If I Had The Power, I'd Make Sure That Nothing Ever Hurt You

If I Had The Power, I'd Make Sure That Nothing Ever Hurt You
Valeria Sabater

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Written by Valeria Sabater

Last update: 22 December, 2021

I wish I had the power to relieve all of your pain instantly, heal all your wounds, make your fears disappear, cure all your colds and indigestions…

My child, if I could, I would pass my hand over your forehead to make your fever disappear in seconds.

Sadly, I only have the power of love, and the ability to protect you and alleviate your fears.

Surely as parents, you must have thought this on more than one occasion. All of us would like to have the ability to take away all of our children’s pains, problems and even the smallest inconveniences that they may suffer from.

It’s often said that children should suffer a fall from time to time so they can learn how to get back up again. But not all parents think the same way.

If possible, we’ll pave the way for them in order to prevent them from ever falling. The days when they will need to learn from their own mistakes will come.

Few things are more painful and harsher than seeing our children suffer.

Sometimes it is enough just to look back at the bad moments that occurred during teething or with a simple cold to make us want to soothe all of their discomforts and pains.

However, whether we like it or not, that is what raising a child is all about. Knowing how to face these tough moments and understanding that not everything is in our hands.

We cannot put them in a bubble that pain, falls, viruses and infections cannot penetrate. However, this is where the real magic arises. Mom and dad can “cure” in many other ways…

If it were in my power, my child, nothing would hurt…

if parents had the power to heal all their child's pains

We see them as so small and fragile that we become overwhelmed. As soon as we see their faces, the need to protect them is ignited within us.

Hearing them cry breaks our hearts. We attend to every one of their movements.

We love to hear them breathe and constantly ask ourselves if they are okay, maybe they are too cold, are they hungry or afraid?

These feelings are completely natural and necessary. This is how we guarantee the survival of our children. This is how those “superpowers” awaken in us.

They keep us alert despite so many sleepless nights. They give us the power to anticipate danger. We are often surprised by the capacity of our own maternal or paternal instinct.

Mom has powers in her kisses

According to an interesting study carried out by the University of Pittsburg in which 248 children around the age of 5 were studied, each time a child suffered a small injury, such as a fall for example, a kiss from their mother was much more effective than medicine.

How do we explain this? It is very simple: kisses, caresses and hugs have a calming effect on children.

That affectionate closeness with them in turn makes their brains secrete oxytocin, and endorphins that stimulate well-being. It also strengthen the immune system.

It is clear that mom’s kiss will not cure a disease. However, what it will do is make recovery faster.

That is why many hospitals make it easy for parents to be with their children whenever a child is admitted. Children suffer less stress and fear, and therefore can better cope with procedures.

if parents had the power to heal all their child's pains

Parents offer security and protect us

As Sigmund Freud once said that few things are as valuable during childhood as the feeling of security given to us by our parents.

Children should be able to enjoy a close, friendly and comforting embrace in their parents’ arms. This is where they grow and learn to see the world. Where they feel like nothing bad can happen to them.

Every time your child has a fever, is afraid or if their knee hurts after a fall, lift them high in your arms and keep them close to you for a little while. They will instantly feel better because mom and dad also have the magical power of healing.

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