7 Pets for Children if You Live in the City

Having enough space for pets is difficult in an urban environment. City living isn't ideal for animals who need a lot of activity and movement, like a lot of the large dog breeds that are geared to hunting. Nonetheless, there are many possible options if you're looking for just the right pet.
7 Pets for Children if You Live in the City
María José Roldán

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Last update: 17 February, 2023

Children gain a lot of benefits from growing up with animals; it’s an excellent idea to bring pets into their lives as you raise them. Nevertheless, you have to be very aware and responsible when it comes to choosing the right pets for children if you live in a city.

Both the pet and child need to feel comfortable and happy sharing their lives together.

The best pets for children if you live in the city

It’s important to emphasize that the behavior of pets will depend on the upbringing they’re given and the environment they’re raised in. Even the most affectionate animals can develop behavior issues if their environment is lacking or they’re treated the wrong way. 

However, there are some animals that, because of their more balanced and caring nature, tend to adapt better to cohabitating with children.

In addition, some pets require relatively simple care, whether it be because of their small size or because of their more independent nature. This is a very important consideration when talking about having a pet in the city, especially in the case of apartment living.

To help you with this choice, in the article below we’ll look at seven of the best pets for children if you live in the city. We invite you to get to know more about each of these animals before incorporating them into your family.

1. Cats

Cats can be ideal, as they’re affectionate while also independent. They adapt really well to life inside a home and don’t need as much space as dogs, so they’re ideal for apartments.

In addition, felines get used to big cities really well; they don’t need to go outside as long as they have a stimulating and pampering environment at home.

7 Pets for Children if You Live in the City

2. Pets for children that adapt to city-life: Hamsters

Without a doubt, hamsters are one of the best pets for children if you live in a city. In addition to requiring little space because they live primarily in their cages, hamsters are also easy to care for and don’t need as much attention as dogs or cats.

You have to consider how important it is to maintain your hamster’s cage and provide the means for it to exercise so it maintains a healthy weight. With this you’ll also avoid behavior problems associated with stress and boredom.

3. Rabbits

Rabbits are also excellent companions for children, because of their playful nature. They’re also gentle and affectionate animals that make little noise.

Rabbits are surprisingly well-suited to being trained. They can even learn to respond to their name or to go to the bathroom in a designated spot. Children also have fun teaching them to do tricks or carry out certain tasks.

In practice, rabbits need to get a lot of exercise so they should have the freedom to jump and run about freely around the house or apartment or some external area on a regular basis.

4. Pets for children that adapt to city-life: Turtles

Turtles are a good choice for those who are looking for a calmer pet that is more independent. They adapt easily to life inside an apartment and don’t need time outdoors.

Although these peaceful animals require fairly simple care, it’s essential to be very attentive to their nutrition to avoid cases of stress or digestive problems. At the same time, you also need to pay attention to choosing the right terrarium for the species of turtle that you decide to adopt.

“Certain pets require fairly simple care because of their small size or because of their more independent nature.”

5. Canaries or parrots

For their part, canaries and parrots are excellent birds to have as a companion for children. They can fill the house with joy. Nonetheless, you should pay close attention to cleanliness and hygiene to avoid parasite infestations and other pathogens.

It’s also important to remember that birds are highly intelligent. For this reason, they need to have a stimulating environment that challenges them to avoid behavior problems and signs of stress.

6. Fish

Logically, fish cannot interact with children in the same way as the rest of the animals on this list. However, they can also be good pets, especially for families that have little time or space available.

In choosing the right fish, it’s important to pay attention to the species that will live together in the aquarium, as well as the maintenance of the water.

7 Pets for Children if You Live in the City

7. Dogs

We could never forget man’s best friend on this list – and children’s best friend too. Dogs are capable of teaching many values to children, such as friendship, loyalty, perseverance, respect for differences and unconditional love.

Dogs are very sociable animals, but they require attention and specific care to keep them in good health. For this reason, before adopting a dog, it’s important to assure you have enough time and space so they have a dignified and happy life.

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