way possible. I want you to feel proud and grateful for the mother you had.

I hope that you will remember your childhood as a sweet and tender time, a time when you grew up in the kind of environment dreams are made of.

I Want You to Remember My Lessons with Love

So, my little sunshine, that is the way I plan to teach you: Tenderly, so that you remember your upbringing with love and fondness.

Give me your hand and let’s make this journey together. Our own adventure, our own family story. 

Full of good and pleasant moments, as well as those bad times where the positive details are what stand out most.

How to teach you with tenderness?

Teaching you with tenderness means my being at the mercy of my patience and level-headedness. It implies dedicating quality time to you, and prioritizing frank and sincere dialogue above all else.

Communicating with one another calmly, while always maintaining eye contact.

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest paying jobs, since the payment is pure love

-Mildred B. Vermont-

All of this also means learning to understand the words you keep to yourself, respecting your silence, and interpreting the looks on your face.
It means having fun and always giving you a reason to smile. It means singing you lullabies and reading you children’s books that will leave you a legacy of emotions.

I want to explain how much you’re worth and reinforce your perception of those qualities that make you unique. I want to encourage you to go after your greatest desires and never lose sight of your dreams.

And I wish to feed your sense of hope and wonder, as well as your love for life. Even though life isn’t perfect, I hope you see it as abundantly beautiful.

I Want You to Remember My Lessons with Love

I’ll explain to you as many times as necessary my motives for prohibiting certain things. I’ll give you a thousand reasons to attempt that which will sew you a better harvest in the future.

I’ll be a worthy winner of your trust, and I’ll care for that trust like a precious treasure.

I’ll cling to my temperance every time that my soul feels like screaming. I’ll learn to ask for forgiveness whenever it’s needed so that you’ll learn from my errors, and not just your own.

I will hug you and kiss you when the world lets you down. I’ll never get tired of celebrating and highlighting that which brings joy and satisfaction to your heart.

Teaching you with tenderness means breaking away from the way I was taught

Teaching you with tenderness so that you remember my lessons with love will be my motto as a mother. It may seem like an impossible mission.

It’s much more complex than you think, my dear child. It means breaking away from the concepts that were taught by the generations before me.

It will often mean turning a deaf ear to the advice of those who raised me, educated me, and formed me – even if they find that offensive.

Of course, though I recognize both the rights and the wrongs, I value immensely the hard work of mothers before me. However, I prefer to go down a different path.

From today until forever, I choose to act out of love, and not out of fear. I promise to leave behind yelling in exchange for the perfect combination of words and a loving glance. 

I commit to abandon those cruel and damaging words, in favor of a world of possibilities where you can see your mistakes and learn from them.

This is my commitment to you, my child: To raise you with tenderness, love, affection and care. I cast aside all reprimands and physical punishment of all kinds.

All I wish is for you to simply remember your upbringing with love – and that will be my motivation as I share my teachings. Love heals us, and love builds us.

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